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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


28. Chapter 28


Chapter 28


‘I’ll pick you up at 8, okay?’ Zayn told me as he dropped me off at my door. 

I nodded my head and went to lean in and kiss his cheek. But at the last second he turned his head and kissed my lips. I laughed slightly and kissed him back. We both pulled away and I stepped back further into the room.

‘Later, Superman.’ I winked.

‘Bye, Blues.’ He grinned and walked away. I closed the door and turned to find Jared and Lexi in the living room, both of their attention on the tv. Lexi’s head snapped up when I walked further into the room and she jumped up and hugged me quickly.

‘Are you okay?’ She asked me and I nodded my head. 

‘I told Zayn.’ I said quietly. She quickly hushed me and mouthed ‘not in this room’ and nodded her head to the kitchen. I nodded, knowing that she meant my mom and made my way over to there.

‘I’m going to talk to Rose in the kitchen, okay?’ I heard Lexi tell Jared and a second later heard her footsteps walk in.

‘So, what happened?’ She asked me.

And so I proceeded to tell her everything. I started from the fight me and Zayn had yesterday. I told her how he was onto me and that we had the biggest fight we had. How he called me a bitch (to which she commented on how ‘that stupid son of a bitch should get his head out of his ass’) and I called him a dickhead and how I ran away. Then I told her how he chased after me and came to say sorry (to which she aw’d at). Then I told her how I woke up from a nightmare this morning and that was how I told him about my mom. Then I told her how he took me out on a sorry day and i told her what we did (to which she said ‘you lucky ass whore’). Then I told her how I told him that I got bullied in high school and then we went out for ice cream.

‘You and Zayn have the perfect relationship!’ She gushed when I finished my recount which had many interruptions by her.

‘Uh... thanks?’ was my intelligent answer that came out like a question.

‘You know, you weren’t as bad as last year and the year before. You were dead when this day came but now... you have a certain glow. I’m not saying you’re overly happy right now but I’m saying you look more happier than the past years you had to mourn on her deathday.’ She told me and I smiled.

‘I don’t know what it is.’ I admitted.

‘I do. It’s Zayn. He brings out the best in you.’ She said honestly. My smile grew wider. She gave me a tight hug and I squeezed her back.

‘Oh my god, the time!’ She said sounding a little aggravated. I turned to find it to be 5:59 on the microwave clock.

‘Jared! Get your ass back home and get ready to go to the club!’ She hollered out of the kitchen doorway. I chuckled lightly. Them two have a strange relationship.

‘Is that your way of kicking me out?’ He bellowed back.

‘Yes! Now leave.’ She shouted.

‘Okay, okay, I’m leaving!’ He yelled. We both stood still until we heard the door shut.

‘Let’s go get ready.’ She squealed then fled down to he room.

I walked down to mine and took a shower. Then went back out in a fluffy robe and went to my closet. I picked out a black, one-shoulder dress. The shoulder flowed down into a sleeve that covered down the whole dress. The sleeve was the type that draped over the arm. Then I looked for heels to match it. I found black, open toe heels. There were two holes on both sides and on the material that connected it had sparkling jewels all over. I put the dress and the shoes on my bed then went and did my hair an make up.

I didn’t do much with my make up, just the basics and it wasn’t to heavy. I put my hair in loose ringlets then tied it up into a messy ponytail. I pulled on the dress and fixed up the hem around my thighs. I went back to my wardrobe to find some jewelry. I only picked out silver bangles and slipped them onto my wrist. I slipped into my black heels. and looked at myself in the mirror. I put my wallet and my phone into a black clutch bag with a fake diamond as the knob.

When I was satisfied, I walked out the door at the same time Lexi did.

‘This is starting to get a little creepy.’ I commented.

‘I know! It’s so weird that we come out of our rooms at the same time whenever we get ready at the same time.’ She elaborated what I meant and I nodded my head with a smile.

She wore a gold metallic skirt over a white vest top with a cross print on it. She wore white pumps, gold studded bracelets and gold triangle earrings just visible through her straight hair. She was gripping onto a gold clutch with studs on the top of it. 

‘You look gorgeous!’ I complimented her.

‘Thanks, so do you.’ She said, gesturing to my attire.

Just then the doorbell rung and I walked over to the door. I opened it to find Zayn with a hibiscus rose in his hand. He was wearing light grey skinny jeans, a plain blue t-shirt, a dark moss green blazer with the sleeves just under his elbow and black supras. He held out the hibiscus rose to me and I felt my lips pull up to a grin. I took the flower off him and put it to my face and inhaled the mouth-watering scent.

‘Thank you. What’s with the flower?’ I asked him, opening the door wider for him to come in.

‘I felt like getting you one. A hibiscus rose means delicate beauty, something that you define so clearly.’ He said, his hazel eyes looking straight into mine. My grin grew wider at his words.

‘Wow, that was the most sweetest thing.’ I breathed out, cradling the delicate flower to my chest. I leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.

