The Two That Got Away

Alex Greystone knows she is different. She has super-sensory smell, sound and eyesight. She can run like the wind. But when Rhys joins her secondary school, Alex finds her fate is twisted into his. But there's one problem. Their fate is also their pack's. Can they become their own people and save the Dimensions from the mysterious new resistance The Dynasty?


3. Safe Place

"I beg you're pardon? I'm WHAT exactly?" cried Alex. Her headache and nausea had gone away while she had been talking, but now she was reminded just how horrible she felt. Rhys grinned his lopsided grin, his eyes hard and taunting again.
"Yup! And you're gonna have to come with me tonight, 'cos it's full moon and you have to be in a safe place so you don't ... don't hurt anyone innocent." Rhys's voice went funny at the end, as he spoke about hurting innocent people, Alex noticed. His gaze dropped to the floor and he suddenly looked sadder and a lot older. Alex felt like she had been best friends with him for life. Maybe that was why she impulsively went over to him and hugged him tight. He looked like a nice guy, under the mask of hardness and violence. "Come on. Before the nurse catches us in here." said Alex gently. Rhys just nodded and followed her obidiently out.

Rhys cocked his head slightly, looking at the girl in front of him. She was tall, and pretty, but underneath that he could sense uncertainty and pain and fear. Remorse and regret stabbed at him like knives; he knew that the fear and pain was mainly his fault. She looked like true Wolf, though; loyalty, secrecy and a need to be in a pack stood out above everything else. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he reminded himself that he promised exactly two years ago that he would never fall in love with another girl, Wolf or not. It would just end badly for him and the poor girl. Trying to think about something other than love. It was depressing him. He looked at the walls, the windows, the lack of doors. It made him claustrophobic. He had Turned many times, and felt the irresistible feeling of running free in the forest, feeling the mud under his paws, hear the wind rush and the trees sway and rivers gurgle and the birds sing. But here he was, resisting all that, just because of some idiotic Wolf girl. "We're here!" Alex stopped abruptly, turning around slowly with eyes as narrowed as a snake's. "Rhys... can - can people like us hear each other's thoughts?" she asked skeptically. Rhys nodded, unsure of where this was going. "Well why are you thinking about running in a forest feeling mud under your feet?" Rhys blushed furiously and pushed past a sniggering Alex and into the classroom.

The birds sang gently, their melodies all merging together to make one beautiful harmony. The trees swayed to their own silent waltz, partnering with the sweet night's breeze. A girl and a boy, both looking about fifteen or sixteen, stood beholding the beauty of the night. "Isn't Mother Nature so beautiful?" Rhys whispered before he could stop himself. He glanced expectantly at Alex, waiting for the snickers and sniggers. They never came. Alex was caught up in the forest, just as Rhys had when he had seen it for the first time, all those years ago. Rhys turned to Alex an excited grin which mirrored her's on his face. He held out his hand and Alex grasped it tight. Without a sound they turned and fled into the woods, faster than any Olympian could ever dream of.

Alex and Rhys stopped in a large, open clearing to the north of the woods. Standing before them was a group of boys and girls ranging from about eleven to twenty two. A girl at the front looked down at the pair's clasped hands and raised a pretty eyebrow. Rhys slid his hand away, blushing. A man with dark skin, who looked the oldest, turned to Alex and spoke first. "Alex." His voice was slow and deep, sounding like smooth velvet. "Before we can allow you to make your first Turn, we are going to have to tell you the rules of being a Wolf."
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