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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


We walked out of the building and we found a limo waiting with the door open. Typical rich famous boys. They hire limos for casual dinners. I mentally rolled my eyes. I got in the car and chose the seat far from them. I listened to them all laugh and joke around. I sat there uncomfortably, I feel so out of place. Being with famous people reminded me of Chris. I remember working with him for a movie. I remember feeling special and all until I found his cheating ass with a slut. He’s the reason why I’m scared to be with someone famous. 

‘So Clara, what do you do?' Harry asked. I looked up and saw everyone looking at me. 

'Im a model and an actress.' I say. 

'A model? Not a surprise, you're so beautiful.' Zayn attempted flirting again. 

'Thanks.' I said, brushing him off. All the boys in the limo looked pretty shocked. 

'Did she just brush off Zayn?' I heard Louis stage whispered to Liam. 

'I believe so.' He stage whispered back. 

'It's not like I'm deaf, guys.' I say sarcastically. 

'Lighten up, Rose.' Lexi rolled her eyes. 

'Rose?' Niall asked. 

'My name is actually Clara-Rose. But people that I work with and all can only call me Clara.' I say a bit too sternly. 

'So in other words that means we're only business people to you?' Zayn asks and I nod. 

'Hurt.' Louis says and he clutches his chest. I rolled my eyes at him. 

'She has these issues with hot famous people.' Lexi says matter-of-factly. 

'Lexi! It's got nothing to do with how hot they are. It's just famous people in general.' I shrugged my shoulders. 

'Who the hell made you think we're like that?' Harry asks, shocked. 

'Umm...' I bit my lip and looked down at my lap. 

'It's a touchy subject to her.' Lexi whispered loudly. 

'Shut up, Lex.' I muttered. She just giggled. 

'Can we call you Rose?' Zayn whispered in my ear. I moved a little bit away from him. 

'Well, not really since we're working together. Maybe in the future?' I say and he looked a bit disappointed. So did the rest of the boys. 

'Okay, fine. You can call me Rose for tonight.' I gave in to their puppy dog eyes and pouted lips. Their faces lit up like a little kid on Christmas. The car lurched to a stop and I almost fell forward if it weren't for the hands around my waist. I turned to find that the hands belonged to Zayn. 

'Thanks.' I mumbled and pried his hands away from my body. I feel uncomfortable. He's supposed to be someone I just work with. I'm supposed to work with him for that time then never see him again. I inched closer to the door away from him. 

'We're here!' Liam said. 

Louis ran for the door at the same time I was about to walk out. He ended up pushing me out but just before we landed in a heap on the ground, he repositioned himself so he was the one who landed on the ground instead of me. Once I realised I was on top of him, I hastily got off him and fixed my dress. He got off the floor an dusted himself off. 

'Sorry.' I apologised to him. 

'I should be the one saying sorry.' He looked down at his feet. 

'Eh, it's nothing new anyway.' I shrugged my shoulders. By then everyone was out of the limo, giggling and chuckling. Except for Zayn. Who sat in the doorway of the limo with a frustrated look on his face. 

'Okay, let's go inside.' Liam ushered everyone inside the restaurant. 

Liam told the reception person his reservations and they led us to a table somewhere at the back. We all sat down around the circular table. It goes Liam, Louis, Niall, Lexi, Harry, me and Zayn. I just had to get myself a seat next to Zayn. He won't leave me alone. 

'Hello, my name is Linda and i'll be your waitress tonight.' A lady in her thirties stood in between Liam and and Zayn. 'What drinks would you like?' She smiled down at all of us. 

'I'll have a coke.' Liam said. 

'Ditto.' Louis said straight after. 

'I'll have a lemon lime and bitter.' I say and smiled at the lady. 

'I'll have a sprite.' Niall said. And Zayn nodded in agreement. 

'Fanta, please.' Harry asked politely. 

'And i'll just have water.' Lexi smiled. 

The lady nodded and said something about bringing our drinks out and she walked away. Everyone snickered and I looked up. 

'Whats so funny?' I asked, narrowing my eyes. 

'Nothing. It's just you got some fancy restaurant drink and we all got something normal.' Harry reassured me. I rolled my eyes at their idiocy. 

'Weird ass kids.' I muttered. 

'What did you say?' Zayn looked at me with a smirk on his face. 

Just then the waitress came back and handed out the drinks. We told her our order and she walked away again. I sipped at my drink and stood up. 

