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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


31. Chapter 31


Chapter 31


Zayn’s POV


I got home after being with Rose on the set. It amazes me watching her go into a completely different character. She changes from someone with humour and an attitude to a girl who is slightly cynical and vulnerable. Man, she is amazing.

‘Hey, Zayn. We have to go to this red carpet thing tonight. Bring a date.’ Liam said, popping his head out of a doorway. 

‘What red carpet thing?’ I asked him.

‘I dunno, just some red carpet thing. It’s at 6:00 so get ready by then.’ He instructed before disappearing behind the closed door. 

I whipped out my phone and called up Rose.

‘Missed me already?’ She teased.

‘Nope, just your comfortable bed and your amazing hot chocolate.’ I laughed.

‘I see how it is. You only want me for my hot chocolate.’ I could practically hear her eyes rolling.

‘Of course, sweetie. Why else would I be in this relationship.’ I scoffed sarcastically.

‘Yeah, yeah. Don’t push your buttons, you loser. What do you want?’ 

‘Okay, Red carpet thing at 6. Be ready by 5:30. Wear something amazingly gorgeous and we’ll pick you up in a limo just for you.’ 

‘And what if I said no to this?’

‘You don’t have a choice. Unless you want me to dress you up and do your make up and your hair.’ I taunted.

‘Ugh, fine. You’re lucky I have nothing better to do tonight.’

‘Even if you had something good on tonight, you’d still go because I know for a fact that you want to see my beautiful face.’

‘Dude, if you want me to go, hang up and let me get ready.’

‘Dude, you have like three hours to get ready.’

‘Dude, it’s a red carpet thing. I need three hours to get ready.’

‘Dude, no you don’t.’

‘Dude, hang up now or go alone.’

‘Okay, fine. Wear something hot.’

‘Just for you, sweetie.’ And she ended the call.

I lounged around for a bit longer. Since it’s not until 3 hours later, I get to do whatever I want until an hour before. I played some mario kart with Niall for a bit. I won. 

‘Okay, Lexi the Great is here.’ A voice called from down the hallway two hours before the event.

‘Lexi the Great?’ Louis asked. ‘You could do so much better than that.’ 

‘Shut it, boobear. I have a job to do, which is get you guys ready so all of you, shower.’ She instructs us but none of us moved. She raised an eyebrow and her eyes narrowed, scarily. ‘Now.’ We all scattered.

‘Hey, Lex. What’s Rose wearing?’ I asked her on my way out.

‘It’s a surprise. And keep in mind that she’s going to wow you like crazy.’ She winked at me and I grinned.

Two hours later, I was ready. Lexi co-ordinated us in greys, whites/beiges and blacks. I wore a black and white checkered shirt underneath a beige buttoned blazer. I wore beige dress pants and black leather shoes. 

‘You coming with us tonight, Lex?’ Harry asked her when she finished doing our last touches.

‘Not tonight, boys. It’s Jared and I’s one month anniversary.’ She answered us.

‘Jared? A classic cynic, who’s a jerk to practically everyone he first meets and who isn’t sappy, agreed to do something on your anniversary?’ Louis asked, incredulous. I admit I was pretty dumbfounded as well. Jared’s not the type of guy to do these things.

‘Of course not.’ Lexi laughed. She’s not into that sappy stuff either so it’s obvious she doesn’t care. 

‘Then why did you say that?’ Niall asked confused.

‘I didn’t say we were going to do something, I was just letting you know it’s our one month.’ She shrugged her shoulders.

‘Okay, your relationship is by far the most abnormal relationship anyone has ever been part of. Seriously.’ Harry commented.

‘Of course it is.’ She winked. ‘Now, be gone! You have a magazine award show to attend.’ She pushed us out the door where a black limo was waiting for us.

‘Later, Lex.’ I yelled and we all hopped into the limo without her.

