The Two That Got Away

Alex Greystone knows she is different. She has super-sensory smell, sound and eyesight. She can run like the wind. But when Rhys joins her secondary school, Alex finds her fate is twisted into his. But there's one problem. Their fate is also their pack's. Can they become their own people and save the Dimensions from the mysterious new resistance The Dynasty?


1. New Boy

The wolf's eyes glowed a burning scarlet, showing hunger and no mercy as he slowly stalked the paralysed girl. She looked about fifteen or sixteen, with frightened blue eyes and pale skin. Sweat poured freely down her neck, forehead and palms, showing how petrified she was. Tears formed in her eyes and threatened to spill down over her cheeks. A menacing growl rose in the wolf's throat, coming from deep down in his humoungous black chest. A small scream escaped from her the girl's lips. That was the last sound that would ever come from  her mouth. Before she could blink, the huge black wolf had pounced, flying swiftly throught the air and landing on her chest. She fell without a sound, already dead. The wolf had his glistning jaws clamped around her neck. With one massive pull, he ripped out her - 


The TV was dead, the Werewolf program switched off. Alex could see her frightened face reflected in the blackness of the screen. Her mouth was gaping wide as if the wolf had attacked her, instead of the unfortunate teenager. Another sleepless night. Placing one trembling hand on her chest, Alex felt her heart pumping manically against her ribs. This always helped to soothe her; her mum had done it each night when she was young, before her mum - Alex stopped thinking about her parents. She really did want to get to sleep tonight. Before she had had a chance to relax into the soft chair, though, she heard soft padding on the landing two floors above. Her foster mum, Cara, was awke, then. Alex stopped herself abruptly. She could hear the almost silent sound of Cara tip-toeing around - two floors above? Pushing herself uneasily out of the chair, Alex hurried up the carpeted stairs and to her room, collapsing with relief onto the bed. She looked around. The same old desk, wardobe and battered chair. Magazines and school-work were piled in one corner. The bed-side lamp decorated with faded ponies was next to her bed with a Muppets bed-spread. So why did she feel restless, like she was somewhere else? "It's just that stupid program!" Alex muttered to herself before pulling on her PJ's and nestling into a ball under her covers. Anyhow, she turned on her lamp before going to sleep.


"Alex, were you up late last night?" The sound of Cara's suspicious voice wafted into the kitchen, were Alex sat, eating her breakfast and scribbling madly on a homework sheet. She looked up, her cheeks already flushed a give-away red, as Cara stepped through the doorway, a packet of pop-corn and a smoothie in her hands. For a brief moment, Alex felt totally innocent. She hadn't had any snacks last night, had she? Then she remembered, guilt returning to her face. She had obviously forgotten to clear up last night, after the creepy programe had been turned off. Cara sighed heavily and threw the empty rubbish in the bin, going to sort out breakfast. "Alex, I thought we agreed ten on school nights, yes?" She turned to Alex, hands on her hips.

"Well, I heard you skulking around on the second landing before I went to bed!" She answered defensively, before remebering too late that most humans can't hear like that. Instantly, Cara's eyebrows shot up about six inches higher.

"You... heard that?" she said disbelievingly. Alex gulped, letting her spoon fall back into her bowl with a clang. Alex glanced quickly at her watch, which read 8:20, and remebered that the bus for school left in about two minutes.

"Oh, God, I'm going to be late! See ya, Cara! Oh, and remember, netball's finished for this year so I'll be coming straight home with a few friends, okay?" Alex called over her shoulder as she shoved on her converses and hurried out of the door. She caught the bus just in time, sagging down wearily into her seat beside her best friend, Amber. "Cara's been asking too many questions about that wolf movie last night!" She sighed. Amber looked smugly at Alex before answering.

"I didn't see that trash! It's so fake! I did the essay Miss Fletcher gave us instead!" she declared proudly.

"Oh shut up, you!" Alex muttered.


 "Right, class! This is the new boy, Rhys Moore. He'll be needing one of you helpful kids to show his around, so anyone's welcome to!" announced Mr Skidmore at the front of the classroom. Once the class had settled, all the girls in particular seemed to be interested in Rhys. He was quite good-looking, Alex had to admit. He was tall, with short blonde hair and mysterious brown eyes. His skin was pale and he was fairly muscular. The three snobs, Melanie, Mandie and Macey were going all gooey eyed and smiling at him. He looked defiantly around, as if someone would protest about him being stood there. Alex squinted at him, and she realised he looked a bit funny, though she didn't know how to explain it. She sniffed and almost fell as she staggered back. He smelt like wet fur and animal blood. Who - or what - was this boy, and why did he smell like wolf?  

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