To Holly With Love...

And Irish Soccer player named Holly is all about the game and nothing can change that until a soccer tournament that takes her to England also takes her one step closer to finding true love but will Holly take her head of the game for long enough to see whats right in front of her.

This is not my story its by a friend of mine her stories are amazing and I thought some people on here my like to read them she is amazing they are all #imagines!! Follow her on Twitter for her others at @MA_1directioner She is an amazing Girl and very creative.


13. Chapter 13

Niall's P.O.V.:
I waited for her in the parking lot, but when the other girls came out without her, I went up to Stephenie and Fiona.

Stephenie: Hey Niall,
Niall: Hey,
Fiona: She's still inside, but she's pretty pissed.
Niall: What happened?
Stephenie: Coach might be sitting her for the England game.
Fiona: She probably won't be coming out for a while.
Stephenie: And if you're smart, and value your feelings, you wouldn't go in.
Fiona: Good luck.
Niall: Thanks.

I walked into the stadium, and there she was, on the field. Still in her uniform. Kicking a row of balls at full force, crashing them into the net.

Holly's P.O.V.:
Anger took over. Reality left behind. All I could think of was that with each kick, I could kick harder. I lined the balls back up, starting again.

Nothing else mattered.

Niall: Hey...

I barely turned to look at him. My voice sharp.

Holly: Hi.

My foot slammed into the ball, sending it soaring. He took a step closer.

Niall: Are you ok?
Holly: I'm fine. Just,

I kicked again. It smashed into the net.

Holly: Peachy.
Niall: You seem it.
Holly: What do you want.

I walked to the net, getting the balls. He watched me, tucking his hands in his pockets.

Niall: I know your angry, but-
Holly: Angry?

I stopped mid-stride, turning to him.

Holly: You think I'm angry?
Niall: Possibly-
Holly: Why would getting benched make me angry?
Niall: Because I know you hate taking the back seat.
Holly: It's so stupid, I just won the game, didn't sit once, and just because I have a slight pain in my side, I get benched. It's bull shit!

He stepped toward me again,

Niall: Holly, your hurt. And if your not careful-
Holly: Will everyone stop telling me how I feel! I'm fine!
Niall: I'm not telling you how you feel, I'm telling you a medical fact!
Holly: Whose side are you on!
Niall: You could end your football career! With one stupid move, you could end it all!

I turned away from him, focusing back on the goal. He moved infront of me, blocking the goal.

Niall: You don't get it do you?
Holly: No you don't get it! Football is my life, and now it's being taken away from me. Of course I'm pissed! It's the only thing I have-
Niall: You have me!
Holly: For what? Another 3 days? I'm leaving, and your staying here!
Niall: You were the one that said we'd talk about it later, well it's later and I have something to say-
Holly: Just go away.

I stepped to the next ball, and he followed.

Niall: We need to talk about this-

I looked up at him, not caring what I said.

Holly: Don't you have some whiney love song to sing or something?

I stepped to the next ball, this time he didn't follow. I went on kicking, ignoring him. He didn't speak, he just turned and slowly walked out.

I watched him walk out the door, tears polled in my eyes, I pushed past them. Focusing.

One ball left, and it hit the goal like a bullet.

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