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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


8. Chapter 8


Chapter 8


'Guuuuuuuuuuuys.' I dragged out the word until everyone looked up.

'We want to go see London!' Lexi finished for me. I'm so glad she's my best friend. She literally understands my needs. 

'Then go with someone else. I'm still eating.' Niall brushed us off. He was eating a burger after his peri-peri chicken. The kid can eat a whole cow and still be hungry. 

'Hurry up, Niall! It's almost 12:30 and we need to explore London!' I almost screamed. Which caused people all around us to snap their heads up. I ignored them but I was trying to stifle a grin. Just then Luke comes up to our table. 

'Rose, you need to quiet down. People are starting to complain.' Luke told me and I saw a whole lot of people glaring at me. I blushed a bit. 

'Oops.' I whispered and Luke just chuckled while he walked away. 

'Is that the guy you met?' Liam asked me, narrowing his eyes. 

'Yeah, why?' I asked, furrowing my eyebrows at his expression. 

'How come he gets to call you Rose?' Louis pouted. 

'You call me Rose anyway, Lou.' I argued back, rolling my eyes. 

'Truuuue, but they don't.' He gestured to the rest of them. 

'Because they actually listen to me, unlike you.' I shot back. 

'I do listen to you.' Louis scolded. 

'Not when I need you to do something.' I retorted. 

'Why aren't we allowed to call you Rose?' Harry asked me. 

'Because we're not exactly friends, yknow.' I sighed. 

'So we have to literally ask the question like kindergarten to be friends with you?' Zayn said as he narrowed his eyes. 

'No. You don't have to ask me. It's a looooong story to explain.' I sighed. 

'Don't push her, guys.' Lexi whispered. And I silently thanked god for her presence in my life.

She knows absolutely everything that's gone on in my life. She knows about the friendships, the break ups and the troubles. Even though I've only known her for three years, it feels like she's been there my entire life. She knows when I'm lying, if I'm serious, if I'm upset, if I just want to be alone. She basically reads my mind and vice versa. Except my life is more f*cked up than everyone else's. Yet, I still land parts for movies. My life has the more retardest and saddest moments than anyone can live through. 

I heard mumbled sorrys and we all found Niall finishing the last bite of his food. 

'Done!' He screams. Everyone sat there, very awkwardly. I decided to diffuse the tension. 

'Good. Now lets work off all the fat but site seeing. Come on lazy asses!' I say, getting if my seat and walking towards the door. 

I heard them all sigh and i heard the screeching noises of the chairs being dragged out. I felt an arm around my waist and I looked up to Harry with a questioning look.

‘He’s still here.’ He whispered in my ear and I nodded. We walked out of the restaurant and into the warm London air.

‘No taking cars. We have to walk.’ Lexi said as soon as we stepped out. Everyone agreed and we all walked around Nando’s. 

‘So, where are we off to?’ Lexi asks, looking around to the boys.

‘Erm, oooh let’s go on that!’ Niall squealed pointing to big red double deck bus with an open top across the road.

‘Yes!!’ Lexi screamed, jumping up and down.

‘This is going to be the best ride ever.’ Louis said, joining Lex.

‘Sounds good.’ Liam nodded his head.

‘I’ve always wanted to go on one.’ Harry whispered, staring at it.

‘I’d love to go on!’ I said, happily.

‘Zayn?’ Liam asked and we wall turned to look at him.

He was behind Harry and I. He had  an unreadable face but his eyes showed hurt and annoyed and anger and something else. Jealousy? No... I don’t think so. We all looked to wear his eyes were fixed on. He was looking at me but not my face. I looked down to see Harry’s arm still around my waist even though we’re far from Nando’s. Far from Mr Jerkface. Me and Harry jumped apart and Harry turned to look at me and he winked. I blushed and I looked away. Wait, why was I blushing? He only winked at me. I’ve been winked out a lot of times, not that I’m up myself or anything, but winks don’t bother me anymore. It happens too often for me to care. But why am I blushing now? When Harry winked? 

‘Yeah, let’s just go.’ Zayn mumbled angrily and walked over to the bus.

‘What;s wrong with him?’ I whispered to Harry.

‘You’re so stupid sometimes.’ Harry chuckled a sexy chuckle.

Wait, sexy? What?

I started walking with them but I was slugging behind. I slugged behind with thoughts eating away at me. Why am I blushing because of a wink Harry gave me? And why did I call him sexy? I’m pretty sure I don’t like him. And I’m hella sure he doesn’t like me. I looked over to him and he had a smile spread across his face. His green eyes shone with laughter and excitement. His dimples were prominent and it just made me want to squeeze it. He looked so cute. And the fact that he’s wearing a blazer makes it all the more hotter. Ugh, what’s wrong with me? I haven’t had a boyfriend for 3 years. My last one ended in tragedy. I was cheated on and I was lied to. I haven’t had any romantic feelings to boys in so long. Why now? And why him? Whatever, if I ignore it, it will go away.

