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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


‘Okay, let’s start of with the boys driving down towards the beach.’ Lauren said. 

The boys hopped into the Kombi and began driving down the road while people followed with cameras. We had to stay behind and watch them. We watched as Louis overtook someone and got pulled up by police. Everyone cracked up laughing. They retook it again and they got pulled up by the police for driving too slow. Everyone laughed so hard. Louis is such a terrible driver. They finally got a better shot of them. When they got back, I was laughing like crazy. 

‘Shut up. You never let me test drive it!’ Louis complained and I laughed even harder.

‘Okay, girls. It’s your turn to start driving.’ Lauren yelled over the laughs.

Me and the girls got into the little blue convertible bug and started to drive down the road. The other two girls’ names were Isabel and Jackie. Isabel was blonde and Jackie was a brunette like me. We had to laugh and talk as we drove down. Isabel was the one driving and I made a joke about her being a better driver than Lou and we all cracked up. Once we made our way back we saw Louis fake crying into Harry’s shoulder.

‘Why is he crying?’ I stage whispered to Zayn.

‘He heard your joke about his driving.’ He stage whispered back. I giggled a bit and turned around.

‘Ugh, you make me so jealous. You’re so pretty!’ Lexi yelled a few feet away from me. I rolled my eyes at her.

‘Shut up, Lex. That’s not even true.’ I yelled back.

‘It is, you’re beautiful.’ A voice whispered in my ear. I turned to find Zayn smiling at me.

‘Sorry, pretty boy. I don’t get close with people I work with.’ I walked away from him and went to go check my phone. I’ve got like 5 notifications, 2 inboxes and a lot of mentions on twitter. I checked out all of them an replied to the inboxes and answered a few of my mentions.

‘Hey, Rosie. What did you say to Zayn? He’s pretty upset and bummed-out.’ Lexi came up to me.

‘I just said I don’t get close to people I work with.’ I shrugged my shoulders.

‘I don’t even know why you do that. I mean you’re lucky! You get to work with heaps hot guys.’ She sighed.

‘That’s the point. Hot guys lead to heartbreak and I don’t want to get my heartbroken.’ I shrugged my shoulders again.

‘Whatever mate, but you’re up again.’ She said and I nodded.

I walked over to the other girls and we got back into the car and pretended to pull up at the beach parking lot. Isabel parked the car behind the Kombi while the guys stood in front.

‘Hey girls!’ They all mouthed trying to make it look real. Because when you’re in music videos you can’t really talk unless they tell you you can. We all smiled back and hugged each boy. We ran down towards the beach and sat down. I had to flip my hair for the ‘the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed’ bit. Isabel got a single shot and so did Jacki. We got sent off while they filmed the boys walking and singing and all. I got called back so Harry could sing to me. I had to act all ‘aww’ to make it look like I love him. He stepped closer as he whispered the words to me. I looked into his green eyes and smiled. It was one of those romantic shots. Once they called cut I turned away from him straight away.

‘Okay, guys. We’re going to look over this and we’ll call you back if we still have more to do.’ Lauren called and everyone started to pack up. 

I grabbed my bag and headed for the hair and makeup cabin to pick up my dress and my underwear. I heard footsteps behind me and I expected it to be Lexi so I ignored them. But when I turned around I found Zayn looking at me.

‘Yes?’ I ask him as I put my clothes into my bag.

‘I just wanted to know if you’d like to come out to dinner with us, you and Lexi.’ He offered.

‘Um... It’s o-’ I got cut off by Lexi standing in the doorway.

‘We’d love to go!’ She chirped and I glared at her. She sent me a ‘trust-me’ look and I rolled my eyes.

‘Yeah, sure. We’ll go.’ I sighed and walked out the cabin, grabbing onto Lexi’s arm. When we got in the car, I turned to face her.

‘Lexi!’ I whined.

‘What?’ She asked innocently.

‘You know, I don’t like getting close with people i work with. IT causes drama and all. Remember Chris? Yeah, I don’t want that to happen to me.’ I shuddered at the thought of my ex-boyfriend. 

‘Yeah, but Zayn’s a good guy. He wouldn’t do that to you.’ She reasoned with me.

‘Why do you think it’s Zayn? And why would you think he wouldn’t do that? All hot guys are the same, Lex.’ I shot back.

‘No, Clara. You only think that because of Chris.’ I sighed when she said ‘Clara’. That’s how I knew she was serious. She never calls me Clara unless she’s serious.

‘Whatever, man.’ I rolled my eyes and put the keys in the ignition. ‘Wait, when are we going out?’ I asked her. I never got their number to know.

‘I’ll text Niall.’ I gave her a questioning look.

‘He’s adorable, okay. He’s already like a brother to me.’ She sent me a ‘don’t-judge-me’ look.

‘Go ahead and text him.’ I said and I looked ahead. 

‘He said it’s not until 6. They’re going to pick us up and we have to wear something really nice.’ She said, looking up from her phone.

‘Oh, no. It’s going to be a fancy dinner. Lex, I can’t do this.’ I started to panic.

‘Yes, Clara, you can.’ She said sternly and I sighed.

‘Okay, I’m calm.’ I said after a big breath.

‘Alright, so it’s 5. We have an hour to get ready.’ She said as I parked the car outside the apartment block. 

We raced into our apartment and ran for our rooms. I picked out a peach lace dress and nude heels. I took a quick shower and started to put my clothes on. My dress looked a tad bit too plain so I added a black belt around my waist. I put on makeup and I grabbed a bracelet and necklace to top off my outfit. By that time it was 5:50. I walked out of my room  at the exact same time Lexi did. I don’t know why it happens but we always come out at the same time. It’s really freaky. She wore a plain black dress that’s tight on her curves and frilly at the bottom. She wore white heels with it and wore a white headband.

‘Don’t we look hot.’ I winked at her.

‘We sure do.’ She laughed. 

The intercom beeped and i pressed the open button. A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door. I went to open it and I found Zayn. He wore a red long sleeved shirt with black jeans and supras. 

‘You look beautiful.’ His deep british voice said.

‘Thanks.’ I said and I turned to Lexi. ‘Let’s go?’ I ask her and we grabbed our things and walked out with Zayn behind us.






Thanks for reading this guys. I hope you’re reading Chasing the Sun as well. :))


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