To Holly With Love...

And Irish Soccer player named Holly is all about the game and nothing can change that until a soccer tournament that takes her to England also takes her one step closer to finding true love but will Holly take her head of the game for long enough to see whats right in front of her.

This is not my story its by a friend of mine her stories are amazing and I thought some people on here my like to read them she is amazing they are all #imagines!! Follow her on Twitter for her others at @MA_1directioner She is an amazing Girl and very creative.


15. Chapter 15

Niall's P.O.V.:
*next day*
Louis: Eleanor said she was really happy you came.

We just entered the studio, getting in the elevator.

Niall: She didn't even see me.
Harry: Of course she did!
Niall: It doesn't matter because she's never gonna speak to me...again...

As I spoke I pushed open the door to our recording booth, and inside every inch of every surface was covered in flowers.

Niall: Oh mi god.

Holly's P.O.V.:
I stood in the tunnel, waiting for the music. My heart pounded through my body. Adrenaline pumped as it started.

The crowd screamed as we came in, Irish fans overpowered the French. France came in practically unnoticed. My favorite snarled something to her teammate as we made eye contact. The ref's whistle blew.

Holly: It's time.

France came ready this time, and with a vengeance. There was a minute left in the game, and I just scored a goal, tying up the score at 4-4.

Frenchy: You got lucky.
Holly: I am Irish.

I walked past her, she looked like she wanted to punch me, so I smiled deeper. She muttered something in French under her breath. The ball came hurdling toward us, we both jumped for it. I got it.

Bringing the ball down the field, I quickly kicked it to Paige, she opened up the middle for me. Kicking it back to me, I was about to score when I was suddenly being yanked to ground by my hair.

Niall's P.O.V.:
Whistles blew, but the French girl hadn't let go, and Holly now had a fist full of her hair, and was about to punch.

Louis&Harry;: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
Niall: Shh, Holly gets a penalty kick, if she makes this, they win.

She set the ball down, her eyes narrowing in on the goal. Taking a few large steps, then throwing herself forward, she sent it soaring into the net, past the goalie.

Her team rushed her, picking her up, people left the stands pooling onto the field around them. Eleanor ran down, we followed staggered behind. Holly saw her and ran to her. They jumped up and down screaming and hugging.

Eleanor: Oh my god!
Holly: I know!
Eleanor: I'm so proud of you!
Holly: Thanks! You should come to the after party! It's at our hotel in an hour.
Stephenie: Holly!
Holly: See yeah there!

She ran back, Stephenie and Fiona catching her in there arms.

Holly's P.O.V.:
We hurried back to our hotel to change. I ( ) started feeling nervous as we headed to the hotel ballroom. Tons of people were already there. But there was only one person I really wanted to see.

I walked around looking for him, people hugged me from all around. I kept looking and still nothing. Grabbing a drink, I headed out to the patio.

It was a perfect night, I wrapped my arms around myself. I heard footsteps, and turned, it was Eleanor.

Eleanor: Hey, there you are!
Holly: Here I am.
Eleanor: Expecting someone else?
Holly: I was just hoping to find Niall.
Eleanor: Oooh he's at the buffet, come on I'll take you.

We walked through the crowds again, my glass shaking in my hands slightly. And then I saw him. His eyes met mine.

Holly: Hi...
Niall: Hey...

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