To Holly With Love...

And Irish Soccer player named Holly is all about the game and nothing can change that until a soccer tournament that takes her to England also takes her one step closer to finding true love but will Holly take her head of the game for long enough to see whats right in front of her.

This is not my story its by a friend of mine her stories are amazing and I thought some people on here my like to read them she is amazing they are all #imagines!! Follow her on Twitter for her others at @MA_1directioner She is an amazing Girl and very creative.


4. Chapter 4

Holly's P.O.V.:
I finished off my Guinness and then suddenly I was falling. And thank god just before my head hit the bar, Niall pulled me back, and into his arms.

Niall: Are you ok?
Holly: Well seeing as my face nearly hit the bar, maybe I should put down the guinness.
Niall: I'd say its time to switch to coke.

I laughed, dropping my head to his shoulder. But stepped away when I felt his hand tighten on my back.

Holly: I'm sorry,
Niall: Its fine...I don't mind catching you from time to time.
Holly: Haha, well I better get going, I've got practice at noon, and I'm gonna need to sleep this off.

I grabbed my bag, fixed my scarf, and threw some money on the bar.

Holly: Guess I'll see ya if I see ya.

I walked by them, and out the door. My heart whined 'go back' with each step.

Niall's P.O.V.:
Niall: Bye...

She walked out, waving to us briefly. Pass the window. And gone. Why do I feel so empty?

Liam: Really? Just like that?
Niall: What?
Harry: Your just gonna let her leave, I'll see ya if I see ya?
Niall: She's going back to her hotel,
Louis: Go after her! Walk her back!
Zayn: And go now or she'll get lazy and call a taxi!

Then I was running after her.

Niall: Hey Holly!

She turned, surprised.

Holly: Hey,
Niall: I'll uh walk you back. Us Irishmen gotta have each others backs.
Holly: uh...ok.

Holly's P.O.V.:
We walked rather close, I didn't mind. He was so much fun to talk to, and he listened to me.

Holly: So I'm going down the field, their defense was too easy to break through. I've got Fi on my left, Paige another midfielder, on my right, I kick it to Paige who sends it soaring to Fi, who fakes then kicks it to me for the goal. Winning it.
Niall: Nice, so how long have you played?
Holly: Since I was three helping on my dad's secondary school team.
Niall: So what do you do besides football?
Holly: What do you mean?
Niall: Like other hobbies? Read books? Listen to music? Watch TV?

That got me...

Holly: Um...I listen to music, and I pick up a book every now and then. But footballs pretty much it. Its my life.
Niall: Really? You gotta get out more.

I nudged him playfully, he smirked. It seemed to brighten everything.

Holly: I get out, I'm just really dedicated. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't play...

Just thinking of it made me shiver. He saw my face, realizing something.

Holly: What?
Niall: You really love it don't you?
Holly: With everything I am. I never feel more at home than when I'm on the field. Its like everything stands still and I'm safe.

Just as I finished we stopped infront of my hotel. My heart started to race, my stomach twisted, and my hands felt clammy.

Holly: Well this is me...yup
Niall: Would you wanna to hang out tomorrow? Like after your practice? Just the two of us?

Butterflies thudded in my stomach.

Holly: Yeah, I'd love that...
Niall: Ok. I'll pick you up from the stadium after your practice...
Holly: Gets out at two.
Niall: Ok. Great. I'll see you tomorrow then.

Then he leaned forward quickly, kissing my cheek. My heart skipped a beat as our skin touched, leaving that same electric touch from earlier.

He smiled sheepishly, ducking his head, as he turned walking away. I practically floated up to my room I was so far gonna. When I got to my room, Fi laid across her bed, looking up from her magazine as I flopped back on my bed.

Fiona: Someone had a nice night.

I smiled over at her, feeling like a little kid again.

Holly: Something like that.

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