Spying On 1D

Louisa-Ann (Penelope) Thompson is on a mission, to scoop out One Direction, she's an undercover agent who might just fall in-love with one of the band members she's suppose to be spying on.



"So YB, can we count on you?" Rose asks. This is a big job to go undercover for weeks maybe months with 5 guys, what about Michaelo? Oh yeah, he's always busy with the restaurant, but he doesn't know about me being an agent... Oh well Imma just tell him I'm going away to do some interviews. "Sure I'm great with that!"

"You'll be away for about 2 months and you'll be staying in their house so you just need clothes and the essentials everything else is provided ok?" a man says checking off a list. I nod, "When do I leave?" thought I better know this to get there, "Tonight. We will text you the details go home and pack-" he stops and pulls out a special briefcase with the company logo, "Take this with you and plant it all around the house, camera's and spyware, you've seen it all before, keep your sunglasses on DO NOT TAKE THEM OFF they can't see the real you, well when you sleep and shower with them on, turn them on waterproof mode, okay? Also don't flirt with the boys Michaelo could find out we see all the footage from the spy cams..." This is a lot to take in but I'll remember it all, "Sure, I won't let you down," I push my chair back and walk out the door.

I get into my car and fly, I'm going to miss everything while I'm away, I love having no traffic up in the air above the clouds the engine jets blare out the sides of my car, I should ring Michaelo and tell him whats going on...

(Blue = Michael)
"Hey baby, hows work?"
"Thats what I rang about,"
"I have to go away for 2 months for some interviews and stuff like that for the magazine..."
"Um, I don't know what to say, I'm going to be busy at the restaurant, we're moving to another location so I will be keeping busy, When are you leaving?"
"Are you serious? Why so soon?"
"I don't know, Will you come to the airport with me though?"
"Yeah sure, I'll be home at 5 so I can take you there. Love you! Bye"
"Bye Mic, love you more!"

We both hang up and I've arrived in my under ground carpark. I grin, switching off the ignition, I hop out of the car and wander inside, grabbing my big pink suitcase.

My suitcase is actually more complex than you think, It looks like a regular make up case but its not really. Its a spy suitcase all the agents have them in different styles, It has a feature when you can keep anything in there without it being taken  because I must keep a gun with me and I can only bring one bag because of the high tech gear inside. I put in the briefcase they gave me, my gun and my small amount of make up, I don't have any eye make up, I always wear my glasses and I have coloured contacts for when I'm out with Michaelo, he thinks my eyes are grey. I pack my toiletries and lady undergarments, clothes of all shape and colour. A few pairs of shoes the contacts. My hair straightner and that kind of thing.

My phone dings for a text, I scroll to my messages. 

I find the message and click open.

From Rose: Hey YB, here's the details of the flight
PLANE: TLSSA PRIVATE JET (A/N TLSSA stands for The London Secret Spy Agency)
NOTE: PLEASE BE THERE 5 minutes to 7 at the private section. Only bring the allocated Spy suitcase DON'T BE LATE GET THERE ON YOUR OWN

I don't have to bring a charger for my phone it charges when I put it into my left pocket with a little switch. Don't kid me wrong I love being able to do abnormal things but its hard not to get noticed that I have un normal things. I look at my also fancy watch and its 5 and on time I hear Michaelo home from work and I go downstairs to greet him.

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