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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


17. Chapter 17

Chapter 17


‘Wait... what do you mean ‘not now, Zayn’?’ Niall asked, using air quotes. I groaned internally.

‘I meant no, Zayn. Not ‘not now’.’ I bit on my bottom lip, hoping against hope that they took it. Honestly, I don’t know what I meant. I don’t if I meant I wanted to kiss him later or something. I glanced over to Zayn to see him smirking. I narrowed my eyes at him, he’s not supposed to do that!

‘Uh huh, sure Rose.’ Harry winked at me. I flipped him the finger in a ‘you suck balls’ way. He just laughed at me.

‘Louis!’ We heard a Eleanor scream and she started giggling. I raised my eyebrows at the other boys in front of me and they all smirked.

‘I’m so pro at this.’ I gushed to myself. They’ll end up together, no doubt.

‘If you are so pro, get me a girl.’ Harry winked.

‘Not until you get over your player ways.’ I said to him.

‘What player ways?’ He said, a little too innocently.

‘Don’t be such a retard. Plus, I have to see the girl. I didn’t just randomly pick Eleanor, her head just seemed to scream Louis when I first saw her.’ I shrugged.

‘Woah, talented mofo right here!’ Niall screamed, pointing to me.

‘Don’t even say mofo again.’ I said with a serious tone.

‘Just because I rule a thug life.’ Niall scoffed.

‘No, man. You’re Irish.’ I shook my head at him.

‘What? Because I’m irish I can’t be a thug?’ He tried to look menacing but he can’t. He’s too cute for that.

‘Well, yeah. Irish people are supposed to be leprechauns and full of luck with gold and stuff. Irish people aren’t supposed to be thugs.’ I explained. Niall stroked his imaginary beard and sighed.

‘Valid point.’ He said and I smiled triumphantly because I won that argument.

‘Why is Lexi here?’ I asked them.

‘I honestly don’t know. Liam is the one that knows all this stuff, we’re just the ones who go with the flow.’ Zayn shrugged his shoulders.

‘Probably because you guys are all immature little boys.’ I said in a monotone voice.

‘We are not immature. Or little.’ Zayn scoffed.

‘Suuuure, you guys aren’t.’ I said sarcastically.

‘We are very mature!’ Zayn tried his best to defend them.

‘Honestly, I don’t see it.’ I said with my head cocked to the side a bit.

‘How dare you accuse us of such atrocity!’ Zayn said and I couldn’t help but laugh at this.

‘Oh yeah, spell and define atrocity.’ I challenged with a smirk on my face.

‘A-t-r-o-city. And it means... something.’ Zayn said defeatedly.

‘Yep, I won that one too. Wow, guys. Thought you all had a game in you all.’ I teased. It was quite funny knowing that I won all these small arguments with them. They all looked down in embarrassment and I giggled to myself.

‘We finished the cake!’ Louis announced as he walked into the room with a messed up cake in his hands. Eleanor was behind him with a smile plastered on her face. She had flour all over her and Louis had a few chocolate stains on his shirt.

‘You call that a cake?’ Zayn asked with wide eyes.

‘Well, yeah. Cake is circle, right?’ Louis shrugged.

‘Who cares!? It’s food!’ Niall screamed and he dove for the plate in Louis’ hands. He snatched it up and started to eat the whole thing. We stared at him with widened eyes. I shook my head as I started to laugh. This boy is truly something.

‘Er... what happened to you two?’ Harry asked the both of them with wiggling eyebrows. The both of them blushed.

‘Well, I was just watching him. He was the one who started it.’ Eleanor jerked her thumb to Louis. We all averted our attention to him. He looked at us with an expression that tried to look innocent, but it didn’t.

‘Me? I did nothing! How dare you accuse me of such a thing?’ He said with fake shock. 

‘This is no accusation. You threw flour at me!’ She argued with him and so they spent about half an hour arguing about who started it and who was responsible and yadda yadda yadda. 

‘Woah. What happened here?’ Lexi said with wide eyes as she entered the room. Her eyes flitted between the two of them. 

‘Ask him.’ Eleanor said at the same time Louis said, ‘Ask her.’

Lexi cocked her head to the side as she waited for an explanation. I watched them with amusement. The two of them are perfect together. 

