Spying On 1D

Louisa-Ann (Penelope) Thompson is on a mission, to scoop out One Direction, she's an undercover agent who might just fall in-love with one of the band members she's suppose to be spying on.



At 5:30 sharp my alarm beeps as everyday it does. I jump out of bed and smell my boyfriend Michaelo (mik-a-lu) making muffins downstairs. I am forbidden to tell him my real name also. Michael is a chef and works at his own private restaurant he makes me breakfast every morning and he thinks I ONLY work for the magazine. I put on my robe and slippers and skip down the stairs I'm 18 also I graduated high-school two years earlier because I'm so smart and Michaelo is 19 and he graduated with me but being the grade below.

We got a house together and we eventually got together... I reach the kitchen and Michael at the table with my to-go cup and a blueberry muffin.

I kiss him quickly and take the coffee and muffin and he grabs his and he runs out the door, "I love you Peny!" he calls out "Love you to Mic!" Peny and Mic are our nicknames for eachother. I put my hand on the kitchen wall and it opens up to my car chute, nobody knows this is here and its how I get to my car, I always throw my breakkie into the car from here and I also use it to reach the actual car because he doesn't know I have it because it has a flying mode so I can fly places which is super cool! 

I also have my speed changing wardrobe, its very sophisticated, after wearing your clothes and drycleaning them, which is what I always do because I'm lazy. You fold your clothes in a particular way and all you have to do is step into the wardrobes secret door and press the ON button and vòila your changed! Sorry I'm talking way to much I should get to work! I jump down the chute and get in my car and start to fly <3

When I park my car with all the others, Rose my boss greets me at the front, "Hello, Yellow Butterfly, follow me," she hurries me inide and to the board room. I sit down in my labelled seat and everyone is waiting, It's only 6:15 so I'm 15 minutes late whoops! "Okay, so YB (Yellow Butterfly shortened) WE have worked very hard on this plan and you can't screw it up."

I bite my lip and nodd my head.

"We want you to act as a body guard for some people but be an undercover spy at the same time," Rose tells me, "Sure!" I smile and nod, "Who for may I ask?" biting my lip, "British, Irish boyband ONE DIRECTION..."

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