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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


23. Chapter 23


Chapter 23


I held a curly bright red wig in my hands. I twirled it in the air teasingly as I waited for Zayn to step out of the shower. And once he does his eyes widened in surprised then into fear as he sets his eyes on the wig. 

‘You’re seriously not putting that on me.’ He droned, eyeing the thing in my hands.

‘I seriously am.’ I wiggled my eyebrows.

‘Come on, Rose. You’re going to embarrass me. I have to go see Simon Cowell today. Simon. Cowell!’ He groaned, throwing his hands up in the air. Which caused his towel to drop.

So, now Zayn Jawadd Malik is standing butt-naked right in front of me. Every girl’s dream? Maybe. Right now, it’s taking all my might not to look down at his ‘little friend’. No, I’m not a virgin, I lost my v-card to Christian Fortune- biggest mistake, might I add. 

‘Zayn, please cover up you’re, um, little friend.’ I nodded my head down. He smirked.

‘Why? Is it distracting you?’ He wiggled his eyebrows, taking a small step towards me.

‘Most definitely not. To be honest, I’ve seen better.’ I lied. 

‘You’re lying. How can someone else’s could possibly be better than this.’ He pointed down to his lower region.

‘Anyone, everyone. Now, put a towel around that thing and follow me.’ I rolled my eyes and walked away.

‘I really was hoping distracting you would work.’ He groaned from behind me.

‘Better luck next time, pretty boy.’ I called over my shoulder. 

‘This day and next week will be the worst days of my life.’ He complained.

‘It’s what you get for losing.’ I stuck my tongue out at him. ‘Sit.’ I pointed down to the couch in front of me.

‘Why am I sitting?’ He countered.

‘So I can facepaint a clown face on you, duh.’ I said in an obvious tone. 

He sighed and sat down in front of me. I laid out the facepaint I bought in the morning on the coffee table behind me, sorting things out in colours and stuff. I felt Zayn’s hand pull on my underwear that was surely peaking and snap it against my skin. The action made me stand up right and glare at him from under my shoulder.

‘It was too tempting.’ He shrugged his shoulders. I rolled my eyes at him but bent down to finish working on the colours and all.

‘Blue underwear? And if my vision is correct, you’re wearing a blue bra underneath. Is blue your favourite colour or something?’ Zayn says from behind me.

‘You perv!’ I yelled, throwing the wig in his face. He spat out the wig from his mouth and smirked.

‘So I am right?’ He challenged.

‘Ugh, yes you are!’ I groaned. 

‘Cute. I bet they’re matching as well.’ He wiggled his eyebrows.

‘For me to know and for you to never find out.’ I stuck my tongue out. I grabbed the brush and dipped in in white. 

‘Aw, come on. You know you can’t resist this.’ He struck an intimate pose.

‘I can and I will. Now, shut up so I can put this on your face.’ I snapped jokingly. 


‘Done!’ I grinned when I pulled my hands away from the wig I was adjusting on his head.

‘Ugh, I feel so... awkward.’ He groaned.

‘You are dressed as a clown. Come on, you have to go see my masterpiece!’ I grinned and took his hand, dragging him to a mirror. He looked at himself, probably criticising every part of him and feeling completely weird in a clown outfit.

‘Even though this is completely hideous, you did a great job.’ He complemented appraisingly. He went to kiss me on the cheek but I pushed him off.

‘No, you’re going to ruin the red lipstick I put on your lips.’ I patted his cheek. ‘Now, come on. The world now has to see Zayn Malik in a clown costume.’ I grinned.

I told Zayn to post on twitter that he’ll be walking around in a clown outfit today. He protested at first but I pushed him into it. Yes, I am most likely embarrassing him greatly but he did lose the car game. 

‘Wait! I need to post this on twitter.’ I grinned, taking my phone out.

‘Do we have to?’ He whined.

‘Yep.’ I snapped a picture of him. ‘This’ll do.’ I shrugged my shoulders.

‘Let me see!’ He snatched the phone from my hands. I watched his expression change to horror. 

The picture was of him and his mouth was half open, his red nose was bulging and you couldn’t see his eyes from all that hair.

‘Take the photo again. At least make it look attractive.’ He shoved the phone back in my hands and posed. I snapped the picture.

‘I’m posting this one on twitter and you can’t stop me.’ I countered as I typed. His phone beeped when he got the notification and he laughed once he saw the photo.

‘That was a good one.’ He chuckled and retweeted it. 

‘Okay, now I gotta go to the studio. You tell me how the meeting with Simon goes, okay?’ I tell him, grabbing my bag and my jacket off the seat.

‘You’re leaving me?’ He asked with a puppy dog face.

‘Aw, baby. It’s okay, I’ll come back for you.’ I reassured him, patting his cheek.

‘You better. Bye, Blues.’ He waved.

‘Blues?’ I asked confused.

‘It’s the colour of your underwear today.’ He smirked.

‘Oh, so if I was wearing, i don’t know, grey underwear tomorrow, would you call me grey?’ I challenged.

‘Nope. Because I like blue better.’ He shrugged.

‘Fair enough.’ I nodded, walking over to the door. ‘Bye, Zaynie.’ I winked over my shoulder. 

I walked out the door and was about to walk down the hallway when hands gripped my hips. I turned around to see Zayn.

‘Yes?’ I asked him. He smirked and kissed me on the lips. 

‘Bye, Blues.’ He winked and walked back inside his apartment. 






Filler chapter, yes I know ok. Next chapter will be the next day, okay. Where he wears a dress and shizzles. Don’t be mad about this chapter okay. love you all, xoxo.


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