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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


27. Chapter 27


Chapter 27


Zayn’s POV


‘NO! MOM, COME BACK! NOOOOO!’ My eyes shot open to the sound of Rose’s tortured screaming. I looked over to her as she thrashed around with tears streaming down her face in the crack of dawn. I instantly wrapped my arms around her tight and pulled her head closer to me.

‘Shh, Rose. Shh. It’s okay, Rose.’ i whispered in her ear. 

‘MOOOOOM!’ She gave out another tortured scream and my heart shattered. It broke my heart to hear her strangled cries.

‘Shh. Rose, baby. Wake up, Rose.’ I shook her gently and her eyes fluttered open and there were more tears pooling in her eyes.

‘Zayn.’ She sobbed and she buried her head into my chest. I tightened my grip on her body and spoke calming words to her.

‘Shh, it’s just a dream. It wasn’t real.’ I repeated over and over but she never calmed down.

‘It was real.’ She said so quietly that I wouldn’t have heard it if I wasn’t listening so intently. 

‘What do you mean?’ I asked, hesitantly. I wasn’t sure if I should butt in.

‘I...’ She paused and I heard her take a deep breath.

‘You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.’ I whispered in her ear.

‘No, no. I have to tell you.’ She whispered. I pulled back to look into her hazel eyes. The expressions flashing through them scared me. Regret, sorrow, fear, hurt, anger, sadness... it hurt me to see her with all these negative feelings.

‘Rose, babe. It’s okay, tell me another time.’ I practically begged. I hate seeing her like this. 

‘No. I’m telling you now. It’s why I’ve been... iffy lately.’ She breathed. I nodded my head, keeping my eyes on hers. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, trying to calm down but failing. I held my breath, in the dim light I can see the slight wince. 

‘My mom was my best friend. She... she was always there for me when no one else was. She always hugged me whenever i came home after school. She was never ever disappointed in me, she always saw the positive sides of everything. Even if I got an F in science, she said she never wanted chemicals in the house anyway.’ She laughed quietly at that. But then her expression turned grim. ‘Even at a young age I was into acting. I always got the lead roles in my drama classes. One day we had to re-enact Romeo and Juliet. i was Juliet and of course my mom came. Afterwards we went to go to a restaurant to celebrate my lead role, like we always do. And on our way I told her about my fight with my so called best friend. And my so called best friend didn’t want to be my friend anymore because... of some reasons. Anyway, my mom was telling me how she was a bitch and that I shouldn’t listen to a word she says and all and she looked over at me and when she looked back we got hit by a car. It wasn’t that bad but we hit a ute with wood planks on the back. The wood planks were on my side and the impact of the car caused the wood planks to slide down. I would’ve gotten hit if... if she didn’t...’ She started to cry strenuously.

I looked into her hazel eyes and I saw remorse. I could see it in her eyes that she wanted herself to die. That she should have died. 

‘She jumped in front of the wood, didn’t she?’ I said before i could stop myself. A loud sob broke from her as she nodded.

‘I should have died! She shouldn’t have jumped in front. it was supposed to be me! If it just hit me, she would still be here. Alive. I should’ve been the one dead!’ She cried out. 

‘Rose, babe. Don’t. As much as you wish it were you, she doesn’t. She died for you, Rose. She died for you. That in itself shows how much she loves you, she was willing to die for you. Your mom wants you alive and if that means her dying, then she obviously was willing to give her life. Don’t wish it was you instead, you’d make her sacrifice useless. She did it for you, now use it for her.’ I told her, looking into her eyes.

‘It still hurts to know she died for me, Zayn.’ She whispered.

‘Of course it does, Rosie.’ I said, quietly. ‘But just know she gave you a chance to live.’ 

She smiled softly. ‘Thank you, Zayn.’ 

‘You’re welcome, beautiful.’ I smiled. Rays of sunlight started to peak through her window and I saw that the sun was rising. ‘Come on, Blues. Today, I’m going to make you happy that she gave you a life.’ I got out off the bed but she stayed.

