i thought i hated you

my name is Hayley and I have honey coloured hair and blue eyes. I work at nandos only do I can et more money so I can move out away from my parents. my friend Caitlin lives with us since her brother went to audition for x factor and we are going to buy an apartment together.

her brother and his new band members come ocver all the time and one boy is always trying to make a move on me. it's really weird since I think all five of them are just weird perverts.

I have one big secret, that only my parents and Caitlin know about... I can see the dead.


1. awkward haleys pov

me and my friemd caitlin live together with my parents. we share a room and we always have loads of fun together. caitlins brother auditioned for the x factor bur got kicked out and themnput in a band. they are now back from their first tour for their album up all night. 

when i wake up caitlin is still asleep. 'caitlin get the hell up!!' i say jumping on her bed. 'mmm whats the time?' she mumbles wiping her eyes. 'uh 9:30' i ssy checking the clock. 'what! louis and his mates are going to be here soon!' she jumps out of the bed and starts running to the closet. i groan amd flop back down on my bed. 

i hate the band. louis her brother is alright. he just calls people carrot and stuff. even though he is older thsn us by two years he is pretty childish amd we are more grown up thsn him. his mates are just perverted and they dont stop messing around. well except for one boy liam. we both have a little crush on hm but i cant make a move on hime bacause caitlin called dibs on him. 

i finally get off my bed and walk to my closet and get my pale pink dress that finishes mid thigh and my skin coloured ankel boot heels. i wasnt to girly but i did wear pink and dome florsl print things when i wanted too. caitlin was already in the bathroom doing her hair and makeup. i walked in and started doing mine aswell. i curled my hair and pulled it over my right shoulder.

i did my makeup natural and then walked back out. 'morning mum' i say and hug her. 'morning hunney' 

'the uh boys will be here soon' i say. 'oh yeah' just then the doorbell rings. i go up and answer it. i really didnt like harry niall and zayn, they were too immture and would always be sayimg random perverted things. harry and louis were the worst. 

'hi louis!' i say and givr him s hug. 'hi hayley. you look good today' he says andnsteps in. 'hi hayley!' the others say. 'hi' i say. 'caitlin!' i call up the dtairs. she walks down in hernavy blue dress and black converse. she was completely beutiful. 

we were just talking snd i again was stuck in the middle of harry and zayn. fun times. 'honey im going to mariels house for tea, ill be back before night' my mum says and leaves. let the awkwardness begin. harrys arm was over my shoulder. i look at it and take his hand then pt it back next to him. 

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