'I need to pee.' I say, informally. Technically I didn't. I just needed to leave for a bit. 

'I need to go to the bathroom too.' Zayn emphasised bathroom and everyone chuckled a bit. 

We made our way to the hallway that had the toilets. I was about to walk into the girls ones when Zayn grabbed my wrist. I turned to face him. 

'Yes?' I say sarcastically. 

'Why did you brush me off in the car?' He says sternly. 

'What? Because you're famous I have to be interested in you?' I say. 

'Ye- no!' He backtracked. I rolled my eyes at him. 

'That's the reason why. You guys think you're so cool, that everyone needs to be interested.' I half yelled. 

'No. That's not what I meant.' Zayn said. He walked forward until my back was against the wall. He leaned down a bit but not too close. He put his arms on either side of my head. I felt so trapped. 

'What did you mean then?' I said, leaning in a bit as well. 

'I meant... I just-' I cut him off. 

'You have no explanation so just let me go to the bathroom.' I shoved him out of the way. He stepped back and let me go. 

I walked into the bathroom and went over to the sink. I shook my head as I looked in the mirror. Why did he just do that? Technically, it’s got nothing to do with them at first. It was because of my history. That’s why I don’t like being close with famous hot guys. They get girls thrown at them all the time. And one day something will end up shattering that relationship. That’s why I didn’t want to be close to them at first. But now it’s different. It’s them. They’re the ones who are annoying me, not their fame. They just don’t understand why I want to be with them. Especially Zayn. Zayn won’t leave me alone and he just doesn’t get it! I looked at my reflection again and I was surprised to see the angry tears down my face. I was mad. They don’t understand. Zayn doesn’t understand. I can’t even be friends with them because it leads to liking them. I can tell Zayn wants a relationship. I don’t. He’s going to leave me for someone better. Or he’ll think I’m letting them down. Being an actress and a model makes my life harder. It makes these decisions more complicated. I push my co-workers out. I push them away so I don’t have to be close with them. It’s what I’m trying to do to the boys. But they don’t get it.

I breathed in and wiped the tears away from my face. I pulled out my eyeliner and mascara and began reapplying what washed away. I breathed in again and shut my eyes. I tried to relax. I tried to contain my anger. When I was calm, I walked out. I stood outside the door and sort of practiced my smile. And I went back to the table. I sat where I was and avoided eye contact and touching Zayn. I just avoided him altogether.

‘What took you so long, Rose?’ Harry asked.

‘You asked that like you wanted to know.’ I laughed a bit. 

‘Oh, that’s true.’ He looked down at his lap and blushed. 

I began digging in to my chicken caesar salad. As I pulled my fork up to my mouth I felt Zayn rub his leg against mine. I instantly cringed away and out of the corner of my eye I saw Zayn look at me with hurt eyes. I acted like it was nothing. I just ate my salad without any more contact with him. 

‘When do you boys leave?’ Lexi asked.

‘We leave tomorrow night. We could all catch up some time.’ Liam replied.

‘Yeah, sure. We could fly up to London one day.’ Lexi nodded her head. I shot a glare at her and she just shrugged her shoulders.

‘I doubt we could, Lex. I have my jobs here.’ I say.

‘It’s called a break, Rose. You work too hard.’ She looked away. I snickered. I work too hard when all I really do is strike a pose for the camera or put some expression on my face to make it look real for the camera.

‘Well, if you do fly over just give us a call and we’ll meet you there.’ Harry smiled at me. I gave him a small smile back.

‘Sure thing.’ I smile and looked to Lex.

‘Chicken wing.’ She finished and we both giggled a bit.

‘WHAT CHICKEN WING?’ Louis practically yelled and Liam shot him a glare.

‘No chicken wing, Lou.’ I say and I rolled my eyes. Sometimes he’s really immature. 

‘I want a chicken wing.’ He pouted.

‘I’ve been wanting to ask you this; do you really love carrots or was that just some joke?’ Lexi looked over to Louis.

‘It was a joke. People took it too far.’ He chuckled.

‘It’s because they love you.’ I giggled.

‘Are you one of those people?’ Harry asked. 

‘Um... not really.’ I say and I started to shove food in my mouth.

‘Hurt.’ Louis held his heart.