We decided to pick up Danielle then Perrie, Cara, Amy, Eleanor then Rose since Rose’s apartment was closer to the venue. We moved along, picking up their dates. It made me anxious to know what she looks like. Finally we pulled up to her apartment building and my heart was pounding. It was pounding because I was scared and I’m scared because I now know I’m in love with her.

I’m in love with her hazel brown eyes and the way it twinkles when she’s laughing. I’m in love with the way her pink lips curve up into a smile that shows off all her pearly whites. I’m in love with her medium blonde hair and the way it flows around her face when she gets shy. I’m in love with the way she thinks hot chocolate solves all her problems. I’m in love with the way she loves to read more than anything else. I’m in love with the fact that she has more backbone than myself. I’m in love with the way it takes her hours to get ready even though she doesn’t need to. I’m in love with the way she can laugh just about everything. I’m in love with the fact that the only thing she can actually cook is mac & cheese. I’m in love with the way she can’t sing but she does it anyway. I’m in love with the fact that she can go into her character so easily and so well. 

I’m in love with every part, bone, hair and thought of Clara-Rose Fleming.

And I’m scared because I’ve never loved someone the way I love her. I’ve never felt a burning passion for anyone apart from her. And I’m scared because things can change so easily because I feel this way. I remember Liam telling me that once you realise you’re in love, everything about her and your relationship magnifies. You think she’s pretty, she’ll become beautiful. You think she’s hot, she’ll become sexy. You think she’s cute, she’ll become adorable. You think she’s great, she’ll become amazing. 

I’ve never been so scared.

‘Superman.’ She breathed out when she opened her door. 

My heart pounded even louder when I laid eyes on her. Her medium blond hair was whisked into a side bun, just visible behind her ear and a small part was curled framing her face. She wore a black laced dress. The sleeves were nothing but lace and it barely covered her shoulders. It went down the front, showing just enough cleavage. It fell down to mid thigh and fluttered around her legs. Her feet were covered white platform pumps. She had a silver heart charm bracelet on her right wrist and she held a white clutch bag. She looked beyond beautiful.

She’s mine and I’m in love with her and I never ever ever want to leave her.

‘Gonna stand there with your mouth wide open all day while your eyes roam my body?’ She teased with a smirk on her face.

‘You look so beautiful that I don’t mind staring at you all day.’ I blurted out before I thought over it. She gave me a genuine smile and her eyes stared at me with a great intensity. One that got my thoughts running, like maybe she does love me back. But then I remembered that she wasn’t ready to be in love.

‘Zayn? I think we should go.’ She said, breaking our moment. 

‘Hmm? Oh yeah, okay. Let’s go. Yep... let’s go.’ I rambled, I was honestly losing it. I felt her small arm wrap around my bicep.

‘Zayn, are you okay?’ She asked me with concern.

‘Yeah, I’m fine.’ I smiled at her and we got into the limo.

‘Wow, you look so gorgeous, Rose.’ Cara commented and eventually dragged her off with the rest of the girls. She smiled apologetically at me before sitting with them. 

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, honestly. She was talking animatedly with them, her smile was plastered on her face. What if she does love me? That would make my entire life. A ghost of a smile crept onto my lips. I just stared and stared. She is so beautiful, ravishing, alluring, exquisite, magnificent, lovely, glamorous, bewitching. She looked back at me and grinned, I smiled sheepishly but I didn’t look away. I just couldn’t.

It feels magical to be in love. It’s thrilling yet relaxing. It’s like one of those days where you’re by yourself, you’re walking alone, the sun is shining; it wasn’t hot or cold, it’s just warm. Or when you jump into a pool on a scorching hot day. Or when you’re on a plane and it’s getting ready for take off. Or when you go home on a stressful day and do something you love. It’s just breathtaking.

I felt someone nudge me and I turned to find Liam grinning at me.

‘You’re in love with her, aren’t you?’ He asked knowingly.

‘Yeah.’ I chuckled sheepishly.

‘It feels amazing, doesn’t it?’ His voice was full of wonder and awe.

