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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


16. Chapter 16


Chapter 16


We spent the day with Eleanor just roaming around London. She shared a lot with us and we know her pretty well now. She’s so bubbly and gorgeous, it’s unfair. And she has the best sense of humour. She’s a part time model and she works at Starbucks to get money for fees for her university. She’s a very down to earth girl and I just want her to be with Louis already!

We are currently sat in a small café just a few blocks away from our flat. It’s almost 6:00 and we’ve been here for about an hour laughing and talking. Lexi’s phone suddenly rang very loudly. She sighed and answered it. Eleanor and I listened in to her side of the conversation.

‘Hello?’ ‘Oh, hi!’ ‘What? Now?’ ‘Why?’ ‘Okay, fine, if I have to.’ ‘No, I will not buy Louis carrots.’ ‘I don’t care if he cries, he’s a baby.’ ‘Ugh, I don’t want to see Zayn though! I’m still embarrassed.’ ‘Long story, don’t ask.’ ‘Fine, I’ll go. I’m bringing Rose and our new friend along.’ ‘I don’t care if I get in trouble, Liam. Freaking yolo.’ ‘Yes, I just said that.’ ‘Whatever, I’ll be there in ten. Just text me your address.’ ‘Okay, adios!’ She hung up the phone.

‘What’s that about?’ I asked her.

‘Liam needs me to come over for this job and stuff.’ She shrugged.

‘Do we have to come?’ I whined.

‘Yep.’ And she looked at Eleanor suggestively and back to me. I guess Operation Elounor (see what I did there;)) is in mode. Our first step to getting them together. I smiled back, knowingly.

‘Fine, luckily you have clothes on this time.’ I winked and she blushed. Eleanor looked at us in confusion.

‘Okay, so yesterday I came home with Zayn and Lexi here-’ I started.

‘NO, ROSE!’ Lexi screamed in panic.

‘-decided that it was the day to walk in her underwear and Zayn saw.’ I laughed and Lexi blushed furiously. Eleanor threw her head back and laughed like crazy. I laughed along with her while Lexi said a bunch of colourful words to us.

‘Rose!’ She whined and we laughed again.

‘Come on, baby. We gotta go see the boys.’ I said, standing up after our laughing fit. She groaned and said something about not wanting to see Zayn again.

‘Why am I coming?’ Eleanor asked us. 

‘Well, you’re our friend now and you’re gonna see the boys sooner or later. Might as well do it now.’ I shrugged when really, this is all about Elounor.

‘Fine. I can’t believe I’m seeing them. My cousin is like a massive fan, y’know.’ Eleanor said.

‘We’ll get her an autograph.’ Lexi winked.

‘She’ll go so crazy!’ El agreed.

‘I can’t believe I stayed in this dress all day. I don’t usually do that.’ I laughed as I realised what  was wearing.

‘Oh, true! You never wear dresses for more than three hours.’ Lexi agreed.

‘Really? I can stay in a dress for days!’ Eleanor said.

‘Well, sorry I can’t be like you.’ I said sarcastically.

‘Yeah, cause everyone wants to be like me.’ She flicked her hair off her shoulder like those snobby people do except a little more exaggerated. Me and Lexi started to giggle.

‘Oh, hey, look. This is the p;ace.’ Lexi said, looking up at the building in front of us. We walked inside and took the elevator to their floor. Once we reached their door, Lexi knocked. Zayn answered the door and blushed once he saw Lexi and me and Eleanor started to giggle.

‘You guys suck.’ Lexi muttered towards us. not looking at Zayn at all.

‘Hello., Zayn.’ I said, still laughing.

‘Hey, Rosie. Who’s this?’ He pointed to Eleanor.

‘Introductions will proceed when the rest of the boys are in the room.’ I said formally and Zayn just rolled his eyes.

‘Lexi, you rude person. Say hi to Zayn.’ I nudged her back and she scowled at me.

‘Hi, Zayn.’ She muttered, still not looking at him.

‘Hi, Lex.’ He said back. There was silence after that and you can literally taste the awkwardness in the air. Eleanor started to giggle and I started laughing.

‘Just get inside, you weirdos.’ Zayn said, letting us through.

‘That’s not a very nice thing to say to someone you don’t know.’ I said, raising my eyebrow at him.

‘Whatever.’ He muttered and I just laughed. 

We walked in and met everyone in the living room.

