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  • Published: 28 Sep 2012
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COMPLETED. Clara-Rose Flemming. 17 years old. Model and actress. Got a call from her agent to be in a music video at Malibu Beach. She goes and finds that it's One Direction's video. She never gets in a relationship with anyone she works with. BUt will Zayn change her mind?


14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14


Zayn's POV


This day was filled with nothing but happiness the fact that she was willing to kiss me was so amazing. And the fact that the kiss was better than any of my other kisses was more amazing. I like her. I like her a lot. She is the most amazing girl in the world. The way her hair just cascades down her back. The way her hazel eyes give away every emotion she's holding. The way bites her lip when she's embarrassed. The way she runs her hand through her hair when she's super happy. And most of all, the way her smile can take my breath away.

The whole car ride, I never let go of her hand. I loved the way her fingers fit perfectly in between mine. She didn't stop smiling throughout the whole ride. And halfway through, her eyes closed and her breathing became steady. It took all my might not to stare at her. She looks beautiful asleep. She looks beautiful all the time.

I sighed as I reluctantly looked away. I kept my eyes on the road because I was afraid that if I looked at her again, I won't be able to concentrate. Her hand squeezed mine and I felt warmth radiate through my body. She squeezed it again but this time it was much more tighter. I looked over at her, frightened that something was wrong. And there was something wrong. I quickly pulled over and helped her.

Her eyes were shut tight and her eyebrows were furrowed. She was sort of curled up in a ball and her grip on my hand was too tight. She started to moan in a frightened way. As if she kept getting hurt. She moan louder. Then next minute she screamed. I got scared and I quickly undid her seat belt and pulled her into my lap. She curled up into a more tighter ball and she screamed once more. I stroked her back.

'NO. DON'T HURT HER!' She suddenly screamed loudly. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. My lips were close to her ear and I kept telling her to wake up.

'Rose, baby. Wake up. It was just a dream. Wake up, baby.' I murmured into her ear.

Her eyes opened abruptly and she sat up quickly. The tears started to pour down her face.

'Zayn.' She murmured and her arms wrapped around my neck and she cried into my chest.

'Shh, Rose. It was just a dream. Don't let it get to you.' I whispered to her. Her sobs made her shake and she sounded distraught.

'It was like it happened yesterday, Zayn.' She sobbed loudly and I stroked her back once more.

'Do you want to talk about it?' I murmured in her ear. She shook her head and sat up straight. She wiped away the remaining tears and went back to her seat.

'I'm okay now.' Her voice shook.

'Are you sure?' I asked her with doubt in my voice. She nodded in answer. I looked at her once more but turned the car on and drove back to her apartment.

I parked outside the building and I looked over to her. Rose had her arms tightly around body, as if she wanted to hold everything together. It was agonizing looking at her in such a depressed state instead of her happy self from today. I wrapped my arms around her shoulder and pulled her closer to me. She cried silently into my shirt.

'Are you sure you're okay?' I asked her.

'Yes, I'm fine.' She nodded into my chest and pulled away. She wiped the tears away from her face.

'And are you sure you don't want to talk about it?' I asked her. She gave me a small smile.

'Next time.' She told me. I sighed but nodded. She'll tell me when she's ready. I'm not going to push her into telling me. Hell, I'm not risking anything for this. I want everything to be right.

Rose's POV

I watched how Zayn thought of not pushing me into telling him. I'm grateful that he didn't ask any further. I don't think I'm ready to tell anyone about her yet. She was someone so special to me and I don't think I'm ready at all. I'll tell Zayn sometime but not now.

This girl was my best friend. She was the closest thing to me. She was my mom. Our relationship was better than everyone else's. she treated me like we equal, she never bossed me around. She let me tell her everything. She helped me when I was bullied in high school. But after The Accident, I lost her forever. Because she saved my life. She is the reason why I'm living today and she's not. I decided to pursue my dream as an actress for her. She was the one who pushed me into doing small commercials when I was young. She told me that what the bullies said was far from the truth and that I should never listen to them. I loved her. I still do. And that nightmare made me relive The Accident again.

