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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 28 Feb 2013
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I woke up to someone pushing the curtains aside from my room. I groggily opened my eyes to find Lexi walking over to my walk-in closet. I groaned, too tired to ask what she was doing. I looked at the time and it was 11:00. Ugh, jet lag’s a bitch. I started to sit up just as Lexi came out, holding clothes in her arms.
‘What are you doing?’ I groaned, rubbing sleep from my eyes.
‘We’re going out with the boys today. We’re leaving in 30 minutes.’ She threw the clothes on my bed, ‘Go and get a shower.’ She pushed me off the side. I stood up and groaned again.
‘Why so early?’ I murmured, walking to my bathroom.
‘It’s not early, retard.’ And I can imagine Lexi rolling her eyes.
‘I don’t know how you’re not tired.’ I said, not giving her chance to answer by closing the bathroom door.
I jumped into the shower, letting the warm jets of water engulf me. I washed the oil out of my hair and I rubbed soap all over my body. At the start, my eyes were drooping and I almost fell asleep in the warm shower. Almost. I walked out, with a turban on my head and I looked at the clothes Lexi laid on my bed.
It was a denim, elbow length shirt, leather tights, black combat boots and a black hat. I nodded to myself, approving the style she chose for me. I did my make up- red lips, black eyeliner and thick mascara. I looked around for sunglasses, and I found a pair. They were blue ray-bans and i put them on to of my head. I let my hair dry naturally into it’s beachy waves. I walked out of my room, happy with my appearance.
‘You took your time.’ Lexi scoffed.
She was sporting a Luke Skywalker baseball style top with orange skinnies. She topped it with some black toms.
‘Nice top.’ I winked because it was my top.
‘Thanks, I bought it a while ago.’ She laughed and i rolled my eyes.
‘So, am I driving or...?’ i asked her, completely unaware of today’s plans.
‘Yes, you’re driving. We’re meeting them at Nando’s a few blocks from here.’ She answered.
‘What’s Nando’s?’ I asked her. I lived in California for ages, I’ve never once heard of a Nando’s before.
‘It’s this restaurant Niall’s in love with.’ She shrugged her shoulders.
‘Niall’s in love with all food.’ I shot back and we both giggled. We walked outside of the flat and I locked the door.
‘What car do you have?’ Lexi asked me and I realised that she hasn’t seen it before.
‘A blue Mini Cooper.’ I smiled widely. I’ve always wanted a Mini Cooper.
‘No way!’ She looked at me with a disbelieving look.
‘Yep.’ I smiled as we walked down to my car. I’m a proud owner of a Cooper. ‘What car do you have?’ I asked her.
‘A grey convertible bug.’ She smiled smugly.
‘Like the car you’ve always wanted?’ I asked her.
‘Yep.’ She squealed and I laughed.
I put the car in gear and I eased out of my parking spot.
‘Rose?’ She called to me tentatively.
‘Yes?’ I asked her as I drove on to the road.
‘Are you okay?’ She whispered. And I know she doesn’t mean in general. She meant about last night.
‘No.’ I answered truthfully.
‘I honestly don’t know how he knew. I’m so sorry.’ She said, genuinely.
'It's okay, Lex.' I sighed.
'Are you sure you thought through the whole Harry thing?' She looked at me with a pointed look.
'No, I didn't. I just needed Christian gone. And Harry was just there and I acted rationally. I know I shouldn't have but it just happened. I need to lay some ground rules.' I said, thinking about what rules I should say. I snapped out of it when I remembered something, 'And why did Zayn storm out?'
'Because he-' She cut herself off. As I pulled up beside Nando's, I turned the car off and looked at her.
'Because...?' I asked, leaning in.
'I think he should be the one to tell you. It's not my story to tell.' Her eyes trailed off to somewhere behind me and I followed her gaze. The boys stood waiting patiently outside the restaurant. I unlocked the car and got out. As we walked to the boys, I locked the car.
'Hello.' I smiled.
'Hello.' They all said in unison. Except Zayn. He just glare at me and looked away. I huffed out a breath of annoyance.
'Hey, guys.' Lexi chirped.
'Hey, Lex.' They said together, including Zayn.
'Let's go! I'm starving.' Niall whined and everyone chuckled. We walked in and settled down on a table.
'I've never been here before.' My eyes darted around the place.
'Never? Like never ever?' Niall's eyes widened.
'Nope. Never ever.' I said, shrugging my shoulders.
'You poor thing! How did you live?' He said sympathetically. I rolled my eyes at him.
'So, what's good here?' I asked, turning my head to Harry who was sat beside me.
'Everything!' Niall answered for him. I just laughed at the blonde Irish boy.
'What are you having, Lex?' I asked her. She had her deep-in-thought face on.
'I'll just have the classic chicken pita.' She shrugged.
'Hmm, i'll have the classic chicken burger. I'll go get our food.' I said. I stood up and went over to the counter. I told the really attractive guy mine and Lex's orders.
'Eating that yourself?' He smirked.
'Hell no.' I laughed and he chuckled.
'I was gonna say, I could help you.' He winked.
'Are you flirting with me?' I cocked my head.
'Sure, i am. But you should know I'm gay.' He chuckled.
'Well, you sure know how to flirt for a gay guy.' I winked as someone handed our order, 'See you around.' I said, turning away from the guy.
'Wait.' He called after me. I turned to face him.
'Miss me already?' I giggled.
'Yes. What of it?' He laughed.
'What do you want?' I smiled at him.
'Your number.' He answered.
'I find that really clichéd.' I said, placing our food on the table and started to write my number on a napkin. I handed it to him.
'Here you go...' I searched for his name tag, 'Luke.' I smiled.
'Thank you...' He looked down on the napkin for my name, 'Clara-Rose.'
'Call me Rose.' I smiled, turning away with our food. I walked back to the table to find that they all had their food already.
'Who's the guy?' Lexi wiggled her eyebrows at me.
'Luke.' I smiled.
'He's hot.' She commented, looking back at him. I giggled.
'Yep.' I said after laughing a bit.
'What?' She asked, clueless. I just shook my head. I looked up to find the same annoy blonde head who ruined my day yesterday.
'Harry.' I hissed.
'What?' He asked me, leaning in.
'The devil is here.' I answered.
'He is?' He craned his neck, looking for him.
'Okay. First things first. This is only to get him off my case, there can be no romantic feelings whatsoever. And we only hold hands and hug, absolutely no kissing. And this only happens if either of us see him, okay?' I laid out the rules for him and he nodded in agreement.
'Fancy seeing you here.' A fake British accent called from behind me. I mentally groaned.
'Go away.' I hissed at Christian.
'No.' He answered. I felt his hand on my shoulder and I cringed into Harry.
'Mate, just leave.' Harry said, sternly. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
'Whatever.' Christian said and I felt him lean closer.
'I'll get you back.' His breath tickled my neck and I heard his footsteps walk away.
'How much I'd give to make him go away.' I muttered. I was suddenly really aware of the arm around my shoulder. I looked up at Harry.
'Arm. Off.' I said sternly and he pulled away.
We all dug in to our food and stuffed our faces. Nando's has the best food. I'm not even kidding. It's so amazing! I practically moaned whenever I ate it and everyone laughed at me. I muttered something about it being good and they all laughed again. I glared at all of them and continued to eat my lunch.



I typed this all on my phone so if there are any mistakes I am so sorry.

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