‘There’s still some things I want you to know.’ She confessed.

‘Not now, Blues. Tell me later when you’re done crying.’ I bent down and kissed her forehead.

‘I’m going home to get ready for my sorry day. Be ready by ten, okay? I’ll pick you up.’ I told her and kissed her softly on the lips.

‘Bye, Zayn.’ She breathed, her lips brushed against mine. But then she pulled away. I pouted slightly, feeling the cold air that gushed when her body heat was gone.

‘I’m still angry at you.’ She smirked.

‘And that’ll change by the end of the day.’ I winked. ‘Bye, Blues.’ I called and turned towards the door.

‘Bye, Superman.’ She shouted down the hall to where I was halfway to the door. I laughed lightly to myself then grinned at what I had planned for the day. 




‘I’m here. You better be ready!’ I announced as I walked through the door of Rose’s apartment. 

Rose walked into the room as she was putting on a shirt. Her exposed skin reminded me that I can’t show an affection except for hugging or holding hands today because she’s angry at me.

‘Does it hurt to knock on the door?’ Rose chastised as she retrieved black boots from underneath the coffee table.

‘You take forever to answer. It’s a good thing you gave me the key.’ I grinned mischievously.

‘I’m starting to regret it.’ She grumbled. She turned to me with a pouty look on her face but her eyes showed humour. I’m happy that she’s starting to forget.

‘Remember that day when you forgot your keys and Lexi was out with Jared and you didn’t know how to get home because you had no keys?’ I reminded her with a smirk and a mocking bounce to my strides as I moved towards her.

‘Yes.’ She muttered.

‘And who saved the day because he had the keys?’ I continued on, my smirk growing and my feet planted in front of her.

‘Whatever, Superman. Point taken.’ She rolled her eyes. I chuckled.

‘See? I’ll always be your Superman.’ I pecked her nose. 

‘That was really sweet, Zayn.’ She said quietly with her eyes trained on me. Her eyes held such intensity, as if she was looking at the most important thing in her life. She was looking as though nothing in the world would have gone the right way if it weren’t for what she was looking at; me.

 And of course I had to ruin the moment, ‘That’s what brings all the ladies in.’ I winked.

‘You’re a cocky bastard, you know that.’ She rolled her eyes and grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the apartment. I walked after her as she dragged me down the stairs- even though she could have taken the elevator. I’ve told her so many times theres an elevator but she keeps forgetting and uses the stairs.- and out the building door. Suddenly she stops and i walked into her.

‘What? Did you realise you wanted to be a lamp post and decided to start now?’ I said sarcastically. She punched my arm.

‘I don’t know where we’re going.’ She told me and I laughed.

‘Right this way, Princess.’ I smiled and pulled on her hand in the right direction.

‘I thought we were past the royalty business.’ She stated.

‘Maybe, maybe not.’ I mused with a smirk on my lips. Suddenly she gasped and stopped walking causing me to bounce back because I kept walking.

‘What’s wrong?’ I said, concerned. Was it something to do with her mother?

‘It’s Niall’s birthday today! Oh my god, how did i forget!?’ She slapped her hand on her forehead.

‘Oh it is!’ I said. ‘Don’t worry, he’s 18. The party won’t start until tonight. We’re gonna go down to the club.’ 

‘I can’t go down to the club, Zayn. I’m not old enough yet!’ She groaned.

‘It’s okay, we’ll figure it out later.’ I told her. ‘How about we call Nialler up now and wish him a happy birthday, go spend our day then go down to the club later?’ I suggested.

She thought about it for a minute before nodding her head in agreement. I smiled happily as she took out her phone and called up the Irish blonde.

‘Hello?’ He answered the phone in a groggy tone.

‘Niall! Happy birthday!’ Rose said.

‘What? It’s my birthday?’ He asked a little confused.

‘You idiot. It’s September 13.’ I reminded him.

‘Oh it is. I’m 18 guys!’ He cheered.

‘Welcome to the adult world, Niall.’ I grinned.

