To Holly With Love...

And Irish Soccer player named Holly is all about the game and nothing can change that until a soccer tournament that takes her to England also takes her one step closer to finding true love but will Holly take her head of the game for long enough to see whats right in front of her.

This is not my story its by a friend of mine her stories are amazing and I thought some people on here my like to read them she is amazing they are all #imagines!! Follow her on Twitter for her others at @MA_1directioner She is an amazing Girl and very creative.


10. Chapter 10

Holly's P.O.V.:
Holly: I'm fine!

My coaches and the medical person stood around me, a few teammates as well. My coaches talked to the medical person who kept poking my ribs.

Coach: Shut up.
Holly: But I'm-
Coach: Fine, I know. Now shh. So how is she really?
Med person: Well her ribs aren't broken, just badly bruised I'd say.
Holly: See I'm fine-ow!

They looked at me, eyebrows raised.

Coach: Can she play?
Med person: Not the rest of this game.
Holly: What!
Med person: But if she's good, she'll be able to play in your next one.
Holly: I'm fine,

I tried to stand and fell back clutching my side. Before I could catch my breath, my coach picked me up, cradling me in his arms.

Holly: Put me down! I can walk!
Coach: You can't even stand up. Your done for today Bryne. I mean it.
Holly: But I-
Coach: No.

He set me down in the trainer's room, as my body touched the table, pain shot through my side.

Coach: Take it easy, would you? Unless Spain, can get two more goals in the next minute, we've already won. We're gunna need you for the championship game.
Holly: Fine.
Coach: You did good, kid.

He walked out then, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I managed to get to my feet, and using the wall, started wandering down the hall.

Holly: I'm fine. But do they listen to me? No! And now-

And then I fell.

Niall's P.O.V.:
I managed to get down to the main tunnel. They brought her back around here, I'm guessing to the medical room or locker room.

Feeling quite lost, I rounded a couple more corners, and there she was, in a heap on the floor.

Niall: Holly!

I rushed towards her, kneeling next to her. I tried to help her up, but she pushed my hands away.

Holly: No, I'm fine.
Niall: Yeah, you look it.

I helped her to her feet, she leaned back on the wall, breathing heavily.

Niall: Are you ok?
Holly: I'm fine, it's just my side...
Niall: let's get you back in the trainers room.

I supported her back to the room, and helped her onto the table. She laid back holding her side. I grabbed an ice pack, handing it to her.

Holly: Thank you...
Niall: Of course,...Holly look-
Holly: Don't.
Niall: What?
Holly: Don't talk.

She sat forward, opening her eyes, and looked up at me.

Holly: You sent me 17 different floral arrangements. 8 boxes of chocolate. A hug-a-gram panda. You've come to all of my games.
Niall: I know, I was just-
Holly: And now your sitting, next to me, after everything I've done to you.

I looked up at her as she took my hand. She coughed, sitting up straighter with a slight wince.

Holly: I'm sorry.
Niall: But I thought...
Holly: I know. I never should have blamed you, it was wrong...I...was wrong. So I'm sorry. About everything.

I smiled, leaning my head against hers. I cupped her face, her mouth very close to mine,

Niall: Well I'm not...
Holly: Ok...

Then our lips met. I stood, stepping closer. She slid from the table into my arms. But suddenly winced, leaning into me for support.

Holly: I'm fine.

We laughed, kissing me again.

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