‘Hey, guys!’ I greeted them and they all nodded their heads and waved.

‘Hello, boys.’ Lexi smiled.

‘Hello!’ They said cheerfully.

‘How come she gets a hello and all I get is a nod?’ I feigned hurt.

‘Because we have to be nice to her or else she’ll make us wear ugly clothes.’ Louis said.

‘Fair enough.’ I shrugged my shoulders. Eleanor cleared her throat beside me.

‘Oh! i almost forgot. Eleanor, this is Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis. Boys, meet Eleanor Calder.’ I introduced them.

‘Hi!’ Eleanor grinned.

‘Hi!’ Louis said.

‘Hello.’ Zayn followed up.

‘Hello.’ Niall smiled.

‘Hi.’ Liam chirped.

‘Hiii.’ And Harry singsonged.

Louis then did a double take when he looked Eleanor over. I smirked, matchmaking has always been my best profession. 


Louis’ POV (This is rare)


‘Oh! I almost forgot. Eleanor, this is Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis. Boys, meet Eleanor Calder.’ Rose introduced. 

‘Hi!’ The girl said. 

‘Hi!’ I said back, not really looking at her.

‘Hello.’ Zayn said after me.

‘Hello.’ Niall smiled with his Irish accent.

‘Hi.’ Liam the wolverhampton hustler said.

‘Hiii.’ Harry practically sang.

I decided to finally look up. My eyes looked at her for a second and looked away. But once her whole image cam to mind, my head snapped back to look at her. She was so beautiful. Her light brown her was wavy, and the sides were pinned back although it had a few strands framing her face. Her light brown eyes showed enthusiasm and excitement. Her smile, oh my gosh, her smile was absolutely amazing! Her smile was just incredible. Plus, she was sexy as hell! Sh*t, I better stop the perverted thoughts. Uh oh, perverted thoughts.  

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rose smirking. I bet my whole career she’s gonna set us up. 

‘Louis, staring is rude.’ Lexi smirked at me.

‘It wasn’t staring, it was looking for more than a second.’ I shrugged.

‘Well, it’s nice to meet you all but I don’t think I should be here.’ The beautiful girl said awkwardly.

‘As if, you’re welcome here. Come with me and we can make a chocolate cake together!’ I said, as casually as I could. I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the kitchen. But Liam stood in the way. He had his arms crossed over his chest.

‘No way in hell, Lou. You almost burnt down the house the last time.’ Liam shook his head.

‘It wasn’t me! It was Niall!’ I blamed the irish one.

‘What do you mean it was me? I wasn’t even home.’ Niall said.

‘You retarded snowflake! You were supposed to back me up. What kind of irish man are you?’ I scolded.

‘Um, Louis? You’re still holding my hand.’ Eleanor said, gesturing down to my hand around hers.

‘Oh, right.’ I blushed but quickly looked away so no one saw.

‘We’re still making cake though!’ I said excitedly and started to walk towards the kitchen again.

‘No way, Louis.’ Liam said, sidestepping me.

‘Please.’ I pouted, sticking out my bottom lip.

‘That is very unattractive, Lou.’ Rose commented.

‘Excuse me? I’m very attractive. I’m the sexiest man alive, what is this? You think I’m sexy, right, Eleanor?’ I brought her into it. And now she has to say yes so she doesn’t hurt my feelings. I smiled smugly to myself. 

‘Well... I, uh...’ She started to say.

‘What is with all this hesitations? I’m sexy, right? Say I’m sexy!’ I practically begged.

‘But my mummy said to never lie.’ She said innocently. Her eyebrows were raised up, her eyes had that puppy eye look and her bottom lip was jutted out a bit.

‘You’re all monsters!’ I cried out and ran to the kitchen.

‘I’m still making cake and none of you can have any!’ I screamed.

‘Good, because it’s gonna taste horrible anyway!’ Lexi yelled back.

‘I thought we were friends!’ I scoffed, while getting all the ingredients and utensils out.

‘Who said that?’ Lexi said. I sighed, defeated. What do they all have against me? Is it because I’m the funniest? Or the sexiest? Or the best? Nope, it’s because I get called boobear, isn’t it?

‘I’ve been told to help you before you burn down the kitchen.’ A voice rang out from behind me. I turned to see Eleanor leaning against the door frame with her arms folded over her chest.

‘As if, I’d burn the kitchen down. I’m the best cook there is!’ I said, putting random things into the mixing bowl.

