First Year

The second episode in the Claire Viola stories. Shes going to Secondary School, and whatever moodieness was cured before (See My Week) has been knocked right back. Not only does she have to brave new people, but something strange is going on, but she can't quite put her finger on it........


1. Uniform

You know, I was looking forward to my first day. I'd get to see what my school was like. Things started going wrong when I saw my uniform. It was all black. In fact it looked quite cool, with white trimmings on the blazer and the neck of the black polo shirt. Apart from that moment when my mother conjured a white, straw hat from the bag. Oh dear. It looked like someone had decided to make everyone look like we were dressed from a hundred years ago. It was a shame, as I had a black woolen hat that would have gone. Oh well. "Claire, go round and show Penny. I'm sure she'll like it." Mum said. I groaned.

I like Penny. I'm not sure how old she is, but even though her hair is white, she has the eyes of a crafty young child. With added craftiness. I walked in to her living room, all Cath Kidson floral. She greeted me, made me some hot chocolate (after I'd given her some chocolate satins, we have a deal going!) and sat me down. "So. I see the uniform has improved since I came to school here we used to have these itchy hats and- oh, they've kept the hats?" I had pulled out my hat halfway through her sentence. "You have my sympathy. If they've kept the hats they've kept the rules." I had been playing with my head peice of toture while she'd been speaking, so I looked up. "Rules?" I echoed. Penny nodded, and then announced in a grand, but slight silly voice, "All students must keep their hats on at all times, as it is the proper manner." Penny laughed, and added, "Thats what our old head used to say." I groaned again, and left after finishing my drink.

It was pouring with rain outside, but as much as it was raining and all, I had to dispose of this.... hat. As soon as felt a gush of wind, I through it up in to the air,  only for it to be carried to my doorstep. Grrrrr.

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