More Then Friends! *Completed*

Mia and Harry are great friends Mia is also One Direction's Vocalist so they are pretty much always together but what happens when they fall for each other will, not everything is a smooth sailing as they originally thought it would be.

(Short Fan Fic)

Another @MA_1directioner #Imagine she has heaps but I probably won't publish all of them just most if you want more message me or check out her twitter there in her Favs!! Anyway follow her she is amazing!!


9. Chapter 9

Mia's P.O.V.:
I ran. He kissed me and I ran. One minute I was angry and yelling, and the next he was kissing me. And then, I ran away.

I just got to our hallway, going straight for my room and into bed. I just laid there with my mind was jumbled with a million thoughts of Harry.

All too soon my alarm sounded, I'd barely slept, I couldn't. Playing it back over and over again, as I changed ( ), I started getting nervous. We ate breakfast together, and then I had vocals with them for an hour. I wanted to crawl back in bed and hide.

My hand shook as I held the doorknob to the dining hall.

Mia: C'mon Mia, don't be a wimp. You can handle this, just avoid eye contact and talking about it with him. You can do this....I can do this.

I pulled open the door and smiled as I walked in. I was late since everyone else was there, including Harry, so I didn't get the quiet entrance I planned.

Louis: Good morning sunshine,
Mia: Hi

I grabbed a bagel and sat down next to Niall, on the compete opposite side from Harry, like a coward.

Niall: Hey Mia.
Mia: Hi *yawn* Niall
Niall: Are you ok?
Mia: Yeah, just tired. I couldn't sleep and ended staying up all night.

By accident my eyes flashed to Harry, who was looking at me. His eyes intent on my face, piercing and searching. I dropped my eyes to my bagel, picking at it.

Niall: Maybe you should go back to bed.
Mia: Wouldn't help, too much on my mind.

I glanced back at Harry, who was still looking at me.

Harry's P.O.V.:
She didn't talk to me all through breakfast, and only when needed during our vocal session. It went on like this for two days. She almost acted as if nothing had happened, but then she'd look at me and I knew she was avoiding it.

I went down to the practice room, hoping to talk alone with Mia. But she wasn't there. I walked to the piano, dropping my head into my hands.

Harry: What am I doing here?

Mia ( ) suddenly walked in, stopping short. I stepped away from the piano, slidding my hands to my neck.

Mia: Harry...
Harry: Hey
Mia: Hi.
Harry: Hi.

She walked toward the piano slowly, putting it between us.

Mia: I just said that.
Harry: Oh, yeah, um, you look really nice...

She kept her glance down, shifting her hair over her shoulder as she moved behind the keys and sitting.

Mia: Thanks.
Harry: need to talk to-to talk to you.
Mia: Bout what?

She looked down again as I walked forward, leaning back against the piano.

Harry: About the other night, I think we need to talk...about what happened...
Mia: Oh...
Harry: Mia, you mean the world to me, your my best friend and...

She focused her eyes down. I moved infront of her, sitting down next to her. She stood, stepping back.

Mia: Don't...please...
Harry: Mia...
Mia: Harry, I can't. Having you near makes everything...confusing.

She stepped back again as I stood. Finally looking up at me.

Harry: I don't believe that. I think you know exactly how you feel.

She glared, turning toward the door. I spoke before she could move;

Harry: You kissed me back.

Before I time to react, she turned, her features softened to frustration rather than anger.

Mia: But why'd you have to kiss me! Everything was fine the way it was before-
Harry: Mia, c'mon. Are you going to tell me you've never felt this way about me? You've never even wondered-

She covered her face with her hands, leaning back on the piano. Her voice was low.

Mia: Of course I have...god Harry.
Harry: Hey, look at me.

She sighed, looking up at me, as I walked up against her, taking her face in my hands.

Harry: Since the moment we met, I've been crazy for you.
Mia: Stop it...

She shook her head, her hands on my chest, as I kissed her lightly a few times.

Harry: I love you so much

I pulled her face to mine again, kissing her harder this time, feeling her hands move behind my neck.

Mia: Well I hate you

I smiled feeling her hands twist in my hair, pulling me closer. I dropped a hand to her waist, moving my other to her neck.

Harry: I'm sure-
Mia: Just shut up.

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