More Then Friends! *Completed*

Mia and Harry are great friends Mia is also One Direction's Vocalist so they are pretty much always together but what happens when they fall for each other will, not everything is a smooth sailing as they originally thought it would be.

(Short Fan Fic)

Another @MA_1directioner #Imagine she has heaps but I probably won't publish all of them just most if you want more message me or check out her twitter there in her Favs!! Anyway follow her she is amazing!!


6. Chapter 6

Harry's P.O.V.:
Harry: Lou, do you think Mia's ok?

I sat in Lou's room playing with Lux.

Lou T.: Yeah, I was gunna ask you about that, she seemed really weird. Like she was nervous or something.
Harry: Ok, so it wasn't just me.
Lou T.: Why don't you ask her?
Harry: I did, she said she just wasn't feeling like herself and just needed some rest.

Lux played with my hair, giggling as I poked her stomach.

Lou T.: So go talk to her now, it's been like an hour and a half.
Harry: Can't, she went with Louis for Starbucks. But I'll talk to her at dinner tonight.

Mia's P.O.V.:

Louis and I slowly made our way over to Starbucks. Louis was like the older brother I never had, he was so easy to talk to.

Louis: So, why so quiet earlier?
Mia: Huh? Oh, I was just tired...
Louis: Really? Have that odd dream again?
Mia: What.
Louis: I heard you had an odd dream when you were sleeping on the plane. Did you have it again?
Mia:, cause actually I didn't sleep, I just laid down and relaxed.
Louis: tell me about the dream?

I fumbled for words, Louis was digging for something.

Mia: I can't remember...
Louis: Really? Your gunna try that? With me. Spill it, babe.
Mia: I-I, I can't.
Louis: Why, it's just me. Won't tell a soul. Not even Eleanor or my Mum. Scouts honor.

I stopped, looking at his face. He held up his hand, trying to keep a straight face.

Mia: Do you promise? Not anyone?
Louis: Promise.
Mia: I had a dream about Harry...
Louis: Uhuh?
Mia: And in the dream I said I loved him and vise versa...
Louis: Like you do everyday, still not getting this.
Mia: But before we said that, I was kind of-of, but remember this is a dream and means nothing-
Louis: Of what! Spit it out!
Mia: Kissing him! Like hardcore!

Louis gasped, covering his mouth.

Louis: Oh. mi, god!
Mia: I know! That's why I was so weird earlier, because I thought it did mean something. Louis: Oh. mi, god!
Mia: Like, I couldn't even think about Harry without blushing! But after thinking about it I realized it was only a dream. It means absolutely nothing!
Louis: What! Are you kidding me! Of course it does!

We just got to Starbucks, I opened the door following behind Louis.

Mia: No it doesn't, and would you lower your voice, the whole city doesn't need to know.
Louis: So at dinner tonight you'll be fine sitting next to him?
Mia: Of course-woah.
Louis: What?
Mia: Him.

Behind the counter was a really hot guy! He was tall and had sandy brown hair, styled like Zayn's, with big blue eyes, smiling, and even bigger arms. Louis scoffed, crossing his arms instantly making his own muscles obnoxiously pronounced.

Louis: He's not that impressive.

I caught his eye as we waited three people back. He smiled at me the whole time we waited inline. And as I stepped up to the counter he came over.

Guy: Linda, I got this one, why don't you take your break?
Linda: Ok, Thanks Cole.

He turned back to me all smiles, he was much taller than I thought.

Cole: Welcome to Starbucks, my name is Cole.
Mia: Hi, I'm Mia...

I smiled at him, keeping eye contact.

Louis: And I'm Louis, pleasure to meet you Cole.
Cole: You too, man.
Mia: Hey coffee's on me, go sit down. All that walking you deserve it.
Louis: Ok...But I'm just over there. Not even teen feet away.
Mia: Ok.

Louis looked from me to Cole then backed to me before turning to the nearest table.

Cole: haha, Boyfriend?
Mia: God no.
Cole: Brother?
Mia: Basically.
Cole: haha, ok. So what can I get you?
Mia: Two ice coffees, please.

I started to pull out money, but Cole put his hand on mine. I looked up at him. He winked.

Cole: It's on the house.
Mia: No, I can't let you do that.
Cole: Ok, go to dinner with me tonight and we'll call it even. I'll pick you up

I smiled, looking down quickly, then back at him biting lip a little. I nodded.

Mia: Ok, pick me up at the hotel down the street, I'll leave your name at the front desk. Room 516.
Cole: Can't wait. Here's your coffees, and I'll see you then.

I smiled grabbing the coffees and bringing them to Louis, who was already standing shaking his head.

Mia: What?
Louis: You sicken me.
Mia: Why?
Louis: The coffee guy? Really?
Mia: Hey that coffee guy paid for your coffee! And he's just taking me to dinner tonight. No big deal.

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