‘I’m going to put this in a glass of water, I’ll be right back.’ I tell him reluctantly, I pressed another kiss to his lips and went to the kitchen to get a glass. 

‘He got you a flower?’ Lexi asked from behind me, I nodded my head not taking my eyes away from it.

‘It means delicate beauty.’ I told her, going to my room.

‘You’re so lucky, Rose.’ She said, as I filled up the glass with water and put the flower in.

‘I know.’ I said quietly, adoration clearly in my voice. I set the glass on my bedside table, giving it one more look before walking out of my room with Lexi hot on my heels.

‘Zayn Malik, you romantic.’ Lexi said when she caught sight of him on the couch.

‘I can be sweet.’ He winked at her. I walked over to him and he put his wrapped his arm around my waist.

‘Whatever, Superman. Let’s go.’ I rolled my eyes. ‘You gonna come with us or is Jared taking you?’ I asked Lexi.

‘Jared’s taking me. We’ll meet you there.’ She replied. I nodded my head once and we walked out the door together.


We arrived at a club called 2AM, all the guys were there already with Danielle and Eleanor and two other girls I’ve never seen before.  We walked over to their table straight away and not a second later, so did Lexi and Jared. I was allowed into the club because it turns out, they let in people who are turning 18 in that same year as well because we’re practically 18 anyway. 

‘Hey guys!’ I greeted them with a grin. They greeted me back.

‘Lexi, Rose, this is Cara.’ Harry gestured to a girl with medium blonde hair, pale blue eyes and bushy yet beautiful eyebrows. She stuck her hand out to me and gave me a beautiful smile that I wish I had.

‘Hi, I’m Cara.’ She smiled. I took her hand and shook it.

‘I’m Rose, she’s Lexi.’ I jerked my thumb to her and they shook hands. 

‘Hi, I’m Amy.’ A girl with brown hair and bright hazel eyes smiled at us.

‘Hello.’ We both smiled at her.

‘Happy birthday, Niall!’ I went over to him and gave him a big hug.

‘Thanks, Rose!’ He grinned.

‘Happy birthday!’ Lexi said, following suit and gave him a hug.

‘Happy birthday, mate.’ Jared said, shaking his hand.

‘Alright, since I turned 18, first round is on me!’ Niall announced and went over to the bar and got us our drinks.

Zayn and I sat down on one side and he had his arm around my shoulders and as we waited for Niall to come back, we all chatted. Niall came back with alcohol in his hands and he handed it out. 

‘Wait! Before you drink up, Niall has to do the 18 shots tradition!’ Harry said before any of us took a swig. 

‘I’ll get them!’ Zayn perked and he jumped up to get the shots.

‘Shit, you’re going to get me so wasted.’ Niall groaned.

‘You’re 18, Nialler. It has to happen.’ I rolled my eyes and he just shrugged his shoulders. 

‘Here they are.’ Zayn smirked and put down the 18 shots he had on a tray.

‘One...’ I started.

‘Two...’ Lexi followed suit.

‘THREE!’ We all screamed together.

Niall started to drain all the shot glasses of alcohol down his throat, most likely leaving a hot burning sensation in his throat. By the end of it, you could tell he was starting to get nauseated but he took a swig from his beer bottle so we just shrugged it off.

‘Congrats, Niall. You’re officially 18.’ Liam grinned.

I downed my bottle of beer, finishing every last drop and grabbed Zayn’s hand when I heart Titanium by David Guetta come on.

‘We’re going to dance!’ I called over my shoulder as I dragged Zayn to the dance floor.

I started to sway my hips with my hands up in the air and my knees slightly bent. My head was swishing around while my hair went all over my face. Zayn started to dance along with me and I turned around and started to grind my back into him. He gripped my hips and we swayed along together. 

Then I felt his hot lips on my neck and he made a trail of kisses up and down it. I kept swaying and grinding into him, letting him keep kissing my neck. He started to suck and turned around to stop him.

‘No hickeys, I have work tomorrow.’ I playfully glared at him. He smirked at me.

‘No promises.’ He winked.

I rolled my eyes then started dancing again. We danced and grind and swayed to three songs before I got thirsty and we made our way back to the table. Everybody was still there drinking.

‘The boys and I are going to go play pool.’ Zayn announced and they all sauntered off to the pool tables. 

‘I have an idea.’ Cara announced. We all turned to her attentively.

‘Alright, it’s called the seduce and buy. Since we all have our own guys here, we dance with each other as seductively as we can and whoever’s guy that comes first buys the next round.’ Cara grinned and we all nodded eagerly.

‘Let’s go, ladies.’ Eleanor said in a seductive tone. We all giggled and went over to the dance floor. 

We all danced around, in the direct view of the boys. I danced with Cara, she knew her moves. She danced like she knew what she was doing. We both started to grind against each other. Then I noticed Jared tell the boys to look in our direction. All 6 of were dancing so sexily and they all had their eyes glued on us. I tried to send a telepathic message to Zayn so he wouldn’t come over. I watched him lick his lips as he looked at me hungrily. I licked mine as well and winked at him.