‘Sorry, boys. I’m a busy woman.’ i shrug my shoulders. I realised Niall hasn’t said much and i looked over to him to see a massive plate of lasagna in front of him and he was stuffing his face with it. Lucky boy, I thought. At least he can eat food and not be judged or interrupted.

‘So you know how you’re an actress and all, what movies have you been in?’ Zayn asked. I didn’t turn to him but I looked straight ahead at Lexi. 

‘Um, I was an extra in New Years Eve. I was the chick who kissed Jake T Austin. I was in a few ads and that’s it. I’m more of a model.’ I answered the question but I didn’t look at him.

‘Who do you model for?’ Niall asked. I mentally giggled at how he demolished his lasagna before we all finished at least half our food.

‘I’ve modeled for a few magazines, just fashion sections. I was in Rolling Stone once which got me a big hit for other mags. I’ve modeled for a few catalogs as well.’ 

‘That’s cool. What do you do, Lexi?’ Liam asked her. She swallowed her food before she answered.

‘Well, I’m sort of a designer and make up artist.’ She blushed.

‘Sort of?’ Niall asked.

‘Well, I’m not exactly professional. I just draw and make but I never really show anyone.’ Lexi stuffed food in her mouth.

‘She drew and made that dress she’s wearing. She just acts like it’s from some store.’ I say, nonchalantly. I watched her choke on her food, gulp down some water and glare at me. I just winked back.

‘Wow. I thought it was from Forever 21 or something. You’re really talented!’ Harry grinned.

‘Can you do guys clothes?’ Zayn asked.

‘Yeah, I made some clothes for my brother once.’ She got a bit teary. Her brother died at the start of the year. They were really close. I mouthed a it’s okay, don’t cry reassurance to her. She blinked away the tears.

‘You okay? You looked like you were about to cry.’ Louis asked, concerned.

‘Yeah, I’m fine. I just felt something in my eyes. It’s gone now.’ She lied and smiled at them. 

I finished my salad last and we all left the place. They drove us back to our apartment building. We gave them our goodbyes and wished them a good flight tomorrow. Lexi and I walked back to our room and I got a phone call.

‘Clara! I have the best news for you!’ Kellie said really excitedly.

‘Yeah? What is it?’ I said eagerly.

‘There’s this movie going on in London. I sent them a few videos of you acting and they want you to be their main character. I know it’s sort of short notice but they want you in by Thursday. And it’s Tuesday. You’ll be gone for 6 months to a year. So you better start packing. And I already called all the people you model for, they’re fine with you leaving the country. They wished you luck as well. Clara, you’re going to be a star!’ Kellie fired at me. I was so excited.

‘Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, Kel. You’re the best agent in the world!’ I practically screamed.

‘You’re welcome. Get packing, babe.’ Kellie laughed.

‘Thank you thank you thank you!’ I chanted.

‘Remember, you fly down tomorrow night. I emailed you the details and all.’ She told me.

‘Okie dokie. Thank you again, Kellie.’ I laughed.

‘You’re welcome. Bye now.’ 

‘Bye.’ I hung up the phone.

I walked over to Lexi’s door and opened it. She was on the phone to someone and she was grinning.

‘Thank you so much.’ ‘Yeah, I will.’ ‘See you, thank you, bye.’ She hung up on the phone.

‘I have good news.’ I said straight after she hung up.

‘Me too.’ She grinned.

‘You first or me?’ I ask.

‘You.’ She replied, still grinning.

‘I got a lead role in some movie in London. I’m flying down there tomorrow.’ I beamed at her. And then I realised I have to leave her. I have to leave my best friend in America while I fly to London. I watched as her eyes widened and i felt guilty inside.

‘No way. I’m going London tomorrow too! I’m One Direction’s new stylist!’ She screamed. 

‘NO WAY! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!’ I screamed and hugged her tightly.

‘I’m happy for you too! WE’RE FLYING TO LONDON TOMORROW!’ She yelled and started jumping on the spot.

‘I KNOW!’ and I jumped along with her.

‘Let’s get to bed. We have a heck of a lot of packing tomorrow.’ Lexi laughed.

‘Aye. Good night.’ I grinned at her.

‘Night, Rosie.’ She smiled and began taking her clothes off.

I walked to my room and swapped my dress for my pj’s. I drifted off to sleep with a smile plastered on my face.






Well, that took a while to upload. Sorry about that. I got a writers’ block at the start of this. Hope you enjoyed this chapter!


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