We all hopped onto the bus after we paid and all and the bus was only occupied by us. We lounged around on the top deck, giving us a beautiful view of London. We saw the Big Ben, the London Eye and all that stuff. The London Eye looked amazing but I’ve always wanted to see it at night. And go on it at night. We were on the bus for a 2 hours and when we got off, we all decided to do some shopping. I bought so many new things, using a card that Kellie had given me when I started out. 

‘Bloody hell, Rose.’ Lexi sighed as she eyed the amount of bags I was carrying.

‘There’s like one thing in each bag, chill.’ I said, putting the 10 bags in my arms closer to my body.

‘How did you manage to buy all that?’ Niall asked me.

‘Honestly, I don’t know. I bet I finished all the money that was on my card.’ I shrugged, laughing to myself.

‘Well, you better have a spuerman costume somewhere in there. I need a new buddy.’ Louis said, peering into my bags.

‘It so happens that I bought a superman tank top for bed.’ I smiled proudly.

‘I HAVE A SUPERMAN SHIRT FOR BED TOO!’ Louis screamed and I rolled my eyes at him.

‘No need to scream, I’m right next to you.’ I sighed.

‘Guess what! We can sleep together now!’ Louis practically shouted. My eyes widened as the words left his mouth. We all stood there gawking a him and it took him a while to understand why we were staring at him.

‘Nonononononoooooo! I didn’t mean it like that! Oh no. I am forever shamed by this.’ Louis sighed, shaking his head.

‘That is so messed up.’ Liam said, still stunned by the words.

‘I’m scarred.’ I whispered as I kept gawking at him. Everyone else started to laugh like crazy.

‘It’s not funny!’ Louis shouted but he burst into a fit of laughter. And soon enough Liam and I joined them. So we all sat in McDonald’s around a small table, laughing our heads off. After 3 minutes of hard out laughter it all finally died down.

‘So, why are we here?’ I ask, no one had ordered any food yet we all sat here all settled in.

‘No idea.’ Harry said, shrugging his shoulders.

‘I need to get my car guys!’ I complained. My poor mini cooper is sat outside Nando’s without its owner anywhere near it.

‘Your car’s fine.’ Liam brushed me off.

‘No! My cooper is not fine. He’s all alone outside of Nando’s with no one. I need him back!’ I whinged. They all sighed and everyone walked out. 

‘I sort of need help.’ I sighed, dragging my bags. 

Harry rolled his eyes and he took half the bags off my hands. I smiled in appreciation and he smiled back. I realised that my feelings earlier in the day were just a one time thing. We made our way back to Nando’s which were 3 blocks away from McDonald’s. Once outside I made my way to my car. Harry followed me opening the back door to put my bags in. When I shoved everything in, I turned to him.

‘Thank you.’ I smiled.

‘You’re welcome.’ He said and he kissed my cheek. When he pulled away, I rolled my eyes and slapped his arm.

‘Ow!’ He shouted.

‘You’re not allowed to do that, remember!’ I shouted back.

‘Whatever, you enjoyed it.’ He winked and we walked back to the others. 

As we walked back, Harry out his hand on my back. And no matter how many times I pulled his hand away, he kept putting it back which made me just give up and let it be. We stood there as what they were talking about drifted away i noticed Zayn glaring at Harry.

‘Zayn. What is wrong with you?’ I asked him, straight off. He looked up to me and he pretended like he had no clue.

‘Don’t act like you don’t know. You’ve been quiet all day. You’ve been glaring at Harry all day too. What’s wrong with you?’ I almost shouted. Harry’s thumb began making soothing circles on the small of my back.

‘Nothing’s wrong.’ He mumbled back and he avoided eye contact.

‘Don’t say that. We all know something’s up.’ I said, without looking away.

‘Nothing is up, okay! Just go back to being in your pathetic fake relationship with Harry and leave me alone, you bitch.’ His words cut through me like a knife.

‘What.’ I whispered. Everyone stared at him as well.

‘Zayn, what did you just say?’ Louis gasped.

‘I-I said... I didn-’ He began to say but I cut him off.

‘Yeah, what did you say Zayn?’ I said, menacingly.

‘I didn’t mean it, Rose. I honestly didn’t. It just came out. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. I don’t know what came over me, I just-’ I cut him off. 