‘Yeah, it does.’ I answered, not taking my eyes of my girlfriend.

‘Zayn, be careful when you’re in love. Yes, being in love is the right thing but when you are in love, you tend to do stupid, careless things. And whatever you do, never ever let it go.’ He sounded serious.

‘I don’t think I’m capable enough to let something like this go.’ I finally said.

‘That’s good, Zayn.’ He smiled. The car lurched to a stop and we saw the flashes of the camera outside the windows.

‘Come on, Rosie.’ I held out my hand and she grasped it.

Every few steps we would stop and take a picture. I never once did let go of her. I didn’t want to let go of her. Every where they called our names, I could hear our fans screaming. Then we stopped in front of an interviewer.

‘Zayn, Clara-Rose!’ She yelled. Rose dragged me off to her despite my various protests. She introduced herself as Maya from E! news.

‘Are you both excited for this award show?’ She asked us.

‘Of course we are.’ I answered her, Rose smiled sheepishly with rosy red cheeks.

‘Clara-Rose, is this your first award show to attend?’ 

‘Y-yeah, it is.’ She stuttered, she looked completely nervous. I weaved my arm around her waist and squeezed gently. She shot me a grateful smile and she seemed to relax quickly.

‘Are you here for one or just moral support?’ 

‘Oh gosh, as if I’d be here for an award. I don’t have much of a career to get one. I’m here for Zayn and the boys, of course.’ She smiled more confidently. I kissed her cheek lightly.

‘How long have you two been together so far?’

‘A month and two weeks.’ I answered automatically without a thought. Rose looked at me, shocked. ‘I’ve sort of been counting.’ I chuckled lightly.

‘That’s sweet, Zayn. You nervous for this?’

‘Honestly, I’m sweating like a dog.’ I laughed.

‘Honey, dogs don’t sweat.’ Rose scolded playfully.

‘Tell me what sweats then.’

‘Humans.’ I rolled my eyes at her.

‘Well, you guys head on through. Nice talking to you two.’ Maya dismissed us and we walked down.

‘That was our first interview as a couple.’ Rose whispered in my ear. I grinned at her.

‘And there will be plenty more.’ I winked and posed for more pictures.

‘Wanna take a goofy one?’ She asked with a mischievous look on her face. I nodded at her. We looked to the swarm of cameras and pulled a face each. Then we both started to laugh like crazy. Her laughs sounded like singing birds in the spring. It was sweet and beautiful.

We walked down to the ceremony after all the pictures were taken and sat down at our assigned table.




‘Well done, boys. Best boyband, hearthrobs of the year, and best new artist.’ Eleanor smiled widely when we got back into our limo.

‘Good job, Zayn.’ Rose whispered huskily in my ear and I felt my body yearn for her touch. I gripped her waist and pulled her close to me.

‘Thanks, baby.’ I whispered back and kissed her lightly on her cheek. Her cheeks turned pink. Little things like these is what makes me fall more in love with her. She’d be happy to do something sexy, bring on some attitude but when I show her affection, endearment, tenderness... she goes shy. 

I felt the words rise up my throat, I couldn’t do anything to stop it. More likely, I didn’t do anything to stop it. But before the words rolled off my tongue, Harry called out my name.

‘Zayn? You coming to ours or Rose’s?’ He asked. I looked at him, a little mad but then i realised I shouldn’t blurt things like that. So I silently thanked him.

‘I’m gonna just stay at Rose’s. What about you guys?’ I asked them, pulling Rose closer to my side.

‘Going to our apartments.’ He winked my way and I chuckled.

We got to Rose’s first and we said all our goodbyes before heading on up. I asked Rose where Lexi would be tonight and she said that she was staying at Jared’s. We had the apartment to ourselves. Usually I would think about just having sex with her since no one’s home but this time I just want to cuddle up on the couch with her hot chocolate and mac & cheese and just watch a movie. Something that she would enjoy, something she would laugh at and cry at. 

