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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


4. Chapter 4


Chapter 4


If happy ever after did exist

I would still be holding you like this

All those fairytales are full of shit

One more fucking love song I’ll be sick.

The music blared as I danced around my room and singing along. I took every single piece of clothing I owned out of my wardrobe and threw them on the bed. Now I’m sat folding them all and putting them into a suitcase. I realised one of my favourite shirts missing. I searched frantically for it, I can’t leave without that shirt. It was so pretty! I turned down my volume and screamed.

‘Lexi! Get in here. I have a crisis! LEX! CODE RED!!!’ I said over and over again until she walked through my bedroom door.

‘I found it. Chill, babe.’ She gave the top over to me. 

‘You life saver!’ I yelled and jumped up to hug her.

‘Yeah, yeah.’ She laughed and walked back to her room. I put the volume on full and began singing along again.

I can see you there with the city lights

Fourteenth floor, pale blue eyes

I can breathe you in.

I folded more clothes and packed them into a suitcase. I had 5 suitcases and it clearly wasn’t enough. I need one more suitcase. I checked the time and it was 2:30. I can go buy one right now.

‘Lex, I’m going to go to the shops for a bit.’ I yelled.

‘Okay!’ She yelled back.

I walked out the door and jumped into my car. I got to the shops in 20 minutes and I parked the car next to this black sort of van. It looked really, I don’t know, suspicious. I shook it off and walked inside. I looked around for some suitcases and so far no luck. Well, yeah, I have found some but they’re not very pretty. And then I walked into this store and found a really cute one. It had a pink zipper line and it was white all over and at the front it said ‘I’m outta here!’ in black with a peace sign. I bought it for $40 and I was about to walk out while dragging it until I bumped into someone. I fell back on my ass with the suitcase on the ground.

‘Dude.’ I complained without looking up. I got back on my feet and brushed off my butt.

‘Oh, I’m so sor- Rose?’ A thick british accent said. I looked up to see Zayn’s face and I groaned internally.

‘Zayn. I said only for last night you can call me Rose. You have to call me Clara now.’ I complained. I began to walk away when Zayn caught my wrist.

‘Are you going somewhere?’ He said, eyeing the suitcase I was dragging.

‘Yep.’ I said and walked away again.

‘Wait, Rose.’ I shot him a glare. ‘Clara.’ He corrected himself.

‘What?’ I groaned.

‘Where are you going?’ He asked.

‘Why do you care? You’re leaving tonight anyway.’ Just as the words left my mouth my stomach twisted. They’re leaving tonight. And we’re leaving tonight. Oh, please, please, please, let us not be on the same flight.

‘I’m just curious.’ He mumbled.

‘Well, it’s none of your business.’ i shot back and I walked away without any interruptions. 

I walked into a few more stores and bought a few more clothes. Who cares, I have more clothes for London now. When I was done I walked out and towards my car. That creepy black van was still there. I was trying to shove the suitcase in my car with so much trouble. The boot wasn’t big enough for it and I was trying to shove it into the backseat without scratching any cars. And it was so difficult.

‘Rose?’ I groaned again as I heard another british voice.

‘Clara. You call me Clara.’ I said sternly while i turned around.

‘Sorry, Clara. You need help?’ Liam asked.

‘No, I’m fine.’ I smile, trying to get rid of them.

‘You look like you do, though.’ He said, unsure.

‘No. I don’t.’ I said and began to shove it in.

‘Well, I sort of need to get into my car...’ He trailed off while watching me struggle.

‘That’s your car?’ I ask, dropping the suitcase on my foot. ‘Oh, shit.’ I gasp and started to jump up and down.

‘Are you okay?’ He asked with concern in his voice.

‘Yeah, I’m totally cool because dropping a suitcase on your foot doesn’t hurt at all.’ I said sarcastically and I took a seat in my car. I could feel my foot throbbing.

‘Let me look at it.’ He said while starting to bend down.

