First Year

The second episode in the Claire Viola stories. Shes going to Secondary School, and whatever moodieness was cured before (See My Week) has been knocked right back. Not only does she have to brave new people, but something strange is going on, but she can't quite put her finger on it........


4. Enemies

For being scary, she was a good teacher. You had to admit. The scilence was unnerving though. A fresh batch of first years, QUIET? It was beyond reason. Even the idiots (I had to dull down what I actually called them) who where messing about on the bus kept the silence. Clearly I had posed as the daredevil, sitting on my hat (I had to dull that description as well!). She had lost a tiny bit of her scariness from the theatre, but still had a lot of it, though I feared I had not seen her in the full tempest of her wrath. I was releaved when the interval bell rang, and was glad when finally reality knocked in, and the halls was filled with the sound of relaxed chatting. I stood tense, desparetly looking for Jake. Or Ivy. But there was no sign. I checked my timetable and I had Art then English. Two blocks of relaxation. Who knows, I could throw my hat out of a window. I amused myself with various ways a getting rid of my hat. Dynamite, fire, dynamite and of course if all else failed, ACME dynamite. That generally worked. "Look at that weirdo, staring in to space! Maybe we should knock her out of it!" I looked up, with a look that said, "Sorry, I wasn't listening. Wanna repeat while I stand on your toe and kick your shin?" I was absolutly terrified when I met my oppenents face. My look slipped, and I quickly changed it in to shock. "Oh, I didn't know it was Halloween yet. Cool mask, it's so realistic, in fact, it even turns red and has really realistic zits." I enjoyed saying that sentence. Until suddenly one arm was pinned behind me and I was forced downwards. "Listen you, I run this school. So do yourself a favour and keep quiet. Now, since its your first time, we'll let you off. Consider yourself lucky." It was a girl, but by the time I'd got up, they were gone and I only knew one thing about them. They were my new sworn enemies.

The rest of the day passed quickly. The bus was very uncomftable on the back, and when I got home, I was just happy to flop on my bed and relax. What a weird day. I idely played with my hat, checking for a lable that informed me it was flammable. Hey, it was fun to think about how I'd try to destroy it. Not that I'd ever get to. Unless the village had a bonfire...

Dinner was macaroni. After I made an exclusive deal with Jake. My pocket money and my sweets for my diary. "How about you give me the money and the sweets, and I get to keep the diary?" He slammed his door shut, and I resolved to find some source of revenge. Oh well. G,night folks! Sorry, always wanted to say that!

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