I danced over to Eleanor and we started to dance with our bodies right against each other. By then we had the attention of every bachelor in the club. All eyes raking over us all as we danced with each other. That was when Liam walked over and snatched Danielle and started to dance with her. We all cheered at the fact we didn’t lose.

A pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind and a husky voice whispered in my ear, ‘You have no idea how torturous that was.’

I turned around to face him and smirked and in a seductive tone I said, ‘Glad it worked.’ 

Then the rest of the night we danced and danced and drank and danced and danced until we couldn’t anymore. Zayn and I left the party first, wanting to get alone time.

‘Happy birthday, Niall!’ I squealed and wrapped my arms around his neck.

‘Happy birthday, mate. We’re going to go home now, if you don’t mind.’ Zayn said after me,  giving him a man hug.

‘Oh, that’s cool. Have fun tonight.’ Niall wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

‘Always do.’ I half slurred. Wow, I drank a lot tonight and Zayn didn’t drink anything because it was his job to drive me home. I pulled Zayn behind me and walked up to Lexi.

‘I bags the apartment, go back to Jared’s.’ I whispered in her ear and winked at her.

‘Wear a condom, Zayn!’ Lexi yelled and we all laughed like idiots.

Zayn then pulled me out of the club. I stumbled slightly when we got out.

‘Wait!’ I stopped him and he turned around to me. I put my arms up in the air and my lips pouted. ‘Carry me.’

He sighed and lifted me off the ground in a bridal style. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my head on his shoulder. I started to giggle when I felt something tickling my forehead.

‘What are you laughing at, Rosie?’ Zayn asked.

‘There’s something tickling my forehead.’ I giggled again. His chest rumbled as he chuckled. He put me down in the passenger seat and he walked around to the driver’s side and started to drive back to my apartment.

‘Zayn?’ I called.


‘Will you buy me a unicorn?’

‘A stuffed toy unicorn?’

‘No.’ I pouted. ‘A real one!’

‘Okay, Rosie.’ He huffed with a small chuckle. I leaned my head on his shoulder when we stopped at a traffic light. 

‘Mmmm, you smell nice.’ I said before kissing his neck. 

I kissed up and down his neck, not stopping once. I reached a sensitive spot and he moaned as quietly as he could but it was still loud, nonetheless. I sucked hard on it and he moaned a little louder.

‘Rose, stop.’ He said, shakily. i pulled away and pouted.

‘Wait until we get home.’ He kissed my cheek and started to drive again when the light turned green.

‘If I was a fairy, I would make the world pink!’ I slurred.

‘Why pink?’ Zayn asked. I could tell he was amused, despite my drunken state.

‘Because pink means happy! Then everyone can be happy!’ I said, throwing my hands up in the air.

‘Okay, baby.’ He chuckled.

‘I want a baby!’ I said again. I don’t know if it was real or if it was just because I was drunk but his body felt slightly tense and stiff.

‘A baby?’

‘Yes! So I can play with it and give it clothes and food and candy and love it until it dies!’ I grinned.

‘What would you name it?’

‘If it was a boy, I would name it Blaze because fire is strong and indestructible like my baby will be. And if it was a girl her name would be Lily because Lily means purity and beauty and it would be exactly her!’ I said with a floaty voice.

‘Who will be the father of these children?’ I heard him say in a quiet voice but it was still loud for me.

‘You!’ I giggled.

‘You want me to be your husband?’ 

‘Of course! Zayn Jawadd Malik and Clara-Rose Fleming foreverrrrrr!’ I giggled again.

‘Okay.’ He laughed. ‘Come on, baby. we’re here.’ 

‘Carry me!’ I said again with my arms up in the air.

I heard him get out of the car and pick me up the same way he did when we got out of the club. I held onto him the same way as well and I nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck.

‘Zayn, you’re the most amazing guy in the world. I hope you don’t break up with me.’ I found myself whispering. I’ve never been this drunk before. Yes, I have illegally drank but that’s how it is in America. And I’ve never drank this much. So I guess I’m the spill-your-secrets type.

‘I never will, Rose.’ I heard him whisper back.

‘Zayn, don’t break my heart like Christian did.’ 

‘Wouldn’t dream of it.’ His tone held nothing but the truth. I wanted to so badly to believe him right there, even though I’m drunk I guess I still had some of my sanity. And I wanted to believe him, to give him all my trust, to try and love him like I should but there’s something holding me back. I know something was holding me back.

‘Please don’t.’ I whispered once more, I pressed my lips on the base of his neck and closed my eyes.






Slow update, I know and I’m sorry. Don’t hate me, I literally beg of you. I’ll try to keep my updates as constantly as possible. Hope you all had an amazing christmas and I hope that you will have a beautiful new year!


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