Spying On 1D

Louisa-Ann (Penelope) Thompson is on a mission, to scoop out One Direction, she's an undercover agent who might just fall in-love with one of the band members she's suppose to be spying on.



I run down the stairs my feet thumping into the luscious carpet and jump on Michael and kiss his lips softly, strangely something feels funny, he smells like perfume and smoke and his hair is messy, "What happened to you?" he never comes home like this from work... "Oh, nothing... I'm gonna go shower and then we'll get going ok baby?" I kiss his cheek and nod. He rushes up the stairs and I sit down in the kitchen and flip open my phone when the doorbell rings.

I get up off my stool and wander into foyer of our house, I open the door to see a very sl**y girl. "Who are you?" I ask confused, "I'm Michael's new girlfriend, you must be his sister, he left his wallet behind today where is he?" OMG how is she Michael's girlfriend I'm not his sister, that means he's been lying to me the whole time what a manwhore. "Um, I don't know who you are but I can assure you I'm not his sister I'm his girlfriend and if you are well that means he's been cheating on us both," I tell her as nice as I can, "MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!" I yell. I hear the shower switch off.

He runs down the stairs with a towel from his waist, "Whats wrong baby?" he spots the sl** next to me and he opens his mouth, "I hear this is your girlfriend, have fun with her WE ARE OVER!" I grab my suitcase, luckily the girl took a cab here and its waiting outside, "Peny! Wait-" I hear him screaming from the front gate I shut the door on him. "Start driving!" I tell the driver. I move my suitcase below my feet its super light and I sigh, "Can you take me to the private section of the airport?" he mumbles, "Yes," and he turns around heading to the airport, I flip out my phone and call Rose

"Hello? Is that you YB?"
"Yah its me? Is there any chance we can leave a little earlier?"
"No problem I'm already here waiting I'm catching the flight but just to give you a pep talk on the way of your job and then I'll fly back tomorrow, We can leave as soon as you arrive,"
"Okay I'm on the way now, Thanks too I owe you one!"

I hang up and slump back in my seat, it looks like I'll be there soon! A new life away from London but WITHOUT Michael...

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