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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


21. Chapter 21


Chapter 21


‘Since you get to be my slave for the day, I order you to.... give me a strip tease.’ Zayn said with a mischievous smile on his face. I grabbed the pillow that was next to me and pegged it at his face.

‘You pervert! Use your porn dvd’s for that!’ I shouted with a small laugh.

‘Okay, okay. i was just kidding.’ He said defensively while throwing the pillow back at me. 

‘Hurry up and figure out something I need to do. You only have-’ I checked my watch. ‘-23 hours of me being your slave. So you better hurry up.’ 

’23 hours is plenty of time.’ He shrugged as he leaned more into the couch.

I was about to protest when I thought better of it. The longer he pulls it off the less I have to do, right?

‘Sure, Zayn.’ I nodded and smiled at him.

‘I know one, I’m hungry. Go make me a sandwich.’ He pushed me off the couch and towards the kitchen.

‘Wow, Zayn. What a way to keep a girl.’ I laughed but moved to the kitchen nonetheless.

‘Just make me a sandwich, woman!’ He yelled and I just rolled my eyes.

After making a sandwich that consisted of nutella, lettuce and ham, I handed it over to Zayn with a smug smile on my face and sat down on the couch. He looked down at it in disgust then looked back up at me.

‘What is this?’ He asked me, disgust obvious in his tone.

‘A sandwich.’ I grinned.

‘Then why does it look like spread out shit with grass and pig skin?’ He asked.

‘You didn’t really specify what sandwich. So, I just made you a sandwich.’ I plopped down on the couch.

‘There is no way I’m eating this.’ He said, putting the plate onto the coffee table.

‘That’s sad. That was a beautiful creation, you should’ve eaten it.’ I frowned slightly.

‘How about if you eat it then I’ll eat it?’ He smirked. I scrunched my nose up in disgust.

‘No, thanks.’ I shook my head. 

‘Come on, Rose.’ He begged and i just shook my head at him.

‘I’m going to get something to eat.’ I said, while patting his leg. I used his leg to help myself up and before I walked away, his fingers grabbed the belt loops on my jeans and pulled me into him. I fell onto his lap and he kissed me down my neck.

‘Zaaaaayn.’ I giggled. It’s weird giggling sometimes because i never giggled at all. Not even when I had a boyfriend. But Zayn just brings out the best of me.

‘Yes?’ He murmured, his hot minty breath tickling my neck.

‘Let go, I wanna eat.’ I said while prying is hands away from my neck.

‘No.’ He growled as he continued to kiss my neck. I giggled when his tongue tickled a spot. 

‘Zayn.’ I threatened.

‘Rose.’ He moaned. I thwacked his leg and he yelped in surprise which also caused him to let go of me. I jumped up immediately and threw him a triumphant smile over my shoulder as I walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and bent over to find something to eat. I felt Zayn’s hand wack my ass as he walked passed me.

‘You didn’t used to be this touchy-feely with me before.’ I pointed out as I stood up from fridge with the orange juice carton in my hand.

‘Before you didn’t like me. And to be honest...’ He paused to take a bite out of the red apple in his hand. ‘You scared me then.’ He finished with his mouth full of the apple.

‘I was not scary!’ I threw a banana at his chest.

‘You throw things a lot, don’t you?’ He said, taking another bite.

‘It’s the only thing I can do, okay. Don’t judge.’ I muttered, taking a swig from the carton.

‘That’s my orange juice you’re drinking from!’ He almost screamed. 

‘Your point?’ I took another drink before he could respond. He grunted and tried to grab the carton out of my hands as I was drinking it.

‘Zayn!’ I scolded.

‘Don’t drink from the carton!’ He scolded back and i just rolled my eyes.

‘It’s not like you don’t do it.’ I scoffed.

‘Yeah, but it’s mine. I’m allowed to do it.’ He said defensively.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, hypocrisy at its best.’ I said mockingly. I took another drink from it and he tried to take it out of my hands again. I pulled my body away as some of it spilled out.

‘You suck balls.’ I groaned, walking over to the tap to wipe the stickiness off my mouth and chin.

‘No, honey. You’re the one who does the sucking.’ He said with a smirk. I scoffed and splashed water over to him. 

‘Oh, come on, Princess. I was joking.’ He groaned as he wiped his face clean of the water.

‘Don’t call me princess. That’s just weird.’ I said with a scrunched up face.

‘You look cute when you do that.’ He gestured towards my face. I automatically un-scrunched it and looked at him blankly.

‘Do it again.’ He murmured. I shook my head furiously.

‘Please?’ He took a step forward and I shook my head again but a little more reluctantly. All my mind could process was how perfect he looked.

‘Please, Princess?’ He took another step forward and he pressed his body against on the counter. I gulped but shook my head nonetheless.

‘Come on.’ He whispered. I shook my head once more. He pressed his lips on the tip of my nose which caused me to scrunch up my face and he smirked before pressing his lips to mine.

My eyes fluttered closed as I kissed him back. His perfect lips moved with mine and my heart fluttered lightly at the feel of his arms wrapping around my neck. His arms made me feel so secure and safe and... welcoming. His kisses weren’t full of passion and lust unlike before, this one was sweet and heart-fluttering. 

He pulled away and put our foreheads against each other’s. And for a while we just stood like that. His arms around my waist, my arms on his chest, our foreheads against each others’ and staring into each others’ eyes. A smile slowly crept onto my lips and his hazel eyes looked ecstatic. 

Then the moment was ruined when Zayn’s phone started to ring from his pocket. He groaned loudly and I giggled slightly as we pulled away from each other.

‘What?’ He snapped into the phone. 

‘Well, you did interrupt something.’ He half growled. I glared at him, telling him to be nice. He just rolled his eyes at me but did be nice to whoever it was on the phone.

‘Yeah, yeah.’ ‘I’m sorry, okay.’ ‘But something came up.’ ‘Fine, I’ll go back. I’m bringing someone with me, though.’ ‘Yeah, whatever. Bye.’ He hung up.

I raised my eyebrow at him and waited for an explanation.

‘It was Lexi. She wants me back at the apartment. I sort of snuck out to meet with you.’ He said, sounding far from guilty. I slapped him on the arm.

‘Why did you sneak out?’ I scolded him.

‘Because I wanted to see you. And that certainly wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for.’ He replied. I rolled my eyes at him.

‘Lexi is going to kill you. We better go now. She’s going to be yelling at you for an hour straight about how she has to do her job and she can’t do that if you’re not cooperating. And that she’ll end up quitting if you continue to behave like that and that you better not talk to her for the rest of the time you’re with her for.’ I rambled on. Zayn raised his eyebrows in an amused expression and I just sighed.

‘Don’t even ask. Just so you know, when she’s done with her speech, remember to never ever do it again. Her speech is the worst part.’ I informed him and he just smirked.

‘Whatever, princess. Let’s go.’ He grabbed my hand and dragged me outside of the building towards my car.






Cute Zlara moments? Wait, Zlara or Zose? Or Rayn? Idk anymore. 


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