Can i ever love again??

17 year old Sophie has lived a hard life but when she gets the chance to fulfil her dream, will she go for it? will she meet One Direction and maybe fall in love? or will her past stop her from doing anything she wishes


1. Bright Lights

The lights shone brightly as i was walking to the center on the X Factor stage where all the judges were waiting for me.

Demi Lovato was the first to speak "whats your name sweety?" she asked me. "S-Sophie Rose" i just managed to answer. "What a lovely name" she replied, "what song are you gonna sing for us?"

"Turning tables by adele" i quickly said

Are you sure you wana do an Adele song? cause i hate Adele!" Simon said,

Yes, i do.

After singing the song....

"well i must say that, that was amazing i hate adele but you made me like her now" Simon said , "thank you" i said. You had such an emotional connection like that song was realated to you, i feel something big has happened may i ask what?..... 

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