The Two That Got Away

Alex Greystone knows she is different. She has super-sensory smell, sound and eyesight. She can run like the wind. But when Rhys joins her secondary school, Alex finds her fate is twisted into his. But there's one problem. Their fate is also their pack's. Can they become their own people and save the Dimensions from the mysterious new resistance The Dynasty?


2. Who Am I?

Alex had been restless all day; since Rhys had been introduced, in fact. She had been told off in English by Miss Fletcher, who had been very sarcastic, and been sent out of the room in Languages by Mr Francias. Now, she sat at a lunch table next to Amber and Sam, another friend, tapping her foot impatiently and staring straight at Rhys. He glared at her from time to time, obviously wondering what was up. She was so preoccupied with stalking the new boy that she didn't realise that Amber was speaking to her until Sam shook her shoulder. "What's up with you today, Alex? Yes, he's fairly hot, but that doesn't mean you need to follow him like James bond on a mission!" hissed Amber under her breath.

"Huh? Oh, um, I was just going to talk to him. He smells a bit funny; can't you smell it, too?" Alex replied without taking her eyes off the boy. She had the funniest feeling in her chest, like a something was curled up inside her, waiting to burst out. It wasn't like she actually wanted to waste her day following some guy around. It was like she had a protective instinct that had suddenly decided to make an appearance. It was quite annoying, actually. Rhys glared over at Alex with eyes burning with anger and confusion before pushing his chair away and storming out of the canteen, leaving his food untouched. Alex sighed, feeling her gut twisting and reaching out towards Rhys. To get rid of the awful feeling, she followed him into the hallways. However, as she stepped out of the door, she suddaenly felt faint. Her head started pounding and her stomach churned furiously. Her vision went fuzzy and snippets of conversations reached her ears, while others were blocked out altogether. She struggled to nearest wall, regardless of the curoius stares she gained, and slid down until she had her head between her knees. Alex had read somewhere that that was good for headaches and sickeness, but the unknown bug carried on attacking her poor body. "What are you doing?" muttered a harsh voice near her ear. Alex raised her heavy head to squint at the person crouched before her. If she had felt normal, which she certainly didn't, she would have felt very skeptical and very, very self-concious. Rhys squatted before her, his hands on her slim waist, trying to heave her up without hurting her. "You, girl, are coming with me!" he murmured surely.


"What's - what's happening to me?" Alex choked out. She leaned her sweaty head against the cold mirror of the first-aid bathroom, eagerly welcoming the familiar surge of ice. Rhys stood, his shoulders hunched, with his back to her, muttering furiously under his breath. He spun around, his brown eyes flashing like lightning, and snarled out between gritted teeth, "You idiot! You complete and utter idiot! Why, just why, did you have to let your inner wolf take over at a time like this? I don't want to have to come and save your wolfy butt every time you lose control, so just learn to shut it in, okay?" Alex gaped, her eyes bulging, at his words. They stung (especially the first two sentances) but the thing that was definately NOT ordinary was his eyes. As he was shouting at her, his eyes had slowly turned a midnight black. Then the black had faded to a bright amber, leaving only tiny black pupils. Seeming to realise what she'd just seen, he gulped and looked away, guilt written all over his face. "What - what do you mean, inner wolf? Why would you have to save me? And for Christ's sake, what's going ON?" Alex asked Rhys sharply. He looked up at her curiously. "You mean... you've never Turned before? But surely you must know who you are!" Rhys said, half to himself. Alex, by now, was getting VERY irritated. She had heard weird noises last night, almost fainted, been insulted by some guy she was forced to follow around, now this! She was being told she didn't know who she was! Gritting her teeth, Alex replied, "I am Alexandra Greystone, orphaned but adopted, brown hair, blue eyes and most definitely know who I am, thank you!" Rhys frowned for a second, before laughing. His laugh was harsh and animal like, just like a dog's bark... or a wolf's howl. "Of course you know THAT! But do you know who you ARE? Do you know you're a Wolf?"

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