‘Really? Because you just put salt in, instead of sugar.’ She pointed to the bag in my hands. I looked down and saw that it was labelled salt.

‘Okay, who took the sugar bag out of my hands and replaced it with the salt one?’ I said. Eleanor laughed and her laugh was like ringing bells and triangles playing as angels fell down from the sky.

Well, bloody hell that was the most romantic words to ever cross my mind. Well done, Louis. I applaud you. 

‘Are you going to help or observe?’ I asked her, with my eyebrow raised.

‘Well, I’m not exactly allowed to leave. Rose said that if I didn’t help then I’d have to shave all my hair off. And I can’t do that. So, I’m stuck with you.’ She sighed like she doesn’t want to be with me.

‘You’re gonna love being stuck with me!’ I said happily as she helped me out.


Rose’s POV (Obviously not rare)


‘Okay, what are you two doing.’ Zayn asked me and Lexi once Eleanor was in the kitchen.

‘What ever do you mean.’ I said innocently.

‘You very well know what I mean.’ Zayn said sternly.

‘Okay, you caught us. We were planning on going on the London Eye tonight but well, we can’t now, now that you know there’s something up.’ Lexi shrugged and sighed like she was disappointed. I started to giggle an I quickly covered my mouth to stop it.

‘You two are impossible.’ Zayn shook his head.

‘You’re hooking boobear and hottie up together, aren’t you?’ Harry wiggled his eyebrows at us.

‘That’s a secret I’ll never tell.’ I said like that Gossip Girl person thing.

‘I’ve heard that from somewhere before!’ Niall jumped up. He snapped his fingers as he tried to figure it out. ‘Gun, no... Girl, no... Gone, no...’ He kept snapping his fingers and trying to figure it out.

‘Xoxo, gossip girl.’ I continued to help him out and I literally emphasised gossip girl.

‘Shut up, Rose. I’m trying to figure it out.’ He snapped at me and I burst out laughing.

‘What’s funny?’ He asked me. I continued to laugh because of how clueless he looked.

‘Dude, she said it.’ Zayn pointed out.

‘What? Xoxo, gossip girl? No, man. It started with a G not an X.’ He shook his head and everyone started to laugh until we were all in tears.

‘What are you all laughing about?’ He asked, completely confused.

‘Niall.’ Liam said as if saying his name would help him figure it out. He barely said his name though because he was in fits of laughter.

‘OH MY GOD! I’M SO STUPID! IT WAS GOSSIP GIRL!’ He shouted and facepalmed himself. 

We all continued our laughing fir for another five minutes and we were all in tears. We all finally quieted down with an occasional chuckle every now and then.

‘Well, that was embarrassing.’ Niall pointed out and I giggled.

I heard a few more giggles coming from the kitchen.

‘Shh!’ I hushed.

‘But no on was talking.’ Harry said as he looked at me like i was a crazy person.

‘Shh!’ I hushed them again.



‘Rose, what-’



‘SHUT UP!’ I yelled at him. ‘Listen.’ I whisper-yelled as I gestured towards the kitchen. There were more giggles and laughters and ‘stop, Louis!’s. I smiled triumphantly, hell yes, they’re getting along!

‘You master mind!’ Zayn said ruffled my hair.

‘Touch my hair, I’ll touch yours.’ I raised my eyebrows in a ‘i dare you’ way.

‘No one touches this.’ He gestured towards his hair. I smirked and i jumped up to mess up his hair.

‘Noooo! Stoooop!’ Zayn screamed as he tried to shield his hair.

‘Well, when someone tells me I can’t do something I have the urge to do it.’ I whispered in his ear.

‘Funny, cause I have the same urge too.’ He said a bit seductively as he wrapped his arm around my waist, holding me in place.

‘Not now, Zayn.’ I said sternly, trying to push myself away from him.

‘Tough luck.’ He winked but moved me to his side with his arm still around my waist.

Everyone looked at us curiously and I shook my head at them.

‘Okay, so why am I here again?’ Lexi turned to Liam.

‘Oh, right, follow me.’ Liam stood and guided her down the hallway to a room. I turned around to the other two boys and they were both wiggling their eyebrows at me.

‘Stop looking at me like that!’ I whined and stepped away from Zayn. He pouted at me but I just smirked.

‘Tough luck.’ I copied his words from before.






Well, one of the best chapters so far in my opinion!


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