The Boy On The Sidewalk

I have a habit to study people. i like to try and figure them out peice by peice. One boy was particularly interesting. The boy on the sidewalk. He was crying. Nothing unusual. His hair looked like it had been styled, but messed up recently. Bluey green eyes. For some reason I thought I knew him...


1. School Again...

Katie's POV
I wake up to my alarm clock screaming the unfortunate truth of school. It sucks. After 3 months vacation in Australia I'm back in Doncaster. Such a gloomy place. I drag myself out of bed and almost forget to stop my alarm clock. I quickly get dressed and have breakfast. I jump on the bus and sit next to my friend Jessica. We share her iPod on the way there and listen to One Direction's new song 'Live While We're Young'.
>>> After School >>>
The bell rang and we all rushed out the school gates. I started to make my way home. As I reached my street I noticed a boy on the side walk. Brown hair, that looked like it had been styled recently, but was now just messy. He had bluey green eyes. Alright girl, don't get too far ahead of yourself. From now on I will stop trying to investigate people. There is a person on the sidewalk. He is pretty hot. I realized I had been staring. I hadn't noticed, I wasn't really looking at him. Wait... Is that... Louis Tomlinson!!!
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