Another poem, I wrote this rather a while ago, when I was 13, but I've always been rather fond of it for its simplicity :) I think it needs work but that's what you're here for! Feedback welcome! xx


1. Home

Their room was a-buzz with lemon joy,
From the rafters to the depths of the floor.
Laughter rang out in a broken melody
As the rain began to pour.

Raindrops chasing down his cheeks,
Light spilling out from the window.
The voices daring him to stay,
By the shadows he should go.

Inside the laughter carries on
In a long, unbroken chain.
And the homeless man watches on outside,
Each joyous shriek a pain.

Hollow gasps of disbelief,
As the music just stops playing.
The door is thrust open on the homeless man,
He knows it's futile staying.

Off he wanders in the inky black night,
Down the path and through the garden gate.
They don't even watch him go,
So superficial, filled with hate

They have a home, a place to stay,
A place to laugh the night away.
No remorse for the man in the rain-
He's forgotten and they're laughing
Again and again

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