‘Yesssss! Now, hurry up and turn 18, Rose.’ He said with a teasing tone.

‘Wait for two weeks, Nialler.’ She replied.

‘Alright, Nialler we gotta go. Happy birthday, Irish lad. We’ll see you tonight at the club.’ I farewelled.

‘Alright, have fun guys. Use protection and shit.’ He answered. Rose and I rolled our eyes.

‘Yeah, yeah. When have we not used protection.’ Rose laughed.

‘There’s a first time for everything! Bye, guys.’ He ended the call without a response from either of us. Rose grinned at me and I smiled back and pulled her towards a circus tent.

‘We’re going to watch a circus?’ She asked uncertainly. I laughed at her expression.

‘Nope.’ I grinned.

‘Then what are we doing here?’ She asked confused now.

‘You’ll see.’ I winked at her. She sighed knowing she won’t get any information out of me. 

We walked into the circus tent and I turned on the show lights that was hanging on the roof. In the middle was a trapeze, with a net trampoline underneath. The tent was empty apart from us. 

‘Now can I know what we’re doing here?’ She asked once more as she took in the room with amazement and wonder.

‘We are going to have some fun.’ I grinned at her then pulled her to the ladder of the trapeze. 

‘We’re going to swing on this?’ She asked incredulously.

‘Do you trust me?’ 

She bit her lip and stared up at the bar hooked onto the post. ‘I really hope you know what you’re doing.’

‘Relax, Rose. I’m skilled at everything.’ I chuckled and she rolled her eyes. 

She grabbed the bar on the ladder and began to climb up. Her ass was suddenly in full view and i didn’t know if I should keep looking or look away. i decided the latter since she still hasn’t forgiven me from yesterday. Man, i felt like an ass for calling her a bitch. I don’t even know why I did that. I mean, I learnt from the first time yet I did the same mistake again. 

‘You coming up?’ Rose called from halfway up the ladder. 

‘Nah, I have a pretty good view from down here.’ I smirked.

‘You’re not getting any tonight.’ She countered and I felt my face fall.

I know she was teasing but I’m a guy, I can’t help it.

‘I really hope you change your mind, Rose.’ I called and I started to climb the ladder.

Once I reached the top, I found Rose staring down at the fall. I grabbed the trapeze bar and put my hands on it. She bit her lip nervously and I gently placed my hand on her cheek, hoping to take away her nervousness and fear.

‘I’ve done this before, Rose. Don’t be scared.’ I said softly to her. She looked me in the eyes and I saw some of her tension ease.

‘It’s not that much of a fall, the net is about 9 metres down.’ I told her and her breathing eased a little more.

‘Okay, I’m going to swing on this a few times, upside down and when I tell you to grab my hands, you grab it.’ I instructed and she nodded her head. I smiled softly and jumped on the bar, swinging as much as I could to get a wide arch.

‘Grab my hands.’ I yelled and when I reached her i felt her small hands wrap around mine.

I swung us around in an arch and I heard her laugh echo in the large tent. 

‘This is so much fun!’ She screamed with a wide smile. I grinned.

‘Let go whenever you want to, just tell me first.’ I yelled and I began swinging my arms as well so she could experience more of it.

‘I’m letting go, Superman!’ She yelled and I felt her hands slip from mine and I watched as she fell on to the net. She was giggling like crazy.

‘I’m coming down!’ I warned and I let go of the bar and landed with a bounce next to her.

‘You’re forgiven for yelling at me and annoying me with questions.’ She grinned at me and I felt a wave of nostalgia as I thought of our first date in that park when I was trying to get her to forgive me.

‘I’m halfway.’ I said with a knowing smile. She smiled sweetly.

‘You’re halfway.’ She said quietly and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back happily. I could feel the fire burning on my lips from her touch. I trailed my hand lightly up her bare arm. She pulled away.

‘I was bullied in high school.’ She said quietly. I pulled back further to look at her properly. Her eyes were hurt and sad as if she was remembering everything that happened.

‘What?’ I cracked.

