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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


30. Chapter 30

Chapter 30


Rose’s POV


I woke up with a pounding to my head and my body tangled with someone else’s. I was in a daze because I had no idea what happened last night. I quickly jumped up as I felt the bile rise up my throat and I threw up in the toilet bowl. 

My dear god, why am I so hung over.

‘Rose?’ I hear a deep voice call from my bed. 

‘Zayn.’ I groaned as I threw up another round. I felt my hair being pulled back. ‘Why am I so hung over? I didn’t drink that much, did i?’ 

‘You drank a lot, babe.’ He chuckled.

‘Remind me to never drink like this again.’ I grumbled before throwing up what I hope was the last.

‘And remind me to never get on your bad side if you’re ever like this again because, honey, you look irritable as hell.’ He said with an amused expression.

‘Shut up, asshole.’ I playfully shoved him out of the way. He chuckled but let me go through. I walked to the kitchen and made myself some coffee.

‘Thank the lord I don’t have to work today.’ I silently praised.

‘I’m not too sure about that.’ Zayn replied. I turned to him with a slight glare.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked through gritted teeth. The pounding was still in my head.

‘You got a text from Lance, you have to do a quick scene at 12:30.’ He informed me and I groaned loudly.

‘Here have this.’ He threw me an advil box which I quickly took two pills and popped them in my mouth.

‘I guess I have to go get ready, you coming with me today or?’ I asked him, walking down the hallway to my room.

‘Yeah, I’ll just meet you there.’ He answered.

‘Alright, bye!’ I yelled. i heard him say bye and the door close. 

I got ready, wearing anything with my head still pounding but it was bearable. I drove to the set an hour later and saw Zayn just pulling up. I grinned and gave him a hug, he squeezed me back and we walked to where Lance was hand in hand.

‘Ah, Rose, dear. You’re doing a scene with the ex-boyfriend that you’ve been avoiding long term.’ He told me.

‘Oh, okay. Who’s the ex-boyfriend?’ I asked him.

‘Christian Fortune.’ He answered and my eyes widened in shock. I felt Zayn stiffen beside me.

‘Oh, uh, okay.’ I stuttered, blinking twice.

‘Alright, go get ready.’ He commanded and walked off.

I turned to find Christian smirking beside a trailer. My eyes turned into saucers and Zayn felt rigid beside me. I looked up to see his face turning red from anger. I pulled him with me to the costume trailer. He still had his eyes on him and they narrowed slightly.

‘Zayn. It’s just acting, okay.’ I soothed him and he instantly relaxed at the sound of my voice.

‘I’m going to go get ready, just... chill, okay.’ I tell him and he nods. I kissed his lips lightly and he grinned. I winked at him before going to go get ready.

I looked over the script and my pulse raced when I read the words.


Ben: Jess? Is that you?

Jess: B-ben? *shocked, surprised*

Ben: It’s so good to see you.

Jess: No, it isn’t. You cheated on me, Ben. You ruined absolutely everything for me. 

Ben: But I never stopped loving you. *kisses her forcefully.*

Jess: *pushes him away* You can’t just kiss me like that and tell me you love me and expect me to love you back. Because I don’t!

Ben: Come on, Jess. We both know that’s not true.

Jess: You don’t know me anymore, Ben.

Ben: That’s where you’re wrong, honey. I know for a fact you still love me. You can’t just throw two years away. 

Jess: Yes, I can and I will. I am!

Ben: You know you still love me, Jess Nickles. *kisses forcefully again*

Jess: *starts to kiss back*

Finn: Jess?

Jess: *pushes Ben away* Finn...

Finn: *runs off upset*

Jess: No! Finn! *starts to chase him*

Ben: *grabs Jess’ arm* Who was that jerk?

Jess: Shut up, Ben! Just shut up! You’ve ruined absolutely everything! you shouldn’t have come here! You shouldn’t even be here! I have a perfect life far from you. You can’t just waltz back in whenever you feel like it. For once I’m moving on and you just come to ruin it. Go away! *runs after Finn*


This scene, this whole situation with Ben, practically relates to everything right now. i was with Christian for two years, he did cheat on me, he did walk back into my life expecting everything to be okay. But what I truly hope is that when Finn walked in never ever happens. I hope i never kiss him, I hope i never love him again. I hope everything is far from different from this scene.

I walked out onto the set and immediately spotted Zayn sitting on my chair. I found Jake reading over his lines and Christian doing the same but smirking as well. This is the worst. Of all the days to do this scene we had to do it when Zayn’s here.

‘Alright, take places!’ Lance called through the megaphone. ‘Aaaaand... Action!’

‘Jess? Is that you?’ Christian calls. From the corner of my eye I see Zayn watching, hanging on word for word. I looked up to Christian, the shock and surprised etched on my face for real.

‘B-ben?’ I stuttered.

‘It’s so good to see you.’ His grin seemed real.