‘No, i’m fine. it’ll be okay soon.’ I said, standing up.

‘Are you sure?’ He asked.

‘Yes.’ i say and I started to put the suitcase in the car with great difficulty.

‘Move out of the way, Clara. i’ll do it.’ Liam took the suitcase out of my hand and put it in the car with ease.

‘It’s because you’re a guy.’ I mumbled and he just chuckled.

‘Thanks, I gotta go.’ I say, going to the drivers’ seat.

‘You’re welcome. Have fun on your trip.’ He said, looking back at my suitcase.

‘Thanks.’ I grumbled and hopped into my car.

I drove away with the realisation of One Direction flying to London at the same time me and Lexi are. This can’t be happening. I’m trying to avoid them, for fuck’s sake! (excuse the language.) Whatever, let’s just hope we’re not on the same flight or else I’ll shoot myself. I know that me and Lex are in first class because, she’s got a job with... one direction. That means they are. Ugh. Why does she have to work for them? This is going to make avoiding them a lot harder. I’ll just try and bring other friends over, yes. Or I’ll try and get Lex alone. Yes, much better. 

I pull up to the house and spent my time getting out. Yes, I take my time because I’m a weird person. I grabbed everything in my car and walked up to my apartment.

‘Lex, I’m home!’ I yell and made my way to my room.

‘Oh, good. You took your time.’ She giggled as she stood in the doorway of her room.

‘Blame one direction.’ i grumbled and walked into my room. I dropped the suitcase on the floor and sat on my bed.

‘What do they have to do with anything?’ She asked and sat on the opposite side of the bed as me.

‘I bumped into Zayn. Literally, bumped. I fell on the floor and he just kept asking me questions. He’s so annoying. And I had trouble putting my suitcase in my car and Liam was just standing there watching me struggle. After putting my foot through hell because I dropped it on my foot, he puts it in like it wasn’t even hard.’ I ranted a bit.

‘Why don’t you like them?’ She asked and she helped my fold some of my clothes.

‘Well, it wasn’t them that I didn’t like at first. it was just the fame. Now, it’s them. They’re annoying and selfish and ignorant. And they’re snobby.’ I shoved a pile of clothes into my new suitcase.

‘No, they’re not.’ She defended them.

‘You just get along with everyone.’ I mumbled.

‘Yeah, that’s true.’ She chuckled. I shoved the last pile of clothes into my suitcase and stood up.

‘I’m done!’ I chirped. We both giggled for no reason.

‘We’re going to London, Rose.’ She whispered with her eyes wide.

‘We are.’ I whispered back with pure excitement. 

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon dancing around. At 7:00 we walked out of the apartment with one more look. I won’t be back for a year or so. Lexi won’t back for a year as well. Maybe more. I’m going to miss home but I’m going to be an actress. I’m going to be a main character. I’m going to be famous.

 We pulled up to the airport and i took about 10 minutes putting my 6 suitcases on one of those trolley thingys. I have 6 suitcases for a year, don’t judge me. We told the people at the desk what we’re doing and all and they sent us off to the gate. I sat down there as i waited for the plane to come. The flight was at 8 and it was almost 7:30. I put the earphones in my ears and I read my book. I brought the whole series in my suitcase so I don’t get too bored. I’m reading Fallen by Lauren Kate. The best book I could have possibly gotten. Apart from the Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Not even after reading a page in the book, on of the ear buds was taken out.

‘Hi, Rose.’ Another british voice shouted in my ear.

‘It’s Clara to you!’ I screamed back causing many people to stare at me. 

‘Nope. I like Rose better. Because I like flowers.’ Louis said, grinning at me. He sat on my left while the other boys were sat on the seats opposite me.

‘No, you call me Clara. We’re not even friends.’ I say, putting the earbud back in my ear and started reading again. I didn’t even finish reading the first word when it was taken out again.

‘Then, I’ll try and make you my friend.’ He beamed.

‘I won’t be friends with you unless you let me read my book.’ I said with annoyance in my voice.