‘In high school I was bullied. They called me fat, ugly, a nerd, a loser. They told me I was never going to make it big because I can’t act. They made fun of how I wanted to be an actress when I grew up. They told me I was never good enough to be an actress. Then I took up modeling and the bullying magnified a thousand times. They called me ugly and that the people i was modeling for only took me because they felt sorry. I didn’t cope properly. i cried myself to sleep every night. There were times where I did hurt my body.’ She pulled up her shirt and at first I couldn’t see anything on her stomach. But then she pointed to five very faint scars just above her waist. My jaw fell open and I lightly touched the scars on her soft skin. It was really faint, but once I touched it I felt the jagged edges. I looked up at her face and her eyes had a pool of tears that was threatening to spill. 

‘I cut myself a few times. But I stopped because my mom caught me once and she took away all the blades and razors in the house. She helped me through it all. You know how I said that my so called best friend didn’t want to be my friend anymore? It was because of me. She told me she doesn’t have many friends because of me. Because she was friends with a nerd, a loser, a fatty. Then when my mom died and they all found out she saved me they bullied me even more. They never pitied me. Instead they told me I should’ve been the one that died instead of her. That my mom made a big mistake for saving me.’ Her voice cracked and the tears gushed out. I instantly grabbed her and pulled her close to me. 

My heart ached as I felt her tears soak through my shirt and onto my skin. It hurt to hear her sobs and it hurt to know that it was hurting her now. How can they think that of her? How can they think she was fat or ugly or that she was never going to become an actress? She’s the most beautiful girl in the world and I thank heavens that she’s mine. And look at her now, she’s going to be in a big movie with a lead role. 

And how dare they say that about her! How dare they say that she should’ve died instead of her mom. That was low. They stooped so low. I just can’t believe she’s gone through so much yet she looks so happy. 

‘It hurts, Zayn.’ She sobbed. 

I felt my heart shatter once more at how broken she sounded. She clung on to me as if I was her life support. As if I’m the only thing I can save her from dying right now. And I clung on to her hoping she knows that she would never have to go through that again.

‘They’re stupid, Rose. You’re the most beautiful human I’ve ever laid eyes on. You’re not fat, you’re from that. You’re not ugly, whoever says that about you must have eye problems. And to all those people who said you’re never going to be an actress, look at yourself now. You’ve been in lots of movies and now you have a lead role in a big shot movie. And to those people who said you should’ve died instead, don’t fucking listen to them. Your mom died for you, not for them. She died so you can have a life. They went low, way too low. You deserve to live, your mom deserved to live. They’re the ones who shouldn’t live if they’re going to say that about you.’ I soothed her.

We stayed like that for a while. Her face buried in my chest and my arms wrapped around her, her body on my lap and my legs crossed. I buried my face in her hair and kissed it. She seemed to relax when my lips touched her. Her breathing eased down more then she lifted her head. She gave me a small smile and pecked my lips.

‘Thank you.’ She smiled.

‘Anything for you, Princess.’ I kissed her nose.

She grabbed my head and brought my lips down to hers. I kissed her lightly, being gentle. The kiss had so much meaning in it. I don’t know what but I can feel her saying a lot. I tried to convey my message as well, that she doesn’t have to go through that ever again, that I’m always here for her, that her mother is here for her as well, that all those low-lives are gone now, that she is the most amazing person in the world.

‘You’re fully forgiven now.’ She said softly when she pulled away. I smiled wide and hugged her.

‘Let’s get some ice cream.’ I suggest and hopped off the net. I brushed off the dirt on my jeans then suddenly I felt something jump onto my back. I gave an ‘oof’ and craned my neck around to see Rose smirking and she clasped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.

‘Giddy-up horsey.’ She said a little seductively and i bit my lip. The things this girl does to me.

‘Right this way, cowgirl.’ I replied and walked out of the circus tent.






I know you waited so long, i’m sorry! I spent a while on this chapter because I had to. And well, yeah. It’s 5 pages long, and I’m so proud because it’s never been this long. Enjoy!


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