‘No, don’t ‘Rose’ me. Don’t ‘i didn’t mean it’ me either. Whenever someone is angry the truth comes out. I did nothing to you, Zayn! I did nothing! I made it clear I don’t want a relationship with any of you. This is only a temporary thing. I don’t even want to be in this with him. You don’t know what I’ve been through. And frankly, I’ve had harsher insults. But the fact that you said that to me because of something that I had to do hurts me. I don’t want anything to do with you!’ I screamed at him. The tears started to come up in my eyes and that’s not allowed to happen. I have to act strong. I have to be tough. It’s how I’ve been for years. I can’t let that wall break down. A tear escaped and I quickly turned around before someone noticed.

‘No, Rose. I’m so sorry! I didn’t- Are you crying?’ Zayn grabbed my wrist and he looked right into my eyes.

‘Don’t, Zayn. Just don’t.’ I shook my head and I went into my car. The passenger door opened and Lexi got into the car.

‘Shh, Rose. It’s okay. He didn’t mean it. i know he didn’t.’ Lexi pulled me in for a hug. More tears came out and I mentally slapped myself for letting my emotions come out.

‘He did mean it, Lex. He meant to call me a bitch. He just saw me crying. And he just didn’t want to look bad in front of his friends. Like all those jackasses I met in my life.’ I sobbed onto her shoulder.

‘Shh, shh. Clara, he didn’t mean it. I promise.’ She stroked my hair.

‘Let’s just leave.’ I mumbled, wiping the tears away. I can hear the shouts of the boys from outside and I turned to look at Harry screaming at Zayn. I sighed and started to drive away.

When we got back to our flat, I went straight to my room. It was only 6:00 but I was tired as hell. I don’t want to sleep, though. I heard my phone beep and I pulled it out.

From: TommoTheMan:)

I’m so sorry, Rosie. He didn’t mean it. He regrets saying it. But if you’re mad, I understand. I’d be mad at him too. I can come over, with my superman top and we can watch movies together, if you want? :))

I smiled through the small tears falling down my face.

To: TommoTheMan:)

Nah, it’s okay, Tommo. I’m fine.

I sent the message.

From: TommoTheMan:)

You’re not fine. As if. I bet you’re bawling your eyes out right now. I’m coming over, no matter what. You need it. love ya, bby. xx.

I rolled my eyes at the text. Well, I can’t stop him now.

To: TommoTheMan:)

Well, I can’t exactly stop you now. 

From: TommoTheMan:)

True, true. I’ll be there in ten.

I put my phone down and I just laid down on my bed, staring up at my ceiling. All the memories of high school and middle school came flooding in. More tears started to fall. My phone vibrated again and I got up again and I looked down at it.

From: Hazzatron:P

He’s a jerk anyway. Don’t let him get to you, love.

I smiled which made the tears stop stinging my eyes.

To: Hazzatron:P

Eh, i’ve had worse. And no, I will not explain anything to you. 

From: Hazzatron:P

Well, I hope you’re fine. I yelled at him for you. He said he didn’t mean it at all. I don’t know if i believe him. He’s being such a jerk lately and I don’t exactly know why. I hope you’re okay. xoxoxoxoxo.

To: Hazzatron:P

I’m fine, Haz. Thanks for yelling at him, i think? Hahaha. I don’t know if I believe either. I wanna know why he’s being a jerk though.

From: Hazzatron:P

Ask him, okay? I gotta go, have fun tonight with Lou. xoxo.

I sighed and I laid back down on my back. I stayed like that for a while. A few minutes later I heard the door slam open.

‘Honeeeey! I’m hoooomeeee!’ Louis screamed from down the hall.

‘I’m coming, Lou!’ I shout. I got dressed into my superman tank top and my pink pj shorts. I walked out into the hallway and I spotted Louis spreading out a bunch of dvds and a pile of food on the couch. 

‘Ooooh! That’s a lot of food.’ I say, picking up a few.

‘Eh, I stole some from Nialler’s flat.’ He shrugged his shoulders.

‘Hey, Lex! You gonna join us?’ I scream towards her room. She walked out the door in a black dress which I’m pretty sure she made.

‘Ooooh, pretty. Is that the one you made two years ago?’ I asked her.

‘Yep. And to answer your question, no I’m not joining you. I forgot to tell you this, I met this guy at the shops and he asked me out. And well, yeah.’ She smiled widely.

‘Well, have fun! And use protection, okay.’ I said, giving her a hug.

‘Sure, I’ll use protection.’ She rolled her eyes, I know she won’t need to because she doesn’t plan on changing her virginity status any time soon.

‘You have fun too, okay. And I’m sorry I’m leaving you at a time you need me most.’ She squeezed me a bit more tighter.

‘It’s okay, babe. I have Louboo with me.’ I winked and she walked out the door.

‘Let’s do this!’ Louis chirped and jumped onto the couch. I jumped on top of him and the first movie started.






I’ll explain all the wrong things that happened to her another time. But for now, enjoy this wonderful chapter I made for you. xoxo


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