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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 28 Feb 2013
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


34. Epilogue




5 Months Later


I walked down the red carpet alone. Putting a smile on my face for the flashes of the cameras. I heard my name being shouted out every time I took a step. I stopped every ten steps, posing and smiling for the cameras. 

‘Rose!’ i heard my name being shout out. It didn’t sound like the paparazzi so I turned my head to find Zayn strutting towards me. I smiled, he looked so sexy in his tux and his hair swooped back in his signature quiff.

‘Zayn.’ I smiled, giving him a tight hug. 

‘You look so beautiful.’ He murmured as he took a step back to admire what I was wearing.

I was in a midnight blue evening dress. It was sleeveless and trailed back behind me. It was a v-neckline and two straps of material crossed over my chest and left my cleavage bare. My shoes were hidden under my dress, they were sandal-like pumps. I wore round diamond stud earrings. My hair was down in loose curls and it head a thin crystal headband on the crown. My make up was natural except for my bright red lips.

‘Thank you.’ I smiled. ‘And you, sir, look dashing.’ 

‘Why thank you, kind lady.’ He said in mock posh.

‘Zayn, Clara-Rose!’ The paparazzi yelled and we both turned around, flashing the cameras a smile. 

We walked inside after the photos and found our seats just before the movie started. I’m so proud of this movie, it went along well. There were no hitches apart from that first encounter with Christian. He learnt to stay away from me. 

Jake proposed to Nora, his girlfriend, a few weeks back. The paparazzi went crazy with that. Nora hid away as much as she could but Jake couldn’t. He had to walk outside where the paparazzi were waiting everyday. I’m so excited for the wedding, I’m so excited for the both of them to get married. 

Eleanor and Louis are still going strong. They argue everyday like cats and dogs but half the time their arguments are irrelevant. They always seem to come up to one of us to solve their problems. At first we used to get so concerned because they went at it like they were legit fighting but then we all learnt to ignore it and just tell them to say sorry to each other. 

Lexi and Jared have been on and off for a while. They’re still so cute together but they argue so much. Sometimes their arguments get so extreme that they break up for a few days. Lexi usually locks herself in her room whenever this happens, she’s either crying or throwing stuff. Apparently, Jared spends his break days watching sappy romance movies. The boys once called an intervention on him. But as of today, they’re together and they’re still such a beautiful couple.

Danielle and Liam are still together. No surprises there to be honest. Danielle and Liam are going to be together forever and ever and ever. They’re going to get married and I will be there to be a bridesmaid. But of course those are just my wishes for them. I do hope they’ll be together for a while.

Harry and Cara seem to just be flirt buddies. It’s practically like an open relationship but at the same time, it isn’t. All of us are waiting for the day from them to get together but of course neither one of them want that so they’re just... flirt buddies. Niall and Amy are just best friends. There are times where I can imagine them together but all in all they are so much better as friends.

As for me and Zayn... I will love him until the end. He is my great big first love.


‘I love you, Jess. How could you not have understood that!? I’ve loved you from the start!’ Finn (Jake) shouted at my character.

‘You’re delusional, Finn. You’ve known from the start that I’m not here for love.’ Jess answered.

‘It didn’t top me from falling! My god, you know you love me too. I can tell. Hell, everyone else can as well!’ Finn reasoned.

‘Fine, Finn. Just believe whatever you want.’ Jess said and walked away from him.

‘I’m so glad that that wasn’t how you answered to me when I told you.’ Zayn whispered in my ear.

‘I could’ve, you know.’ I retorted with a giggle.

‘I’m so glad that you’ve finally changed your mind about being with people you work with.’ He whispered in my ear again. I turned to him with a smile.

‘Who knew you’d be the one to change that. I remember getting so annoyed at you.’ 

‘You know what they say...’

‘And what do they say, Zayn?’

‘The best people changes the worst.’ I slapped his arm lightly.

‘You’re not the best nor am I the worse. And that’s not even a real quote!’ I retaliated silently.

‘It may not be real but it is relevant.’ He winked. I rolled my eyes at him but didn’t answer. He pecked my lips a few times then turned away.

We watched the rest of the movie. Then at the end we got a standing ovation from everyone. Me and the rest of the cast stood out the front and bowed. i was grinning. My first big movie was a great hit.

Zayn came up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss.

‘I love you. Every part and thought of you.’ He whispered in my ear. ‘I’m so proud of you.’ He pulled back in a grin.

‘I love you too, Zayn.’ I answered. ‘Every part and thought of you.’ 






I know it’s a short ending but it’s over now! Thank you all for reading my story. Also there won’t be a sequel. I don’t have the patience for sequels half the time. So no sequel. Yes, so thank you and I hope you enjoyed every part of the story. 

By the way, it’s short because I felt like i didn’t need to add anymore than that. So, sorry if you expected it to be long. I know it’s not the best ending but usually what’s in the middle is what matters most. So thank you for reading Thought of You!


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