First Year

The second episode in the Claire Viola stories. Shes going to Secondary School, and whatever moodieness was cured before (See My Week) has been knocked right back. Not only does she have to brave new people, but something strange is going on, but she can't quite put her finger on it........


2. Viewpoint of Doom

I had to wake up at seven. I was thinking how unfair this was, when as I heard Jake fall out of his bed, get up, trip over his rug and then stumble in to the bathroom. I laughed, then Jake replied loudly, "At least I don't have to wear a hat!" I rolled my eyes, and laid out my uniform. I tried not to look out of the window, because sometimes, only ocasionally, I'd see John Greengage. And the way he died. Taken by a bear. I shook my head, focusing on my hat, centering all of my attention on the hat and- wait! I can take this golden oppertunity to raid Jakes room. I crept quietly through the hallway and opened his door. I crawled along the floor, imagining another loose floorboard with John's diary. Nothing. I searched for MY diary which Jake had taken. I thought about it, went to Jake's bedside table, picked up his phone and went to his memo. It read: Hi Claire, knew you'd search my memo and your diary is hidden well. Happy dissapointment.

I felt for a second, defeated. Then I took his stereo, placed it outside the bathroom, and went through the radio channels. I nearly died when I reached the pop music, as JLS was on. I shuddered, and then went back Mum's music, and switched all of Jakes music to the hallway, and all of Mum's to Jake's. I turned up the JLS song, to speed Jake up. Anyone who spent that long in the shower must have serious hygiene problems. He eventually got out, pretending to die at the song. We both have a strict agreement, pop music generally sucks. I popped in and out of the shower, got dressed, practically rammed my hat on my black hair, and surveyed myself. I hate this hat.Then the bus appeared outside so I had to run. Jake was sitting next to his girlfriend, Ivy, while I had to sit next to this wierdo boy who was bopping his head, though he didn't have earphones so he was cleary thinking of something catchy. Then after a while I checked my phone. 8:32. Finally I looked up from my phone, to see we were going up a hill.

And there at the top was a prison. A.K.A my school.

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