‘Okay.’ He said, shoving the earbud in my ear.

‘Annoying ass kid.’ i muttered under my breath and fixed the earbud in my ear. i continued to read until I hear “Everyone in first class for flight Q1213 please get ready for boarding.” I took out my earphones and my phone and stuffed it into my bag. I kept my book in hand and took out my ticket. As I started to line up, I realised only me, Lexi and One Direction are lining up.

‘Psst, Lex.’ i whispered and ushered her to me.

‘Are we the only ones in first class?’ I whispered to her.

‘I think so.’ She whispered back. I stepped forward to the lady and handed her my ticket.

‘Enjoy your flight.’ She smiled and I smiled back.

Great. For a whole 10 hour flight, I have to put up with these annoying boys. Ugh, I’m going to be so temperamental. I walked beside Lexi without looking at the other boys. I walked onto the plane and sat down in my seat, far from the boys. I sat there listening to music and reading my book until the flight was ready for take off. I started shaking in my seat. Take offs always make me feel uneasy. The way it pushes you back in your seat. It just makes me feel very uncomfortable.

‘Lexi.’ I whisper. No answer.

‘Lex.’ I say a bit louder. No answer.

‘Lexi!’ I say with panic in my voice.

‘Oh my god, Rose. I almost forgot. I’ll be there soon.’ I watched as she stood up for a few rows ahead of me.

‘Ma’am. Please sit down, we’re about to fly up.’ A man pushed Lexi back into her seat and I panicked even more.

‘It’s okay, Rose. Just close your eyes.’ Lexi reassured me from where she was.

‘I can’t.’ I say and the tears were obvious in my voice.

‘Clara. It’s going to be okay. Just go to your happy place.’ She said. The plane started stopped and i tried to brace myself.

‘Lexi, I need you!’ I screamed. 

‘Please, let me go to her.’ Lexi tried reasoning with the flight attendant.

‘I’m sorry, ma’am.’ He said and shook his head no and walked away. 

I felt the plane get ready to go fast down the runway and the tears were starting to pour. Then all of a sudden someone dropped into the seat beside me and pulled me into their chest. I know it wasn’t Lexi because I didn’t feel her boobs so it must’ve been one of the guys. Right now, i didn’t care. I’m so scared. I hate takeoffs. I usually had someone near me to cling on to while the take off was in gear. But I didn’t and I was so scared that I was in tears. I’m so grateful for this person. I felt the plane go fast on the runway and I felt myself get pushed back into my seat. I felt my stomach twist into a tight not and my palms sweat the nile river. Once we were settled in the air I pulled away from whoever it was and I calmed down.

‘Thank you.’ I whispered and looked up to see who it is.

‘You’re welcome.’ Zayn replied. 

I was grateful he did that for me now I’m annoyed. I bet it was some scheme to make me hug him. He’s always trying to find ways to be intimate with me. And it’s annoying. I got back to reading my book and I put my earphones in to block him out. When the seatbelt sign went off, Zayn didn’t move a muscle. He just sat there on his phone. I guess there’s free wifi on the plane. I hardly looked at him but I can feel him stare at me sometimes. I felt Lexi sit on the seat next to me and i turned to face her.

‘I’m so sorry, Rose. i can’t believe I forgot.’ She said and she had a worried look on her face.

‘It’s okay, Lex.’ I smiled at her.

‘Are you okay now?’ She asked.

‘Yeah, I’m fine.’ I replied.

‘Good thing Zayn broke the rules.’ She said and I can tell she was hinting that i should get to know him.

‘I already thanked him.’ I brushed her off.

‘Yeah, yeah. I promise I won’t forget next time.’ She promised me as she stood up.

‘Next time is in a year.’ I laughed.

‘Yeah, I know.’ She winked at me and walked off.






Are you reading Chasing the Sun as well? Go read it! But I’m glad you’re reading this one. I didn’t think it was that good before, hahaha. 


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