I felt something tug at my arm and I looked down to see a hand wrapped around it. I looked up to find Zayn with a smile on his face. His hazel eyes looked amused and excited. I raised my eyebrow at him questioningly. He jerked his head towards the hallway and he let go of me and walked away. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously but I followed him anyway. He kept walking until he got to the end of the hallway before he turned around to face me with a smile spread across his face. I walked slowly to him, I was getting a bit nervous. What does he want to do in the hallway?

When I finally reached him, he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. I cocked my head to the side and looked into his hazel eyes.

‘Zayn?’ I started off the conversation.

‘Rose?’ He mimicked me. I looked at him with my eyes a bit narrowed in a ‘don’t mess with me’ way. I took my hand out of his grasp and crossed my arms across my chest. He just chuckled at my reaction and I raised my eyebrow at him for him to continue.

‘Can I take you out?’ He asked. All humour gone, he was obviously nervous and hesitant. He scratched the back of his head and he had a questioning look on his face. 

‘Like a date?’ I asked him. My stomach churned and my heart tightened. Am I ready for a date?

‘If you want. Or it could be just as... friends.’ He sighed as he said the last word. He was looking down and it looked like he was trying to avoid my eyes.

Honestly, I don’t know where I stand anymore. I don’t know if I want to keep it in the friend zone or move forward with it. I don’t even know if I want to date anyone now. Actually, scratch that, I don’t know if I’m ready to date anyone. I haven’t been with anyone since Christian 2 years ago. He’s the reason why I have trust issues. I can’t trust a guy anymore with suspecting him as a cheater. I mean, Zayn could be a cheater. He’s famous, his hot and he can get any girl he wants. I’m just an average girl from LA who isn’t famous yet. Plus, I come with heavy baggage. Sometimes, I have to be handled with care. I don’t know if Zayn can handle that. 

‘I..I don’t know, Zayn. Believe me, I would but I don’t think... I don’t think I can do this right now. After Christian, I have trust issues. And I don’t think you can handle a girl like me. I’m e-’ I cut myself off before I blurt out everything that happened to me. Zayn’s head snapped up and he looked right into my eyes.

‘Rose. I’m nothing like Christian. I would never cheat on someone like you. You don’t deserve that. You deserve to be loved.’ He gripped my shoulders lightly as he said these words. 

I still don’t know if I should. I guess I can believe that he won’t cheat. But what about me? Am I ready to tell him all my secrets? Am I ready to tell him about my mom and about... about everything that has happened to me? Is he ready to hear all of my secrets and all off my past? Is he ready to be with an emotionally unstable, insecure girl?

I sighed and looked right into his eyes. 

‘Yes, I will. As a date.’ I watched as his hazel eyes lit up and his lips spread from ear to ear.

‘Are you serious?’ He had a bit of doubt in his voice but I can tell he was happy I said yes.

‘Yes, I am serious.’ I said confidently. ‘But you should know, I’m not ready to be in love yet. Please don’t find it awkward but I’m just letting you know in advance that I’m not ready to be in love yet.’ 

‘I understand. I’m not ready, either. I’m just happy that you actually opened up for me.’ He grinned and I sort of felt guilty at the fact that he actually wanted to ask me out for a while. I smiled back at him.

‘Can I... Can I kiss you right now?’ He asked. I smiled teasingly.

‘Oh honey, we gotta do this the proper way.’ I patter his cheek. I stood on the tips of my toes and whispered in his ear. ‘But you should also know, I don’t kiss on first dates.’ I pulled away and winked at him. 

He pouted a bit and I laughed lightly before walking away. I felt my phone vibrate in my bra and pulled it out. I read the text and laughed to quietly to myself.

From: Zayn Malik.

Be ready by 8. I have something special.

Something special?  I’m excited now. I changed his name so it’s more friendlier.

To: ZaynMalik :)

Something special? What do I wear?

From: ZaynMalik :)

Yes, something special. And no, I will not tell you anything. Wear something comfortable.

To: ZaynMalik :)

It’s a surprise? I hate surprises. 

From: ZaynMalik :)

Well, tough luck.

I laughed as Zayn walked past me and winked. Well, this is going to be an interesting night. 






HAHAHAHA! That took so long to update. Yes, I know I was supposed to do it ages ago, but I got caught up in so much homework and all. Sorry guys! xoxo.


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