love and a little bit of badness

two girls and one boy


1. my first kiss

It was the 12th of July and the bands were playing in the distant and the fireworks were lit and all different colours where lighting up the sky. I was sittin on the grass with my boyfriend talking about our future when he came closer and kissed me it was my first kiss, it felt magical and fantastic.The next day he came over to my house and he had a little box,inside was a little ring and he said "Elizabeth you are my one and only I love you so much."We were talking for a while when his phone rang he looked at the screen and walked out to the bathroom, I didnt think too much about it I thought it was one of his mates or his mum.When he came back in he said nothing but just lifted his bag,walked down the stairs and left.I thought that was a bit strange.

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