Can i ever love again??

17 year old Sophie has lived a hard life but when she gets the chance to fulfil her dream, will she go for it? will she meet One Direction and maybe fall in love? or will her past stop her from doing anything she wishes


6. Boot camp (part 2)

Your through to the next round simon cowel said

yayaayyay everyone screamed around me i was so happy that finally maybe something would go my way for once just have todo one more song to get to the judges homes

congradulations all now go get some rest becaause you will be singing your next song 2mo Simon said

I got home to see a happy Jasmin sitting on the bed "did you get through i said" 

"YUP ahah im so happy, did you? please say yes" jazmin said


"yayaya" she said jumping up and down

"So what song shall we do for 2mo cause we get to pick a partner" Jazz said

"so we get to be together?"

Yeah if ou wanna be with me"

"of course i do silly" 

YAy, okay what song i was thinking maybe a one direction song"

'Umm yeah okay not really my style of singing  but yeah okay" i said

"What you dont like One Direction!!!!!!

"What i never said that i mean i like them but my voice doesnt sound great singing fast songs"

"ohh whatever, okay sing a 1D song"

"okay, what song?"

"Ahh What makes you beautiful"


After the song

"woow your incredible we have to do that song 2mo your voice sounds phenominal"

"really you think, like i mean your not just saying that!!"

"Of course not bff for life"

"indeed" with both start laughing

"I guess we should get some sleep big day 2mo" Jazz say

"Yeah i guess, Night Jazz"

"Night soph"


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