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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The first movie began to play and I had no idea what movie it was. All I know is that it’s a comedy. I waited for the movie to start. It started with upbeat music and as it progressed I realised it’s 21 Jump Street.

‘This is the best movie of all time.’ I comment as the start of the movie played.

‘I agree with you, girl.’ Louis said all ghetto and I rolled my eyes at him.

‘I’M SLIM SHADY, YES I’M THE REAL SLIM SHADY. ALL YOU OTHER SLIM SHADYS ARE JUST IMITATING!’ I sang along to the opening song of the movie. Louis just stared at me like I had something weird on my face, his eyes were wide open.

‘What?’ I asked him.

‘Nothing, I just never seen a girl sing along to this song....’ He laughed.

‘This is my favourite!’ I giggled a bit. The movie started with the kid asking this reeeaaaally hot chick out to prom. When I caught sight of Channing Tatum I started to laugh. ‘

What’s so funny? Nothing’s funny yet.’ Louis asked.

‘Look at his hair! I’m glad it’s not like that, he looks terrible!’ I laughed again.

‘He’s still hot you know.’ Louis shrugged his shoulders. My laughter stopped abruptly and my eyebrow went high.

‘What? If you can say other girls are hot without being called a lesbian then I can call other guys hot without being called gay.’ He shrugged again. I giggled but turned my attention back to the movie.

I opened a packet of pringles and I shoved my hand into the tube. I kept eating them until it got halfway through the tube. I offered some to Louis and he put his hand in while looking at the tv. His hand was in there for a while and I turned to look at him.

‘Get your hand out of my pringles!’ I hissed.

‘I would if I could but I can’t...’ He whispered.

I looked down at his hand to find it struggling to come out. He was pulling his hand out but it was stuck in the tube. I was hit with a wave of giggles and I tried to help him. After a few minutes of pulling and tugging and swearing and a few girly screams from Louis, we pulled out his hand eventually. And around his wrist was a red mark from the tube. His mouth was in a small pout as he rubbed his wrist. I began giggling again. His hand was stuck in the bloody tube! How do you expect me not to laugh! We focused back to the tv and it was the part where they were getting ready for prom.

‘I wanna carry a gun.’ Louis whispered.

‘I wanna know what it feels like to get shot.’ I whispered as well. ‘What if you shoot me? Both of our dreams will come true!’ I said, sitting up straight.

‘That’s weird, what if i kill you?’ Louis asked me.

‘Eh, at least I got shot.’ I shrugged my shoulders. His eyebrows went up high, in a i-thought-you-would-go-ape-on-me way.

‘But I’d haunt you until you die, motherf*cker.’ I said, looking at him. He just laughed at my comment. We went back to the movie. It was up to the bit where the teacher tries to pick up his dick with his mouth.

‘The stupid son of a b*tch is giving himself a f*cking blowjob!’ I screamed while laughing my head off.

‘He is!’ Lou laughed along with me.

When the movie ended I was swearing like there was not tomorrow. Every two words was a swear word.

‘STOP SWEARING!’ Louis screamed at me. ‘

It’s not my f*cking fault! 21 Jump Street has a lot of swearing motherf*ckers! It happens every time I watch it. Don’t blame me!’ I screamed back. I slapped my hand on my mouth for swearing so much.

‘Eh, you’re almost 18 anyway.’ Louis just shrugged his shoulders and I laughed. He put the next movie in and I went into the kitchen to pop some popcorn. When I came back out with two bowls in my hands, I settled on the table and put one on my lap, the movie started to play.

‘The Notebook? Are you serious!? You want me to cry my eyes out!?’ I complained once I saw the old lady standing at the window.

‘What? The Notebook is my all time favourite romance movie!’ Louis shot back.

‘Aaaaaw, you cutie! You like romance movies!’ I pinched his cheeks.

‘Ow. That hurts.’ His bottom lip jutted out into a pout and he looked like a little kid. It was adorable. I let go of his cheeks and I turned back to the movie.

'They're so cute, it hurts.' I pouted as I watched them run into the water at the beach.

'Even I think that!' Louis agreed.

'I like her swimsuit, you know. It's so perfect.' I said, just staring at her swimsuit. It's the most prettiest thing I've ever seen.

'It's so olden day-ish.' Louis replied.

'So? It's gorgeous.' I shot back.

We sat there until the movie came to an ending and my Vision started to blur. I didn't know what it was at first then I realised I was crying. The tears spilt and a sob escaped.

'Are you sobbing?' Louis asked me and he had a few tears streaming down his face which he quickly wiped away.

'Yes.' I laughed but another sob came out.

'Why?' Louis started to laugh.

'Shut up, I told you this movie makes me cry my eyes out!' I reprimanded.

'I thought you were exaggerating.' Louis cracked up.

'Stooooop!' I complained and all the tears gushed out as the screen went black with the credits.

'Ugh, I hate you. Look what you did! I'm bawling my eyes out!' I screamed, pointing to my eyes. Louis was crying too but the tears were for laughing too hard.

The door opened and Lexi waltzed into the room. She had a grin spread across her face and I looked at her weirdly.

'I had the best night!' She sang.

'Why are you home so early?' I asked her. 'It's only... oh.' I said, after checking the time. It was 11. Not exactly early.

'Im going to bed, you two enjoy.' She winked at us and danced off to her room.

'She seems happy.' Louis commented.

'Really? I thought she looked a bit disappointed.' I said with a lot of sarcasm in my voice.

'Har har.' Louis rolled his eyes.

The next movie began to play and I was excited for some reason. Maybe because I have no clue what it was but I was excited. Once I saw the firs two people, I instantly knew what it was.

'OMGOMGOMG, LOUIS I LOVE YOU!' I screamed. This is my favourite movie of all time. 'Chill, Rose. It's only a movie.' Louis looked at me weirdly.

'Only a movie? It's not only a movie. It's my life!' I screamed as I bounced up and down on my seat. He wrapped his arm around me to try and calm me down. I looked up at him and his eyes read chill-the-f*ck-down. And I obeyed.

It was about halfway through the movie and I silently quoted every line of the movie. I can tell Louis was amused but he didn't show it. He kept his arm around me the entire time and I snuggled closer to his body. It was one of those romantic kinds of snuggling, it was a best friend one. My head was rested on the crook of his neck and my eyes were slowly dropping as the movie neared to the end. My eyes were about to shut when the door burst open. My eyes opened with alarm and I turned to face the person at the door. Louis turned his head in shock.

He stood there at the door, looking disheveled. His eyes read hurt, anger and... jealousy? What the hell was his problem? More likely, what is he doing here?



Oooooh, cliffhanger ;) sorry this took a while to upload. I'm stuck on school stuff. Anyhoo. I might take a while to upload chapters for both my stories because my Internet is down. And because I have to use my phone to do all my chapters. And I'm sorry about all the spelling mistakes, as I said I'm doing all this on my phone.

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