A little thing I did for my pet budgie Bobby who died today. We all love him and miss him very much. I know it's not a lot but it's all I could think to say.

<3 Bobby <3


1. Bobby

My pet died today on the 28th of September 2012 on a Friday. His name was Bobby and he was a little blue budgie. He used to live with someone else but he was given to us. He was an outstanding budgie. He survived an attack from two kittens before! And he lived for ten years! When he was getting old his feathers were all scruffy and he soon lost all of his feathers on his head. We took him to the vet twelve times and nothing we tried made him any better. Then he died today after school. I held him and stroked him. When we buried him I put him in a plastic box and covered him up with paper towels. After we buried him we planted a hazel nut plant over where he was buried.

Bobby was an extremely lovable and sweet budgie. He used to love to sit on your arm or on your head when you got him out. Everybody loved him around and he was a great family member. Seeing him dead was a shock to us, but we still feel him with us now. Sitting in his cage eating seed or relaxing on his perch.



                                                                                         We will all miss Bobby very much.



<3 Bobby <3

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