Can i ever love again??

17 year old Sophie has lived a hard life but when she gets the chance to fulfil her dream, will she go for it? will she meet One Direction and maybe fall in love? or will her past stop her from doing anything she wishes


5. Boot camp (Part 1)

I got 4 yess i was so happy. I knew that singing was what i wanted to do since i was a little girl i just knew it was for me, and now i get the chance.

I walked of the stage happy to see my family, i was so happy they forgave me for what i did. They all ran up to me giving me a huge hug

"your going to boot camp" said my little bro

"yup" i replied so excitedly

we left the auditions and headed home, in a week i would be heading to hollywood and beginig boot camp i was so nervous already for what was to come.

A week later...

I was all packed and put my suitcase in the car, i was giving everyone hugs and they were telling me i will see u at the live shows and you are gonna make it through and everything. I still cant believe i choose John over my family nut i guess thats what love does to you.

I said goodbye hoped in the car and headed to the airport, my dad was dropping me off. I said goodbye and went to go get my ticket,

After the plane ride which was really quick, we hoped off the plane and a car should i say cars came to pick all of us up. i hoped in a car which had 2 other people in it a boy and a girl. they looked my age

"hi im jazmin" said the girl

"hi im sophie" i said

"casey" said the boy

"nice to meet you" we all said

we got talking about alot of things we exchanged numbers when we arrived at the hotel. It was massive i must say.

we all settled in our hotel and i was lucky enough to share the same room with Jazmin, i was so tired i just wasnt in the mood to meet more people at the moment

we got called down to the loby where there was a onstructer person and they told us that we needed to practise a song cause we would be performing it to the judges in two days.

we all left and went to our rooms

"what sing are you gonna sing" jazmin asked

" I have no clue yet"


we decided we were really tired and that we had a big day ahead so we went to sleep.


we got up got ready for the day and headed down satirs for breakfast, i was starving since i didnt have dinner last night.

I got a big plate of pancakes with lots of fruit on, yum i thought

after breakie i looked through my ipod and decided i will choose Turn your face by little mix i love them so much

i practised and practised untill i ra\ealised it was 1 in the morning man time goes fast

i got in my pjs and went to bed.

I was in the best dream ever when i felt someone shaking me and telling me to get up.

i opened my eyes and it was jazmin

"get up we only have 20 minutes till we need to go.

i jumped out of bed, jumped in the shower got dressed and went straight down stairs hoped in a car and went straight to the place where we would be performing, i dint even get breakfast or dinner last night so i was starving i swear my tummy was gonna eat me if i didnt get any food in it,

2 hours later we got a break and finally got some food that would settle my tummy for awhile,

1 hour later

i was still waiting for my turn, jazmin just finished i must say she was amazing that was the first time i actually heard her singing she sang how we do by rita ora

Sophie rose demi called

i got up with all eyes on me

Hi i said

"hi Sophie what song are you gonna sing for us" demi said

"turn your face By little mix"


After song

:thank you" she said

I walked back to were i was sitting and waited till everyone was finished

we all got put into 4 differnet rooms and waited

2 hours later Demi Lovato, Britney Spears< simon Cowel and LA Reid came into the room next to ours we heard screams and cheers, they must have gone to another room cause they didnt come to ours next.

I looked around and couldnt see Jazmin around so i hoped she was in the room where everyone got throught.

The judges walked through our door with sad faces, theyre gonna sent us home i just no it

Simon started talking "we wish we could take all of yous throw but unfortunatly we cant

but we no for sure that your throught to the next round"

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