The Two That Got Away

Alex Greystone knows she is different. She has super-sensory smell, sound and eyesight. She can run like the wind. But when Rhys joins her secondary school, Alex finds her fate is twisted into his. But there's one problem. Their fate is also their pack's. Can they become their own people and save the Dimensions from the mysterious new resistance The Dynasty?


4. First Turn

"Being a Wolf isn't about the speed, nor the heightned senses; not even the strength and new-found packs with which you wil live with for the rest of your life. It's about being responsible and keeping the secret. But most importantly, it's about making sure we keep the twelve worlds together. We call these twelve worlds Dimensions, and are each slightly different to each other. In some, the history has been identical to ours up until some significant event that changed it all. Maybe Britain lost World War Two. Maybe a certain religion has dominated the world. But we need to make sur these worlds stay safe from any threats. That doesn't mean we interfere and take over. It means we protect and hunt. The danger is our prey." The dark man stopped talking for a second, to observe the effect of his words on Alex. Rhys had already heard this particular speech about two years ago. Alex stared, wide-eyed, at the man, who was called Dean and happened to be the Alpha. She definately wasn't expecting anything like this. "There are three main packs, which we call The Wolf Tribes. They are led by three Alphas who are brothers, but disagreed. They all ran the Twelve Dimensions, before they fell out about how to deal with problems. You must choose which Tribe you support, as all Wolf Packs have a main Alpha, the leader of the Tribe. You don't run with the Tribe; they must choose you. Any other supporters have to maake do with following the Alpha's teaching. ou must do the same. But today; I know you had no clue as to what you are, but if you ever feel those symptons again you must get out of public view. Mortals will get suspicious. But anyway, welcome to the pack. This is an honour; you must abide by pack rule now. We'll inroduc ourselves before the night becomes any older." At first, Alex didn't know what he meant by the last words he had spoked, but then realised that her Wolf instincts would take over. "Very good!" murmured Rhys. Alex realised that he could read her mind, and sighed wearily. First, the girl at the front stepped forward, looking very much like a buisness woman. She was tall, slender and looked very dangerous. 

"Congratulations. There aren't many female Wolves out there. Looks like we'll be the best of buddies. Oh, and I'm Emerald." She said this with a slow American drawl, like she was exttremely bored and really, really wanted to be somewhere else. Ignore her! whispered Rhys in his mind. She's the Alpha's mate, and that's her way of saying PAWS OFF, LOVIE! Alex giggled nervously. She looked at the long line of serious-faced Wolves in front of her, and sighed.


"Okay, so there's... Cameryn. Tall, dark and serious. And Bunny. Talks a lot. Small and blonde. Saphire. A bit mental. Generally nice. Hardie. Unusual name. Friendly smile. Nice eyes. Male. Thomas. Dangerous. Keep away. Likes being Wolf a lot. Gerand. Matey guy. Likes beer. Smells of onions. Oh Rhys, can I do the rest later? Please?" Rhys nodded reluctantly and turned away, beginning his path of pacing yet again. The moon was almost vertical in the sky, and although he had had years of experience, he was still restless. Their eyes had both long since gone amber. Mottled black viens tattooed their hands, necks, face and literally every bare body part. Alex's nails had lengthed and she was forced to stoop. The only thing that was keeping her sane was the stupid exercise Rhys had had her doing. Basically reciting the pack's name and qualities out loud. Suddenly, Alex felt the pressing urge to howl. She readily complied, tipping back her head and letting an animal-like howl rip through her lips. Rhys glanced up at the pitch-black sky, realising that it would be about five minutes now. Alex felt the blood pump through her veins, causing her heart to beat manically. She laughed erratically, the sound ending in more of a dog's wild bark. She grinned at Rhys. It appeared more like her baring her teeth. Rhys grinned back, giving the same impression. Then they heard howls and rough barks coming from the centre of the forest. Some of the pack must be early changers. Suddenly, Alex's whole body convulsed, throwing her to the ground where her muscles contracted and lengthened. Her bones grew thicker, her spine grew longer, more flexible. Her teeth sharpened, peircing the flesh on her lip where she realised she'd been biting it. Her legs became much stronger, and shortened. As she looked down, she dully saw that her hands had been replaced by thick pads. Long nails grew from them. Her nose and mouth shaped into a beautiful muzzle. Her newly formed ears twitched, picking up so much more sound. She could see more. Feel more. Hear more. Smell more. Beside her, Rhys stood. He was taller than her, though she was massive anyway. A massive female Wolf. That's something you don't see every night. Rhys had thick, glossy black fur, hardly moving even though their was a strong breeze. They howled stimultaniously and ran near silently off into the night.


Meat. Blood. Kill. Meat. Blood. Kill. Meat! Blood! KILL! The barbaric voice inside Alex's head screamed louder, perfectly synchronished with her stomach. She dipped her head, her amber eyes gazing at her huge white paws and the dark earth beneath her. She felt a concerned nose in her shoulder. Rhys was obviously wondering what was up. Looking up again with eyes seeping with hunger, she whined and pawed impatiently at her muscled stomach. Rhys nodded, his ice-blue eyes suddenly filled with understanding, and ordered her with his mind to follow him. Before long, they were both flying over the midnight-struck forest, racing and slamming into each other playfully. Then, Alex caught the scent.   



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