More Then Friends! *Completed*

Mia and Harry are great friends Mia is also One Direction's Vocalist so they are pretty much always together but what happens when they fall for each other will, not everything is a smooth sailing as they originally thought it would be.

(Short Fan Fic)

Another @MA_1directioner #Imagine she has heaps but I probably won't publish all of them just most if you want more message me or check out her twitter there in her Favs!! Anyway follow her she is amazing!!


3. Chapter 3

Mia's P.O.V.:
*next morning*

Mia: Suitcase. Suitcase. Suitcase.Suitcase. Suitcase...FOUND IT!

I dug my giant suitcase out from under my bed, and heaved it up onto it. Inside was the various luggage I've collected.

My parents gave me the monster suitcase when I started playing with the X-Factor, and since then, every time I go somewhere I get myself another bag to add to my collection. What can I say, some girls add a charm to a bracelet, I add another suitcase to my giant one.

I laid out all my things last night, took forever, I was still in last nights clothes as I fell asleep on my floor. But at least I could start packing now before Harry got here.

I caught myself smiling as I thought of him, but how could I not? He was my best friend in the entire world! The last two years, he's been through it all with me! Every embarrassing moment, my mom's new marriage to Caleb, missing home, heartbreak, Harry's always been there for me. No matter how many guys I date, Harry has always been my knight in shining armor....


Mia: It's open!
Harry: It's me!

I got up, and headed out to Harry. He smiled as I came into view.

Mia: Your in a good mood, and it's not even noon. Wow.
Harry: I'm always in a good mood when I'm with you.
Mia: What can I say, I bring the best out in everyone. It's a gift!

He laughed, I looked at his face carefully.

Mia: Did you even sleep last night?
Harry: Not really, too much on my mind...
Mia: Wanna talk about it?
Harry: Nah, just thinking about the tour, plus Lou woke up and felt like talking.
Mia: Oooh! Ok. Well you'll have plenty of time to sleep tonight, and on the plane!
Harry: Still sitting together?
Mia: Dah! Now come on, I already started! You can help me with shoes!
Harry: Fun...
Mia: Right?!

I grabbed his hand dragging him to my room.

*three hours later*
I stood on top of my suitcase that was overflowing with clothes. Harry held my hands so I didn't topple back.

Harry: Ok, jump!
Mia: Excuse me?
Harry: You know? Up and down-
Mia: I thought the plan was I simply stand on it. No one mentioned jumping.
Harry: Are you scared?
Mia: No!-
Harry: You trust me don't you?
Mia: At this
Harry: Mia!
Mia: Switch roles and you'd agree.
Harry: C'mon. Do you trust me?

I looked at his face, he was smiling and his eyes practically shined. I found confidence in them.

Mia: Don't make me regret this, but, yes.
Harry: Good. Then on the count of three start jumping, I'm going to let go and try zippering it the rest of the way.
Mia: And I'm regretting this.
Harry: 1...2...3!

I started jumping and he let go. He got to the zipper and finished it just in time to half catch me as I fell. He fell backwards, holding me against his chest. We sat up.

Mia: Are you ok?
Harry: I think, you?
Mia: Nothing too bad. But, Hey, It's closed! Well done Styles.
Harry: Same to you, Phillips. You lasted a good five seconds up there.
Mia: Not too shabby, if I say so myself.

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