Love me or love me not?

One direction end up in London were there are 2 sisters named Mia and Vicky,
They have 3 friends named Layla, Tayla and Lucy.
One direction find Mia and Vicky's house and end up staying there for the summer
in London. They have a few concerts there and all fall in love with
one of the girls.
Enjoy, it's my first ever fanfic :)


1. Finding a place to stay

Louis' POV:
I stood in front of a massive house to see a girl my age running around in her room upstairs.
All I could see in her room was her and a room full of posters. I laughed to myself while the boys got everything and then we knocked on the door.

Mia's POV:
I got in my pyjamas and then heard a knock on the front door. I tied my hair up in a messy bun and ran down stairs. I yelled to my mum saying I would get it. I opened the door and screamed to myself. OMG one direction was at my door! I told them to wait a minute, so I ran to my mum and told her to talk to them well I did something. I ran upstairs and and took down all my one direction posters and turned over my one direction bed sheet, and ran back downstairs.

Louis' POV:
When I saw her answer the door she looked so cute the way her eyes looked straight into mine then down at the ground. She ran somewhere quickly then came back and invited us in.
We sat in silence untill she told us her name. Her name was Mia, it's a lovely name. After a bit her sister came down and almost screamed down the house. He was a bit younger than her and her name was Vicky ( short for Victoria ) . Her and Zayn got on pretty well. After a while Mia invited some friends over. There was Layla, Tayla and Lucy. We all started to chat when Layla asked if anyone wanted to play a game?
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