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5. #5

Liam's Point of View:

I lay in bed, it''s 5:12 am and all I thought about Isabel, the only person I'm thinking about- when it should be Danielle. This is all too confusing. She kissed me back though. Does that mean she likes me too? Does that mean I should just give up on mine and Danielle's relationship? Because of one kiss? Why was I even thinking about giving up on the relationship in the first place? I love Danielle. I shouldn't like Isabela. I shouldn't even think about it. Danielle is great, but lately she's been distant, she cancels on me because she's 'busy' and when we do go out she ends up texting someone the entire time. She doesn't even like to kiss me anymore, she usually says that she doesn't feel well or that she not in the mood. I feel like the guy from 'The Vow' sometimes where I have to say "Can I at least have an awkward hug?".

Isabela though. She's the greatest person I've met so far, she got me a free drinks, drunk sang with me in the bar, I'm not even supposed to, yet she's the only one who has gotten me to let loose, and most of all;

She kissed me back.

Niall's Point of View:

It's about 5 am, maybe I should order some ice cream, pizza, and some buffalo wings from down stairs! After all I am the hungriest person I know. I grabbed the phone off the night stand and pressed the button that said 'Room Service' and waited for them to answer.

"Hello room service, how may we help you?"

"Uh can I have a pizza pie, 10 buffalo wings, and 2 bowls of vanilla ice cream delivered to my room please?" I asked kindly.

"Sure it'll be right up, anything else?"

"That's it, thank you"

"No problem." then the line went dead. I walked over to the coush in the suite that they gave and turned on the tv. Everything was in Spanish so I decided to just order a movie, I knew Spanish but if people talk slower then normal, and it was too lazy to try to comphrehend what the tv was saying.

I ordered 'Love Actually' only because Harry always said it was a good movie, but hey, know one has to know I'm watching a chick-flick by myself do they? Nope. Didn't think so. The movie started and only a few minutes later there was a knock on my door. I got up to answer it only to find a girl in fuzzy slippers, pijamas, and a robe on with a cart of food on it. Interesting. She had pink hair that flowed perfectly down her back and it didnt look like she had a bra on. Jesus take the wheel.

"Hello" I said cooly. "What brings you here?"

"Your food smart one." she reminded.

"Oh, uh, yeah, you can just leave it in here." I said somewhat embarrased. Of course it was the food Niall. Think.

"So can you explainwhy your wearing pj's while delivering food at 5:30 in the morning?" I asked.

"Well I fill in for the people who don't show up for work sometimes since my dad owns the hotel." She sounded like she had said those words about a hundred times. Who could blame her, she probably has.

"Well that's really," I tried to think of the word, "Responsible of you."

"I get that a lot, I've done this since I was about 14, that was when I decided that I should get used to the family buissenes."

"You don't go out much do you?"

"Not really, no." she said in a sort of defeated voice.

"Well we can change that can't we?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Have you ever gone clubbing?" I asked. She just looked at her feet and shook her head.

"Well your going to today." I announced. She looked up at me wide eyed and smiled.

"Thank you,"

"You have nothing to thank me for."

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