‘No, it isn’t. You cheated on me, Ben. You ruined absolutely everything for me.’ I say, the anger starting to be clear in my voice. I’ve been wanting to tell him that for years but I was too cowardly to do it. And now, I finally get to say it even though it’s for a movie.

‘But I never stopped loving you.’ He brought his lips down to mine after the words slipped from his mouth as if they were true. My eyes stayed wide open and I pushed him off as hard as I could.

‘You can’t just kiss me like that and tell me you love me and expect me to love you back.’ I said quickly. ‘Because i don’t!’

‘Come on, Jess. We both know that’s not true.’ His tone was low, almost mocking me. His lips were pulled into a half-smirk. His gait was shifted in an arrogant posture. I could tell everything we were saying were real.

‘You don’t know me anymore, Ben.’ I almost growled. My voice dripping with venom and my eyes narrowing.

‘That’s where you’re wrong, honey. I know for a fact you still love me. You can’t just throw two years away.’ His tone stayed the same all the while. It irritated me how much this related and how much it’s starting to feel real.

‘Yes. I can and I will.’ I said, ‘I am!’

‘You know you still love me, Jess Nickles.’ His head cocked slightly to the side. His eyebrow raised in almost a challenging way and his lips were curved into a full smirk. He stepped forward and pressed his lips to mine. I grudgingly kissed him back and waited for Jake to come up.

‘Jess?’ I heard his voice and all I wanted to do was hug him tightly right there but i couldn’t. I put my hands on Christian’s chest and pushed him away.

‘Finn...’ I said the name in a slightly breathless tone. Jake walked off, feigning upset.

‘No!’ I called after him, walking a few steps and getting ready to chase him. ‘Finn!’ 

I felt an arm wrap around my forearm. ‘Who was that jerk?’ Christian asked and I could tell he didn’t only mean “Finn” but Zayn as well. I ripped my arm out os his hand and stepped a menacing step towards him.

‘Shut up, Ben! Just shut up! You’ve ruined absolutely everything! you shouldn’t have come here! You shouldn’t even be here! I have a perfect life far from you. You can’t just waltz back in whenever you feel like it. For once I’m moving on and you just come to ruin it. Go away!’ I almost yelled and I turned on my heel to walk off set.

‘Cut!’ Lance called from the megaphone. ‘That was really good guys. I don’t think we really need to take anymore. It seemed so real, I must commend you guys on your acting. That was simply amazing! Okay, Finn and Jess scene is up in half an hour!’ 

I let out a relieved sigh. There was no way i wanted to feel Christian’s rough lips against mine. I made eye contact with Zayn and I gave him a reassuring smile. He gave me a tight one back and I moved to approach him when I was intercepted.

‘Nice acting, Rosie. Thought you didn’t like acting.’ He taunted with a sly smirk etched onto his face.

‘Wow, Christian. That just shows how much attention you payed during the two years we were dating.’ I retaliated and made a step to move around me but he sidestepped with me.

‘I did pay attention. I remember asking you to go to an audition for a movie but you solely turned it down.’ He said. I sighed exasperatedly through my nose.

You turned it down for me, asshole. You’re the one who said that it wasn’t for me and you decided to audition for a part yourself and when I said I didn’t mind doing it, you said that I shouldn’t since you’re auditioning.’ I snapped.

‘Whatever, honey. That wasn’t what happened.’ Christian smirked.

My god! Did you ever listen to me when we together? Did you ever hear a word that came out of my mouth, Christian? The whole time we were together it was all about you! I’m actually pretty glad you cheated on me. I’m glad that we’re over because if it weren’t for us breaking up, I’d still be having just minor parts. You’d always get into my spotlight, you always turn everything down for me. You never gave me a shot.’ I yelled at him. A pounding started in my head and I closed my eyes, pinching the bridge of my nose, before I spoke in a calm voice. ‘Just when all this is over, I want you out of my life. Forever.’ 

I walked past the douchebag with a surprised expression and made my way to Zayn. He shot my a proud smile before pulling me into his arms. He squeezed me tightly.

‘I was going to punch him but then you yelled at him.’ He chuckled. ‘You go, Blues.’ He said before he stumbled backwards, tripping on his feet. I threw my head back in laughter. 

‘Don’t laugh!’ He flushed red in slight embarrassment which added more fuel to my laugh. ‘Rosie!’ He said again but I didn’t stop.

Not until he pressed his lips against mine. My mouth pulled up into a smile but I kissed him back nonetheless. No matter what is going on in the day, Zayn is always there to bring a smile to my face. He never fails to make me happy. He’s the silver lining to all my bad days. He’s the one that I look forward to seeing after a hard day. He brings me out of the dumps and into shining bright light. And I love the thought of him doing whatever it takes to see me smile.

‘You have one more scene. Get ready, Blues.’ Zayn winked when he pulled away. I rolled my eyes playfully at him and grinned. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me to where we were filming the last scene.






Well, I realised I forgot all about Christian so I threw him in it! Don’t get your hopes up that this is the end, though. He might come out of nowhere ;)


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