More Then Friends! *Completed*

Mia and Harry are great friends Mia is also One Direction's Vocalist so they are pretty much always together but what happens when they fall for each other will, not everything is a smooth sailing as they originally thought it would be.

(Short Fan Fic)

Another @MA_1directioner #Imagine she has heaps but I probably won't publish all of them just most if you want more message me or check out her twitter there in her Favs!! Anyway follow her she is amazing!!


11. Chapter 11

Harry's P.O.V.:
I woke up the next morning, holding Mia in my arms, on the couch. We were trying to be quiet when we came in, and fell on the couch. And instead of getting up, we stayed up talking and fell asleep, I guess. We were still dressed from yesterday, shoes an all.

Mia breathed something, mumbling into my shoulder. I kissed her head before sliding my arm out from under her head. Louis came in just as I stood up.

Louis: Hey,
Harry: Hey, your up early?
Louis: Thirsty.
Harry: Oh.

I followed Louis into our little kitchen, jumping up on the counter.

Louis: So...
Harry: So?
Louis: How's life?
Harry: Pretty good right now...pretty good.

I laughed looking back at Mia, still asleep on the couch. Louis smiled.

Harry: I've never been happier.
Louis: I'm happy for you mate-

Suddenly we heard a crash from the next room.

Mia: Ow...

We leaned across the counter and saw Mia on the floor laughing.

Harry: Are you ok?

She stuck he thumb up.

Louis: Can we laugh at you then?

She changed fingers.

I laughed at Louis' expression. Mia got up and came into the kitchen.

Mia: Is there coffee?
Louis: No
Mia: That's so sad....

She leaned on Louis' shoulder, pouting.

Louis: Yes?
Mia: Nothing...
Louis: You wanna go to Starbucks?
Mia: mmhmm...
Louis: Ok, go change. Harry, wanna come?
Harry: Sure.
Mia: Yeah!

She bounced forward kissing Louis' cheek, and then mine, then turned for her room.

Louis: She's too much.
Harry: She's adorable.

She was back in no time, somehow the idea of coffee made her faster ( ). I love when she wears her glasses.

Mia: Let's go!
Harry: Slept in your contacts again?
Mia: Yup. Coffee!

We walked down the street, Mia held my hand standing between me and Louis. People crowded, taking pictures, nothing unusual. Mia was always so nice with the fans, and they loved her.

Mia knelt infront of a young girl that could've been her baby sister.

Mia: What's your name, sweetie?
Little girl: Kerry.
Mia: That's a pretty name, What are you gonna be when you grow up Kerry?
Kerry: I wanna play the piano just like you.
Mia: Aw, Really? In that case, can I have a picture with you? That way when your all grown up and famous I can tell everyone I knew you first.
Kerry: Ok!

Mia handed me her phone and hugged Kerry. I handed Mia her phone, and showed Kerry.

Mia: You like it?
Kerry: mmhmm!
Mia: Me too,
Kerry's mom: Thank you so much, c'mon Kerry.
Kerry: Bye
Mia: Bye

Mia hugged her again and waved until they rounded the corner. Her smile was blinding. We started walking again, just down the street from Starbucks.

Harry: Did you know, you just made that little girls life compete basically?
Mia: I hope so, she's absolutely adorable. And did you hear her voice? Sooooooo cute! Ugh! I love little kids!

I hugged her shoulders, kissing the side of her head.

Harry: I love you.
Mia: I love you, too.

She hugged my waist, looking up at me. I kissed quickly. She smiled.

Mia: That'll be on twitter.
Harry: Of course.
Louis: Hey remember me? Oh good, because we're here.

Mia's P.O.V.:
*back in the hotel*

I sat on my bed playing with my laptop, twitter was buzzing with pictures from this morning. I posted the picture of Kerry and I, and her mom followed me. A small knock came from my door, and Eleanor stuck her head in followed by Danielle.

Mia: Hey,
Eleanor: Guess what we're doing tonight!
Mia: What?
Danielle: You need to get dressed, because we're hitting the clubs!

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