Can i ever love again??

17 year old Sophie has lived a hard life but when she gets the chance to fulfil her dream, will she go for it? will she meet One Direction and maybe fall in love? or will her past stop her from doing anything she wishes


3. Painful memories

Sorry my computer keeps on stuffing up so here's the other bit to the chapter:)

My parents had had enought so they told me to choose between them or John. I choose John worst mistake I have ever made. We moved in together but things got worse he would come home drunk and abuse me. One day he was completely wasted and I told him to stop it, stop everything and that he's changed. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and stabbed my lower right side tummy. He called me a worthless piece of sh!t before heading upstairs to go to bed. While I was laying on the floor in agony and blood seaping through my top. I found the strength to get up well crawl and call the cops cause well I had had enought and no one should have to go through this. I heard sirens and that was the last thing I heard before blackening out.

After I finished everyone was silent and in tears but now theyre just painful memories
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