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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


22. Chapter 22


Chapter 22


‘Let’s play the car game.’ I suggested as we hopped into my car, me on the passenger side and him on the drivers’.

‘What the hell is the car game?’ He asked.

‘The car game is where you have to keep talking to each other, no pauses or anything. The first one to pause in the conversation loses.’ I informed him.

‘What will the loser have to do?’ Zayn asked.

‘Wear a clown outfit tomorrow.’ I told him and he just nodded.

‘If I lose, you’re still my slave, right?’ He queried. 

‘Of course, that was my punishment for losing the bet. Even though I should have won that. I only lost because I choked a bit.’ I said a little arrogantly.

‘Oh please, even if you didn’t choke, I still would’ve won that.’ Zayn scoffed and I rolled my eyes.

‘As if. I always win those contests.’ I snorted.

‘Alright, fine, we’ll do a rematch. And if I still win, you have to put up One Direction posters all over your room and leave it up for a whole month. Every wall of your room has to have at least ten posters, there has to be at least one cardboard cut out, there has to be lyrics of ours on the walls as well and there needs to be something on your vanity to remind you of us.’ He grinned at me.

‘So, basically a fan girl’s room?’ 


‘Alright, fine. If I win, you have to dress up in dresses for a whole week. You can’t stay inside the house, you have to be out and about. You have to post it on something to let them know, so they don’t think you suddenly turned gay. I have to be the one to dress you up, by the way. You also have to announce that I, Clara-Rose Fleming, is better than anyone you’ve ever known and I’m a downright legend.’ 

‘You’re on, like donkey kong.’

‘Bring it, bitch.’ I grinned.

‘You are a special one, aren’t you?’

I frowned a bit in confusion. Did he mean it in a bad way? 

‘How so?’ I asked him.

He chuckled. ‘You’re just unlike all the girls I’ve been with before. You make manly bets and you know how to enjoy your wins. Plus, you’re incredibly hot.’ He beamed at me.

‘Yes, Zayn, calling a girl incredibly hot is a great way to her heart.’ I put my thumbs up in emphasis. 

He chuckled again. ‘Fine, you’re incredibly beautiful. You’re brighter than the sun and your eyes sparkle with happiness.’ He said in a mockingly cheesy tone. I laughed out loud at that.

‘My turn! You make my heart flutter and my stomach twist with butterflies. Your hazel eyes just fill me with warmth.’ I laughed again.

‘That was beautifully done, Rose.’ He said in a ridiculing tone. 

‘What can I say, I’m a woman of great poetry.’ I flicked my hair over my shoulder in an arrogant way.

‘Okay, Rose. You’re great at poetry.’ He chuckled.

‘I am! I was an amazing poet in school. I got a C+ on my last poem, what now.’ I threw my arms up, trying to be intimidating.

‘Yes, babe. C+ is sooo much better than an A.’ 

‘It is in my opinion!’ 

‘Okay, okay. Chill, princess.’ 

‘Don’t call me that!’ I scrunched up my face at the name.

‘Why not?’ He challenged.

‘Do I look like a princess to you?’ I said, monotonously. 

He parked the car and stopped it. He turned over to me and cocked his head to the side.

‘No, you don’t. You look more like a queen.’ He leaned in closer with each word until his lips brushed against mine. ‘And queens are so much better than princesses.’ He whispered and kissed me.

I chuckled a bit but kissed him back anyway. I pulled away after a few seconds, a little breathless from the heated kiss. I smirked when I realised something.

‘We’re still in the car.’ I commented, the smirk still playing on my lips.

‘Your point?’ Zayn asked.

‘I win the car game.’ I smiled triumphantly.

‘How?’ He asked, a little confused.

‘Because you paused after I asked you if I looked like a princess to you.’ 

‘That was unfair, I had to stop the car.’ He protested but I grinned.

‘A pause is a pause, you sore loser. I win this game!’ I stuck my tongue out at him.

‘Aw, come on. I had to stop the car, of course I was going to stop talking.’

‘Shut up you sore loser, you get to wear a clown outfit tomorrow.’ I grinned.

‘I have to go see Simon Cowell tomorrow though.’ He groaned which caused me to smile even wider.

‘Too bad, you either wear it or become a coward. We wouldn’t want that now, would we?’ I pouted slightly.

‘You’re a horrible person.’ He groaned again.