I changed into a wife beater of mine that I found in her closet and just stayed in my boxers while she changed in her trackpants and tank top. I watched as she undid her hair, letting it fall into curves and wiped of all the makeup she had on. She pulled up her hair into a messy bun, letting the smaller bits fall out. She looked tired and so goddamn beautiful.

‘Let’s watch a movie.’ I suggested and she nodded.

‘The Breakfast Club.’ She grinned at me.

‘Isn’t that an old movie?’ I asked her a little confused while I made her bed more comfortable and she sets it up.

‘But it’s still the best.’ She jumped on to the bed and landed beside me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and she rested her head on mine. We both got comfortable when she jolted back up and pressed pause. ‘Popcorn and hot chocolate. Leggo!’ She clambered off the bed and dragged me along. 

Once we got our mugs of hot chocolate and our massive bowl of popcorn with a few bags of lollies, we got ourselves comfortable again. Rose was curled up in a small ball on my left side, her head against my chest. My arm was tightly wrapped around her waist and I rested my head against the headboard. The movie started to play and I got really into it.

By the end of it, I had a few tears stinging my eyes and I could hear Rose flat out sobbing. The fact that she was sobbing over a movie that wasn’t full on sad made me fall even more. I felt my heart pound louder and harder, going berserk again.

‘Zayn? Are you okay?’ I heard her ask when she quietened down from her sobs.

‘Yeah, I’m fine. Why?’ I answered.

‘You’re heart is beating fast. Why?’ She looked at me, her eyes staring deep into mine. The quote, “the eyes are the window to the soul” sprang into mind and right now, her soul looks so pure.

‘I’m scared.’ I all of a sudden said, catching the both of us off guard.

‘Scared? What? Why?’ She asked, confused now.

‘Because I’m in love with you.’ I said, truthfully. I felt her sit up and her body retreat from mine, leaving me cold.

She stared at me, intently. Her eyes searching for something that i know she wouldn’t find: evidence of this being a bluff, a lie. 

‘No, you don’t.’ She finally said. She dropped her head and looked at her hands. I put my hand under her chin and lifted her head up, forcing her to look into my eyes.

‘Yes, I do. I’m in love with you. Not just love, in love. And not just any kind of in love, pure, passionate, true kind of in love. I’m in love with every aspect of you. Your eyes, your nose, your hair, your lips, your cheeks, your eyebrows, your teeth, your arms... every part of you. I’m in love with what you say, I’m in love with your personality. I’m in love with you. And please don’t tell me otherwise because I know I am. I can feel it and I’ve never felt anything like it. You probably don’t feel it yet, but one day you will. 

I love you, Clara-Rose Fleming.’ I watched as tears pooled in her eyes and wiped away an escaped tear.

‘I don’t know if I’m ready, Zayn.’ She whispered.

‘Ready for what, Rose? Feel it? Accept it? Say it? I understand why you’re not ready to say it. I even understand why you’re not ready to accept it. But I know you feel something. Something stronger than just liking me. You know you love me, you just got to accept it.’ I told her and kissed her lightly on her lips.

‘I won’t ever hurt you.’ I whispered before kissing her right cheek.

‘I won’t ever leave you.’ I kissed her other cheek.

‘I won’t ever let anything get in the way.’ I kissed the tip of her nose.

‘I won’t ever take you for granted.’ I kissed her forehead.

‘I won’t ever stop loving you.’ I kissed her lips and didn’t stop. 

I kissed her until she kissed me back. I kissed her until I was confident that she was feeling something for me. I kissed her until all her tears were gone. I kissed her until we were both gasping for air. 

I rested my head against hers and looked into her eyes.

‘I love you, Rose.’ I whispered.

‘I-I think I love you too, Zayn.’ She whispered, her eyes closing. I felt my heart flutter in my chest. ‘But I won’t say it until I’m sure.’ 

A smile appeared on my face. ‘Just as long as you know that you feel something.’ 








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