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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


5. Chapter 5


Chapter 5


*10 hours later*


'Rose? Rose, wake up. Rose? Clara. Claraaaaaaaaa! Oh my god. If you don't wake up I will pour cold water on you.' Someone was shaking me and yelling in my ear. I just grunted and turned my head away. 

'I'm deadset going to pour it.' They said again and I felt a drop on my cheek and I jolt awake. 

‘I’m up!’ I scream and everyone stops to stare at me weirdly. I look around and realise I’m in the airport. I find the person who was about to pour water on me and I find that it’s Louis.

‘You’re a pain in the ass.’ I mutter, standing up. I was about to walk away when I felt confused. How did I get here? I turned back to Louis who looked like he was about to follow me. 

'What?' He asks me. 

'How did I get here?' I asked him, crossing my arms. 

'We apparated.' He smiled. I rolled my eyes at the Harry Potter reference. 

'Seriously.' I said. 

'Zayn carried you.' He chuckled and I groaned. 

'Whats wrong with Zayn carrying you?' He asks like its not the most obvious thing in the world. I just shook my head and started to walk away again. I stopped once more and turned around to face him. He sighed and asked what's wrong. 

'Where's Lexi?' I asked him. 

'She's somewhere.' He replied and kept walking. I grabbed his wrist and spun him around. 

'Why are you stuck with me?' I asked another question. 

'Because I'm the best at waking people up.' He smiled, proudly. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. When I didn't hear footsteps behind me I turned around. 

'Are you coming?' I ask him. 

'Yes, I was just waiting for you to turn and ask another question.' He shrugged his shoulders and walked next to me. I shook my head at his stupidity. 

As we walked through the terminal, I pulled out my phone and started to ring Lexi. After 3 rings she picked up the phone. 

'Hello?' She sounded happy. 

'Lex. You left me alone with dumb old Louis.' I said, a bit annoyed. 

'Hey! I'm not dumb! And I'm only 20!' Louis scolded and I just rolled my eyes at him. 

'Yeah, I know. I just needed to do something with the boys. Just go home to our flat and i'll call you, okay?' She sounded a bit excited now. 

'But lex-' I started to say but she cut me off. 

'I need to go, i'll call you.' She said and she hung up. I sighed. How the hell am I supposed to get to the flat? That's when I realised, Kellie got me a car. I rang her up. 

'Hello, Kellie speaking.' She sounded so business like. 

'Hey, Kel. It's Clara.' I greeted. 

'Oh, Clara. What's up, hun?' She asked a bit more comfortably. 

'I was just wondering what you said about my car.' I started off. 

'Oh yeah, since I heard you'll be going with one direction, just ask one of those boys to call up Paul. And Paul will tell you where to pick up your car.' She instructed. 

'Oh, alright. Thanks, Kellie.' I said. 

'All good. Enjoy London and nail that movie.' I can hear her smiling. 

'Sure thing, chicken wing.' I giggled. 'Bye, Kel.' 

'Bye, Clara.' And we both hung up. 

'Hey, Louis. Can you call Paul and ask him where my car is?' I turned to Louis. He just nodded and dialed his number. 

'Hey Paul! I have this chick with me and she asked if you know where her car is.' I raised my eyebrow at him. 

‘The chick’s got a name.’ I whisper-yelled at him.

‘Her name’s Clara.’ He spoke on the phone and rolled his eyes at me. i just glared at him.

‘Yep.’ ‘Hahaha, I will.’ ‘No, don’t.’ ‘I’ll tell them.’ ‘Bye Pauly!’ He hung up while chuckling. Then he kept walking.

‘Well?’ I spoke up, causing him to turn around.

‘Oh, right. He said to just walk out of the door and look for a blue Mini Cooper. Apparently you have the keys in your bag?’ Louis said. My brows furrowed and I looked into my bag. And there were car keys.

‘Since when were these in here?’ I asked no one in particular.

‘Magic? Apparation? Flying?’ Louis suggested.

‘Shut up.’ I mutter and walked out the door.

 I looked around the lot until I found a blue Mini Cooper. I clicked the unlock button to make sure it’s mine and the car beeped. I hopped into the drivers’ seat and put the car in the ignition. The passenger door opened and Louis hopped in.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked him.

‘You’re my ride. Everyone ditched me.’ He shrugged his shoulders and I rolled my eyes.

