Can i ever love again??

17 year old Sophie has lived a hard life but when she gets the chance to fulfil her dream, will she go for it? will she meet One Direction and maybe fall in love? or will her past stop her from doing anything she wishes


4. YES!!!!!

Seeing everyone cry was the last thing i wanted to do. seeing people cry it reminded me of when i would cry myself to sleep every night. Demi Lovato started to speak pushing me out of my thoughts.

"Im so sorry" she tried saying but tears kept on pouring down her face. Next thing i know shes getting out of her chair as well as Britney Spears and heading towards me.

They both gave me hugs, long hugs. They both said things like stay strong and let nothing hold you down. but i knew that and have been told that many times but them saying it to me was like wow they really do care.

They went back to there seats and went straight to the voting cause i dont think anyone new what to say.

Simon started "look i am sorry for what happened but you came to let your vooice be heard, and i am glad you did cause i must say that i am so glad you did cause that was the best audition i have ever heard, you could win the competition by far. and its a big fat YES."

L.A Reid was next " I agree with Simon that was the best audition ever, you could go far. Its a yes from me.

Britney was next " Your amazing, you have the whole package yuor beautiful, you have an amazing voice and everyone could connect with you So its a  big YES frome me.

Demi " You made me get chills and i dont get that a lot, I would love to work with you so its a big Yesssss from me, You have 4 Yesssss!!!!!!!!! so i will see you in boot camp.

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