More Then Friends! *Completed*

Mia and Harry are great friends Mia is also One Direction's Vocalist so they are pretty much always together but what happens when they fall for each other will, not everything is a smooth sailing as they originally thought it would be.

(Short Fan Fic)

Another @MA_1directioner #Imagine she has heaps but I probably won't publish all of them just most if you want more message me or check out her twitter there in her Favs!! Anyway follow her she is amazing!!


17. Chapter 17

Harry's P.O.V.:
Louis: WOO!

We stumbled through the door, failing at our attempt to be quiet.

Harry: Lou!
Louis: woo!

Niall fell back on the couch with Louis. Liam supported Zayn through the door. The last thing I remember is laying down on the table.

*next day*

Louis: Good Morning Harold.

I covered my eyes, feeling the light on my face. My back ached and my head throbbed.

Harry: What time is it?
Zayn: Two in the afternoon.
Harry: What happened?
Liam: You fell asleep on the table.
Harry: Really?
Niall: At least you slept right side up. Louis and I slept upside down on the couch.

Liam pulled me up, my head pounded. I looked around, everyone was there except,

Harry: Where's Mia? She still sick on bed?

I headed for her room, opening the door but it was empty.

Louis: Oooh, she left a couple hours ago.
Harry: She say where?
Zayn: I think her exact words were, "Don't know, don't care, see yeah."
Harry: Helpful. I'll call answer. Hmm...

Paul and Preston walked in.

Preston: look who's finally up!
Harry: Hey, do you guys know where Mia went?
Paul: No, we didn't even know she left.
Harry: I don't know actually.
Preston: She'll be back when she gets back. I'll be here.

We decided to go out for lunch, trying to get my mind off where Mia could be. My head still killed from last night, everything was so fuzzy.

Harry: What happened last night? How much did we drink?
Liam: Enough to fall asleep on the table.
Zayn: And you thought some girl on the street was Gemma. You hugged her and she nearly sprayed you with pepper spray.
Harry: Haha, no way! That's a good night-Mia!

Mia ( ) suddenly walked by the restaurant window. I looked at the boys.

Louis: Go!
Harry: Oh, yeah-

I jogged outside, calling her name. But she didn't stop.

Harry: Mia!

Nothing. She stopped calling a cab. I finally reached her.

Harry: Mia, hey. Didn't you hear me calling? Mia? Hey, you awake in there?

She turned around, pulling her sunglasses off, and looked up at me, her eyes searching, practically looking through me.

Harry: What did I do?
Mia: Doesn't matter, it's done. And so are we.

Her voice was dead, emotionless. She turned back around, calling for the cab. I stepped infront of her, taking her face in my hands.

Harry: Mia, I'll fix it. Just tell me-
Mia: There's nothing to fix.
Harry: But Mia-
Mia: Harry, let it go. Please.

A cab pulled up, and she opened the door. I grabbed the top of the door, stopping it.

Harry: Mia, just talk to me!
Mia: I can't.
Harry: Why?
Mia: Because I know I'm gonna cry.
Harry: Why? What happened?

She covered her mouth, looking up at me.

Mia: Harry, I saw the picture of you kissing that girl.
Harry: What...?

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