I got out of the car a second after Zayn and we both walked into the apartment. He grabbed my hand and lifted it up to his lips and he gently kissed my knuckles. I blushed a bit.

'Whenever you're ready.' He said and his hazel eyes pierced through me. His eyes showed concern and a bit of understanding. I guess he knew that I've been through a lot. We walked into the building and made our way to my room. I went straight for the kitchen once I got in.

'Rosie?' Lexi's voice rang out and she walked into the room in just her underwear. I've seen her like that a thousand times so it didn't bug me. I turned back around but I did a double take when I realised Zayn was still in the room. Lexi flushed scarlet and bolted for her room. Zayn stood very uncomfortably in the kitchen and his eyes were somewhere else. I stifled a giggle but it came out anyway. Zayn's eyes flitted to me and he but down on his bottom lip. I laughed again at his antics.

'What's so funny?' He asked innocently. I just shook my head in answer and kept giggling to myself. I walked out of the kitchen and into Lexi's room. She was sat on her bed with sweats and a tanktop on. Her head was in her hands and I could tell her face was red.

'That was so embarrassing.' She said with her head still down.

'At least you had a good body?' I offered as a good thing out of it.

'Yeah, but he didn't have to see it like that.' Her head went up and her face was even redder than before if that was even possible.

'Aww, Lex. Come here.' I giggled and pulled her closer to me.

'Im not going out there anymore. What's he doing here, anyway? I thought you two had a massive argument.' She looked at me with an expression that said 'tell me everything or i'll shoot your head off'. I sighed reluctantly but opened my mouth to tell the story. But I was interrupted with a knock on the door.

'Rose, I'm going home now.' Zayn's voice said from the other side of the door.

'Why not open it?' I said teasingly. I could almost imagine his face going red. I know Lexi's face went red.

'Um, I'm okay out here. So I'm going to leave now.' He said nervously and I refrained from giggling.

'Okay, bye Zayn.' I called out. I heard his footsteps retreat and the door slam shut. I turned back to Lexi and her face was redder than a goddamn tomato. She snaked my arm and I clutched it as it stung.

'Ow!' I complained as I rubbed my arm.

'Thats what you get for joking about that. That was so freaking embarrassing!' She said. I laughed again as the image went back into my head.

'Okay, stop laughing. You have a story to tell.' She gave me a pointed look.

I sighed and I told her the events of today. 'The kiss was absolutely amazing. The best kiss by far. Hell, I never felt like that for anyone! You know how I never believed in that sparks sh*t but I'm not kidding when I say there were sparks. It felt like fireworks bursting but in a good way. It makes you feel so giddy and happy and just makes you want to melt. It was the best kiss. Ever.' I told her. She looked at me with an amused expression.

'You like him.' She wiggled her eyebrows at me. I sighed, I guess this was going to happen.

'I honestly don't know.' I muttered. She rolled her eyes at me.

'You do know, you're just scared to admit it.' She said to me.

'So what if I am scared? I know Zayn doesn't like me.' I said.

'Are you kidding me!? If Zayn asked to kiss you, he likes you, you dumb b*tch.' She facepalmed herself.

'What if he didn't feel the sparks like I did?' Honestly, I think I was just finding an excuse not to admit my feelings. Because it's true, I am scared. I don't want to get hurt again. Christian scarred me already, and I don't want that to happen again. This is why I don't like getting close with the people I work with. I develop feelings and I get scared and run away.

'Hun, if you felt it then he did too. A kiss can't have sparks unless two people feel it too.' She wisely said.

'Since when did you become a love doctor?' I asked her rhetorically.

'Since you got into a sappy love story.' She answered anyway and she beamed at me. I rolled my eyes in answer.

'Weird ass b*tch.' I muttered under my breath an she just laughed.





YESSSS! I got an update in!!! I'm so proud of myself. And you should silently thank paranormal activity 4 for keeping me up and making me write his chapter. And also thank my friend, Cindy, she would have burned me alive if I didn't update soon. The weird ass bitch.

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