‘A part of me you’ll always love.’ I giggled and gave him a kiss. ‘Let’s go inside before Lexi rips off your head then puts it back on to rip it off again.’ 

He snickered but got out of the car, nonetheless. We walked into the house - more like mansion - hand in hand. 

‘This place is massive.’ I said incredulously as I looked around the room we were currently in.

‘It’s our house.’ He shrugged.

‘And you also have an apartment?’ I asked.

‘It’s nice to get away sometimes, you know.’ He said as he guided me down the hallway.

‘Fair enough.’

‘Zayn!’ We both turned to Lexi’s shriek and sure enough, there was that rage in her eyes.

I looked at Zayn with a ‘i told you so’ look on my face and let go of his hand. He sighed and looked at Lexi in the eye.

‘Yes?’ He half-squeaked.

‘Zayn! Why did you leave like that!? I know that you can come and go as you please in this house but how the hell am I supposed to work if you do that all the time! I’m your stylist, Zayn. And I need you there to work. Do you think this job is easy? It’s not. I have to do this job well and i can’t do that if you’re not co-operating. Ugh, you...’ I tuned her out and continued walking down the hall to find the rest of the boys.

I looked back over to Zayn and he had a defeated look on his face. He sat down on the chair beside the door and just spaced out as Lexi ranted on and on. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. I walked into the living room and I saw the boys.

‘Hey guys.’ I greeted them with a smile.

‘Hey, Rose.’ They all greeted me except for Niall who nodded with a burger in his mouth.

‘Where’s Zayn?’ Liam asked.

‘In the room near the front door.’ I told them, plopping down on the couch in between Liam and Louis.

‘What about Lexi?’ Harry questioned.

‘With him. Yelling at him for leaving and stuff like that.’ I shrugged.

‘Lexi yells?’ Louis asked, a tad shocked.

‘Yes, she yells. Especially if you don’t do something she says. She goes on and on for an hour or so.’ I answered.

‘Are you serious?’ Harry queried.

‘As serious as a heart attack.’ 

An hour and a half later, Lexi and Zayn walked in the door. Lexi looked somewhere between pissed off and totally relaxed. Zayn looked as though he couldn’t believe something happened.

‘You weren’t kidding when you said she’ll go on for an hour.’ Zayn grumbled as he sat on the floor in between my legs.

‘Nope. And I bet she never let you say anything through that whole hour.’ I noted.

‘Not one word.’ He sighed.

‘That’s Lexi for you.’ I giggled.

‘Oi, we have a rematch to continue on.’ He reminded.

‘Oh yeah, let’s get to it.’ I stood up and grabbed his hand to pull him to the kitchen.

‘Uh, what are you guys doing?’ Harry questioned, eyeing us as we walked away.

‘I have a bet to win.’ I enunciated.

‘Doesn’t really help, you know.’ He frowned.

‘Come and watch then.’ I called as we stepped into the kitchen.

We both made our sandwiches and the rest of the boys and Lex just watched us with confusion plain on their faces.

‘Ready to lose again, princess?’ Zayn taunted as he stood across the counter, hands on either side of his plate.

‘Lose, my ass. Are you ready to wear dresses for a week, pretty boy?’ I jeered.

‘In your dreams, Fleming.’ 

‘Bring it, Malik.’

‘One... two... three.’ 

‘Holy f*ck! I won! What now, bitch!’ I did my little happy dance in front of him.

‘How the hell did you lose mate?’ Niall asked Zayn, slapping his back.

‘I honestly don’t know. Great. Now I have to wear a clown outfit tomorrow and wear dresses for a whole week. My life is over.’ Zayn groaned. 

‘Wait, hold up. Clown outfit tomorrow? What did you lose for that?’ Louis asked.

I paused to answer, ‘The car game.’ then I continued my happy dance.

‘What the hell is the car game?’ Harry asked.

‘It’s where you have to keep the conversation going and the first person to stop talking or pause before answering loses.’ Lexi explained.

‘Seriously, man, you’re losing your game.’ Louis demurred.

‘But you’re still my slave, Rose.’ Zayn stuck his tongue out at me.

‘Yeah, yeah whatever. Your punishments are worse.’ I happy danced my way out of the room to leave Zayn wallow around in his misery. 






It’s funny how I switch their relationship from passion and lust and shizzles to playful banter and bets. I like their relationship it’s such a unique little thing. *sighs* i want a boyfriend :’(.


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