‘Where do I drop you off?’ I asked him as I pulled out of the lot.

‘Can I stay at yours?’ He asked. I groaned inside.

‘Why?’ I ask a bit too harshly.

‘Because I love you, Rose.’ He answered dramatically.

‘Sorry, Jack. I don’t love you.’ I answer back. And he cracked up laughing.

‘Dude, seriously. Why?’ I asked seriously when he finished laughing.

‘Becausei’msupposedtotakecareofyouwhileeveryonemakesasurpriseforyou.’ He said so fast.

‘What?’ I ask, totally confused.

‘Because I’m supposed to take care of you.’ He muttered, looking down.

‘Okay, so 1, that was only half of what you said. And 2, why do you need to take care of me?’ I said what was on my mind.

‘No, that was everything I said.’ He sounded off.

‘Louis. What are you not telling me?’ I asked, pulling up at the flat.

‘Nothing. I’ve told you everything.’ He muttered, not getting out of the car nor looking up. 

'If I knew your last name and your middle name, I'd use it on you. But I don't. But seriously what are you not telling me?' I say sternly. 

'Ive told you everything.' He scolded. He turned to open the door but I was quicker. I locked all the doors. 

'Let me out, Rose.' He banged on the door. He sounded nervous now. 

'You're going to break my new car!' I yelled, unlocking the doors. He jumped out and walked to the door of the flat. I sighed and walked out. 

'Wait. Lou. Where's my luggage?' I asked him. 

'Oh, you have people picking it up for you.' He sounded relieved. 

'Don't act like I've finished asking you.' I muttered and unlocked the door. We walked up the stairs and stopped outside my door. 

'Why am I scared.' I mumbled to myself. 

I just stared at the door. I stared at the number and letter nailed to the door. 5A. My home for the next year. I should be ready, shouldn't I? Then why aren't I opening the door. Maybe I'm scared of what is inside. Like, will it fit my style? I put the key into the slot but I didn't turn it. Why am I so hesitant? Am I scared? Ugh, just open the door, Rose!

'Are you going to open it or what?' Louis asks me from behind. I turned around and his expression turned from joking to concern. 

'Whats wrong?' He asked me. 

'I don't know. I'm scared to open it.' I muttered. 

'Why?' He tilted his head to the right. 

'What if its not my style? What if something is wrong with it? I have to live in it for a year!' I said. 

'You don't know until you open it.' He said, wisely. 

I nodded and took a deep breath in. I turned around and twisted the key. The door swung open. It was pitch black inside. 

'Why is it so dark?' I mumbled. 

'Dunno. Turn on the light.' He sounded excited now. 

'What are you so happy about.' I grunted at him. 

'No reason.' And I can imagine him with a smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes in the dark. I ran my hand along the wall looking for the light switch. 

'I can't find it!' I said in frustration. 

'Its right here!' Louis yelled, impatiently. 

'Well, turn it on!' I yelled back. He sighed and turned the light on. 

'SURPRISE!' I turned around in shock to find a whole bunch of people standing in a beautiful living room. 

'What's this?' I say with a grin on my face. 

'A little party to congratulate you on a massive role in a movie.' Lexi explained, stepping forward. 

'Wow.' I breathed. 'This is so nice of you! Thanks, Lex.' I smiled widely and give her hug. 

'Actually, it wasn't my idea. It was Zayn's.' She informed me and stood aside as Zayn walked forward. 

'Why?' I asked, a little too harshly. But he wasn't fazed by my tone. He just continued to smile as he walked towards me. 

'I was being nice.' He smiled. 

'Well, thanks.' I smiled an turned away from him and walked up to Louis. I smacked him on the arm and he looked at me with scared look.

'Ow! What was that for!?' He half yelled. 

'That was for making me really suspicious.' I said and I smacked him again. He rubbed his arm. 

'And that was for being annoying.' I smiled, smugly, and walked away. 

'So, who are all these people?' I asked Lexi. 

'Ask Zayn.' She shrugged and walked away. I groaned again and turned to Zayn. 

'Gonna introduce me to everyone?' I asked him, trying to sound nice. Trying being the operative word. 

'Sure, come with me.' He grabbed my hand and dragged me to a few people. I tried yanking my hand out but he had a good grip on me. I sighed and turned to talk to the people here.






Well, that took forever to update. Sorry guys.


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