First Year

The second episode in the Claire Viola stories. Shes going to Secondary School, and whatever moodieness was cured before (See My Week) has been knocked right back. Not only does she have to brave new people, but something strange is going on, but she can't quite put her finger on it........


3. Timetable

It was an impressive design. But it did kind-of scare me. A lot. I felt small, and useless. I mean, what is the use of a small, person with a ridiculous hat on their head. Eek, I'm distracting myself with gibberish now. And a gibber is some sort of geoghrapical term. Term, school, big.... ok calm Claire. I tried to walk in, composed and ready to learn. I was suddenly swept away down a corridor, by a sea of people when someone shouted at me, "Oi,First Year! Turn in to the theatre now!" I was pushed in the general direction of some double doors, and by general direction I mean I face planted the frame. Ow.

The theatre was big. I sat down, unsure of what to do. I kept to myself, staring at the red velvet curtain at the front. A tall, pale lady walked in, and the room went silent. You might think that no one could have that much authority, but she looked like she might whip anyone who spoke. She had a long thin nose, and wore a long black dress. "Good Morning First Year." Her voice was clear and loud, yet crisp but cruel. We all replied in unison, "Good Morning." She nodded once with satisfaction, then looked at the velvet curtain which was drawn back by unseen hands. She produced a remote from somewhere, and pressed a button, which lit up a massive whiteboard at the front. It was rules, including the thing about hats. Though you only had to wear them outside. When she was done, fourteen sixth years came forth and gave us a timetable and a map. We were dismissed.

I found my way around, just. I met Jake and Ivy once, but you where not to talk in the corridors. First block was Math. I found my room, taking my seat, and since the teacher wasn't here, tried sitting on my hat. I'm very determined. It remained upright and stiff, much to my annoyance. Then the teacher came in. "I am Ms Raven." I realised how much the room was like her, white walls to match a pale face. Black desks to match a black dress. She turned to me, a furious mask on her face. She addresed me, her voice a low, deadly hiss. "Why are you sitting on your hat?"

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